Monday, 12 May 2014

A million hypocrites...

...and here they go again or something like that in my best Gary Barlow voice. I don't know the words to 'a million love songs' so was always going to be difficult to try and do a spoof type version.

Well my rants are like buses aren't they - don't have any for a while then two come up BHAM one after each other. That poor Lego Batman cake will get a look in soon I promise.

Now, what's got my goat today - frigging Gary Barlow that's who.  I am 40. I was there when Take That hit the scene and I was pretty underwhelmed then and even more so now. Not only that Gary Barlow ruined New Year's Eve for me - his awful singing made me take to facebook and type (rather drunkenly) "make it stop" "please no" and "get him off".  I'm not a big Gary Barlow fan. He's okay. I don't watch X-Factor - he appears to be a bit too humble for my liking. I'm sure he's a good egg behind closed doors and he hasn't killed anyone etc etc but some people you warm to others you don't. He'd probably say the same about me.

So, he like many other celebrities, sportsman etc has invested in a scheme to avoid paying (reportedly £20 million in tax). Now call me old fashioned but that seems to be morally wrong. He may way have thought it was legal and that he would get away with any old loop hole but ultimately it wasn't the right thing to do was it?

What is sadder is the response that has come from his army of middle aged woman, who reminisce about their glory days and what might have been, whilst listening to him. It seems its alright because its our Gary. Our Gary who has donated to the Tory party, who fronted the Children in Need campaign (which would have gone ahead without him by the way and it was our money that raised millions) and organised the Jubilee concert (again prettysure someone would have done it). Its okay Gary we forgive you. It doesn't really matter, after all, we would all do the same if we could. Its all relative. We would all pay less if we could. Well that says a lot about you then doesn't it.  How very christian of you all.

Firstly, its hardly the same thing is it? Think what £20 million could do for our NHS.  Remember Gary and his celebrity cronies whilst you're waiting in A&E for 12 hours to get a bed. The ordinary person paying cash in hand for something is not in the same league. Besides that cash will go back into the economy - the tradesman will be paying someone a wage, buying goods etc. If Gary were an Eastern European immigrant there would be outrage. Talking of which the leader of UKIP wants out of Europe but wants to remain an MEP. He doesn't want to be an MP in this country. Mmmm why would the be then? Oh yes, more money for me. My friend lives in a nice rural location but they plan to build new homes (which is needed as there has been no real house building programme for decades and had Maggie not sold off council houses....) 99% are objecting - build it somewhere else. But they are living in 'new' homes that were built 20 years ago and I am confident the residents there would have been saying the exact same thing. Does anyone have a moral compass?

How can people not be bothered that Amazon can make billions and pay only £10 million tax? Why are people okay about this? Why are they more concerned about someone having an X-box or a plasma. Yes, they might have paid for that X-box with their benefits but that money is going back into the economy. The fact of the matter is tax avoidance far outstrips any benefit fraud to this country. All logic and reasoning seems to have gone out of the window. That's because we've all be brainwashed. Divide and rule. Text book politics.

Quite simply we are a nation that likes to be ruled. We like a monarchy us Brits. We like to wave at them and see what they're wearing. We're deep like that. That's worth paying for that. Any country that is okay with paying for a family and their luxurious accommodation and holidays deserves everything they get.  We don't mind millionaires paying as little as possible but we can't be doing with someone who legally can claim benefits and does.

Morally this country is bankrupt. If your face fits you're okay Jack - if it doesn't you'll be strung up. There is no compassion.  The ones that aren't bothered about Gary are the ones that like his songs and watch X-factor. If you sing songs and judge a singing competition it doesn't really matter what you do.

The best comment on the subject today was by Geoff Lloyd (absolute radio) - he said actually we need to think very carefully about asking Gary to pay back the money.  He might release a solo album to pay for it and none of us what that inflicted on us now do we!

In other news, I did 45 minutes of Pilates today and weigh in tomorrow. Be back soon...

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