Friday, 30 May 2014

Review of Diet Chef

Hello, hello. Well, as you all know for the month of May I tried out a 28 day food trial hamper supplied by Diet Chef. For the month of April the penny dropped in that I was eating too many calories even with the amount of activity I do i.e walking 5 miles a day most days, swimming and weights.  I went old school, back to basics, simple maths = eat less, move more.  I decided that 1,200 calories should be sufficient enough to lose weight and I was right. Now sometimes I would go over, sometimes stick to it and very rarely go under. It is quite difficult to eat 1,200 calories and not go over. It takes practice. I really do need to log everything and that's why I love My Fitness Pal. I cannot recommend it enough for weight loss. You just have to make sure you fill it in on a daily basis.

What I liked most about Diet Chef is that they have worked it all out for you. They have calculated the 1,200 calories. I didn't want to try out a faddy diet where it was shakes and what not (although you can chose a shake from their lunchtime option should you wish).  Some of the breakfast options were porridge, muesli bars and granola. I have to say I loved the granola. The portions are measured out - my favorite was the treacle and pecan one. I didn't add milk as I don't like soggy cereal (but that's just me!).  I wished I had ordered more to be honest. I could happily eat granola everyday. So breakfast got the thumbs up.  I would usually have a banana and yogurt.

My favorite breakfast - treacle and pecan granola - this was 40g in a packet. All the weighing done for you. I'm pretty sure most people would eat double the amount if they didn't correctly weigh it
I also tried out the fruit and oat cookie which I did enjoy but felt a bit strange eating a cookie for breakfast but I did feel virtuous with the oats in this diet.  They are well know to give you a slow release of energy and keeping you fuller for longer.  I also enjoyed the muesli bars (which were incredibly filling) and I'm not ordinarily a fan of muesli as a cereal.

Now lunch was either soup or pasta for me as, like I said, I don't like milkshakes and I didn't want to do anything that resemble a slim fast type of diet.  I really enjoyed all the soups. My friend commented that they smelt like a fancy brand one and I have to say the sweet potato and coconut was the business. I would add a slice of wholegrain or multiseeded bread with it.
The sweet potato and coconut soup was delicious
If I wasn't eating the soup for lunch I would have the pasta - the creamy tomato one. I was a bit like a pot noodle in that you just add water. This would be easy to take out if you were going out for the day providing you take hot water with you in a flask. Out of the two though I would chose the soup. I was already having a tin of soup for lunch or a wholemeal sandwich.

Pasta pot

There were oat type snack bars I could have but I also had fruit. For dinner, I had an array of meals - there was a wide range to choose from.  I think I was quite lazy with the meals at dinner time. I didn't really add much to them i.e fresh vegtables.
Beef in Ale - this was lovely with potatoes included
The meals are small but that's the point isn't it - you need to eat less if you're overweight! You've had your fill of food hence the diet!  I think because I had reduced my calories prior to starting this trial hamper I didn't suffer with headaches.  I did that back in April for the first couple of days so if you are used to eating more you probably will have a few headaches but that's normal. I did feel hungry between meals but, again, that's the point.  I lost 5lbs of weight and 8lbs the previous month.  I am sure, again, if you go from eating in excess of 2,000 calories to eating 1,200 then you would easily lose 8lb in a month.  

So would I recommend Diet Chef? Yes I would. If you want someone to calculate 1,200 calories and have it delivered to your door then its ideal. Here are the pros and cons (as there are some too) for this diet:-

  • Someone has worked out your calorie allowance for the day including how much sugar, fat etc is in each meal.
  • The meals do not have to be stored in the fridge - they are vacuumed packed so can say in the cupboard.
  • Its not that expensive when you think you've got all your food covered for the month (their latest offer is £100 for 4 weeks) and if you are going to a slimming club you have to pay to weigh in and buy certain foods they recommend. How much would you spend on eating take-aways, nights out etc - £100 in the grand scheme of things isn't a lot.
  • Diet Chef is on My Fitness Pal - I loved this - so I could double check my calories and what I could add i.e bread, vegtables etc.
  • Its not faddy - no pills, no starving - just calorie counting.
  • You will lose weight
  • If you think you're not eating that much and can't understand why you're not losing weight this is a perfect reality check.  We all eat too much. 
  • If you are going out for the day - having a soup or even adding hot water to pasta isn't ideal. Also if it is hot weather you may not fancy soup/pasta for lunch. In those incidents I would say take a plain sandwich. 
  • I did miss eating food in its natural form e.g cooking a piece of chicken and eating differently from the rest of the family. Having said this, if I was having the diet chef sweet and sour chicken I would make the same for the rest of the family.
  • This would probably just apply to me. I don't usually cook with garlic, lots of spices etc - my kids are a nightmare for normal food as is my husband. He noticed my breath was more onion and spice related. If you have a normal food eating partner then you'll be fine. Nothing that couldn't be sorted with chewing gum.  
  • Some days you won't fancy following the diet - however, this is universal with any diet is it not! 
I was given a 28 trail food hamper by Diet Chef free of charge in exchange for an honest review. All my views are my own and absolutely honest. 

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tuesday Weigh In

Well this was my last week of Diet Chef and I lost another 1lb. That's 5lb in total for the month of May added to the 8lbs in April - that makes 13lbs (genius mathematician that I am!) so not quite 14lbs Rachel but if you had said to me in March by the end of May you would nearly be a stone lighter then I would have taken that. I'll get Emma to take some pictures next Wednesday seeing as its half term and you can tell me what you think. My stomach has definitely gone down and my jeans feel better but still have a belly.

I lost more weight in April but having said that I did really reduce my calories so would have expected the same results with Diet Chef had I started with them in April.  Ultimately, in my view, if you want to lose weight you need to be eating in and around the 1200 calories mark.  We all eat far too much and think we eat less calories than we actually do. Now, I haven't stuck to the diet religiously - I went out on Friday night for a meal but that's life. My sister had to cancel her BBQ due to the rain. It rained pretty much all day so we had a Chinese take-away instead. I didn't order my usual ribs but special fried rice and king prawns hong kong style.

So to another week.  I didn't get up at 7 am to complete my kettlebell workout but I did complete it at 11.00 am. I loved it! It was great fun and I did work up a sweat even though the dvd was for 25 minutes. Perfect length of time.  I think once I get used to the work out (there are two - I am on the easier of the two) then I'll increase the kettlebell weight from 4kg to 6kg.  I use this dvd and it works on our region 1 dvd player - if you don't have one it won't work. I also had a 10 minute punch on the punch bag.

Fans of The Biggest Loser USA will be most familiar with Jilian Michaels

I purchased these from Sports Direct as recommended by a friend who also suffers from Plantar Fasciitis

I also ordered some new trainers - whilst they weren't cheap they came highly recommended for my heel.  They feel really good on my heel so lets hope they are just the ticket for working out and walking. By the way I always thought they were called Basics for some reason!

So that's all my news.  Another grotty day here of rain. A winning combination of no car and half term! My friend is coming up tomorrow with her two children and I'm meeting some other friends on Thursday and Friday with the BBQ re-scheduled for Saturday.

I have lots of posts to write which I hope to do this week!

Until next time..

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Sunday Chit Chat

I wrote the majority of this post during the week with a view to then adding to my Top Ten dieting tips but I got a bit distracted.  We sold our car but are still waiting on our new one. I had to get the bus to my hairdressers on Friday so it cut my blogging time etc short.

Also, I've never really been into blogging awards and was shocked when I was short listed for the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards. Anyhow, that's as shocking as it gets as I did not make the finals.  I am a tad annoyed with myself as like watching England - I always think after watching a match on the edge of my seat and getting stressed - why did I get sucked in?! They're shit and have no chance of winning a major football tournament?! I feel the same way about the awards - I knew I wouldn't have a look in and I'm annoyed that I was interested in finding out on Friday by logging on and off Twitter for about 30 minutes! What is with that? Anyhow, a fellow blogger said she didn't even expect to be nominated for the shortlist so anything else was a bonus. Very true. It was great getting the heads up but I can now relax and go back to normal!

Okay, I could easily rant about UKIP tonight - well more my facebook news feed. I clearly know a lot of not so closet racists. Every now and then a status will come up and BHAM - its like the 1930's all over again "work sets you free" was a sign on concentration camps by the Nazi's. Sound familiar? Anyhow, I shared a post saying why I wouldn't be voting UKIP essentially that I wasn't ignorant racist to which someone commented "that's not a very nice thing to say". Are you actually having a game? Have you actually heard the clap trap, the vile hatred spouted by this party? What do you honestly think will happen if this party got anywhere near power?  Oh the irony of  "we are a Christian country" nothing I've heard from you lot sounds remotely Christian to me.

Not a nice comment? I'll tell you what's not very nice - to see regular vile illiterate comments in my news feed along the lines of "I'm not racist but that Hitler had some good ideas", attacks on various races in the guise of our country is full. We can't take anymore. What that Romanian has got a job you never even applied for? You do realise that you could move countries, move your children, leave your family and go and work in a European member state should you so desire. When did it become acceptable to be openly racist? And how come you can have your views but if I say actually I don't agree with that its not okay? They would argue we get called racist just because we feel this country is full. The Daily Express says only the chattering classes call UKIP voters racist - I'm not from the 'chattering classes' and the UKIP voters I know are racist and that was long before they voted for them. The whole border control is a red herring.  No you get called racist because you are! You tar all the various ethnic groups with the same brush. Anyhow, I said I wasn't going to rant!!

Back to The 1970s Diet.  My foot is getting there. I think. Amazingly I wore high heels to the Tapas restaurant on Friday and walked to a bar afterwards and my heel didn't hurt at all. It didn't hurt on Saturday either. Today it is a little sore. I had a lovely night out and whilst I didn't count calories and enjoyed wine and vodka (my head was bad the next day) - I did not have desert. Having said that, Saturday was a bit of non-diet day as I was feeling so rough. I had half a pizza for tea. I have been fine today and have a family bbq tomorrow. I may hold off the weigh in to the following week. I'll see how I feel!

I swam 50 lengths (on Wednesday) and, again, 30 lengths doing the crawl. Today we took the kids out to a nice wooded area with their scooters. It was a long walk with some hills. That's all my exercise this week.

The kids are off AGAIN! this week and I don't have a car until Wednesday/Thursday so this may be interesting. I am definitely getting up at 7 am to work out from Tuesday as I really can't see how I'll fit it all in. In addition, if the evenings are nice I think its time to get back in the saddle.

That's all for now folks. My next post will be on another Top Ten Dieting tips.

Ta ta for now

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Tuesday Weigh In

Another -1lb down on the diet chef trial hamper.  I have to say I have been enjoying the evening meals more - at first I was bit indifferent but the other day I had the chicken chasseur with some cauliflower and it was lovely and tonight I had beef in ale which came with its own potatoes. In any event, I'll give a full low down show down on all the food etc - the pros and cons in my blog post next week as this week is my last week.

I am used to eating smaller portions so whilst some may lose 8lbs in a week I am happy to lose between 1-2lbs a week. Also if you stuff yourself silly before you try a diet and have been consuming well over 2,000 calories ordinarily then, of course, you will lose 8lbs in a week.  Having said this I am out Friday night whereby I won't be eating one of their meals but rather tapas which I'm very much looking foward to. I have another danger zone as well as my sister is doing a bbq on bank holiday Monday.

My heel has felt marginally better today - could it be a sign I'm on the mend? Let's hope so. I'm off swimming tomorrow.  I didn't do my weights today as I didn't want to jinx my heel. I have decided next week (half term - yes again!) that I'll get up at 7 am with the hubster and work out then before the kids get up. I'm lucky in that they rise about 8.30 in the holidays so I will forgo my lie in.

See you very soon...

Monday, 19 May 2014

No one could have believed...

...yup not tiring of this yet. Can I bore you all with my Richard Burton antics for a few weeks longer? Well, well, well I haven't had a delay of a week on the blogging front for quite a while and I best not get into a habit of this because I am now ranked 235 in the tots100 parent bloggers of some 8,000.  No one would have believed....I'm really chuffed with this as before I didn't have a number -I was just ranked in the Top 500 (297) which was very nice but I always fancied a number and now I have one. Let's hope I don't come crashing out of the top 250 blogs - you'll soon know as the number will be gone. In the early days, I actually didn't mind where I was (sometimes I actually liked it if I went down. My blog had a cult following don't you know - I didn't need to be ranked!) and I'm still not overly into figures etc but it is a nice thing to have so I'll take it thank you very much. I also find out on Friday whether or not I got enough votes to get into the Final of the Brimums blogging awards. Correction since writing this a minute ago my rating has changed to 273!!! Argghh I am back to not having a number!!!! 

Anyhow, enough of me, me me. Oh yeah, its a blog  it is about me!  So, why the absence last week? I had to make another cake. I didn't have to - I wanted to. It was for the kids Spring Fayre (another thing I love about this school they spealt fayre not fair) - a cake competition which incidentally I won jointly with a child. Takes a bow.  Again, I wasn't dying to win - promise. Am I coming across all fake and humble a bit like Gary Barlow? I wanted a quick and easy one and whilst the construction was - the decoration took me bloody ages and I got really bored with it. The end result was nice although I should have covered it with green butter cream so I didn't have to totally cover with flowers. I don't do detail. Next time I would make the pot the day before so it goes hard. I didn't realise the weight of the flowers would push the rim off so I had to re-do it on the morning at the back at which point I was glad to get shot of the thing.

I went swimming on Wednesday and did 50 lengths, however, this time I did 30 lengths of the crawl which is far more intensive than the breast stroke. I think the breast stroke gets a bad press - if it does which it probably doesn't but it sounded right. Whilst you're not giving it large like the crawl - you definitely feel your stomach muscles working and to be honest its the only time my stomach feels like it has the potential to be flat. There was some dodgy swimming etiquette going on in the pool that morning. For instance, a lady was doing a rather powerful backstroke so much so she nearly took my head and shoulder out. Luckily I anticipated that she wasn't going to have any person awareness which, call me a stickler if you will, you should have if you are swimming on your back and you know there is someone up ahead of you.

She said sorry so I didn't hold her head under for 3 minutes. Then a troupe of old dears (this is a different group of old dears who meet for their lesson in the first lane with an instructor poolside) lowered (was going to say jump but there was no jumping going on) themselves into my 'medium' lane which is anticlockwise - fast is clockwise. I have no idea why. Its swimming. Rules and Regulations. This. May. Be. My. New. Blogging. Style.

But they decide to swim against the tide of the rest of us and the board which clearly says (and I might add demonstrates with little arrows) anticlockwise. In fact, one even said "you're swimming the wrong way" but proceeded to follow her as did the other one.  So I got pushed out into the fast lane by the old timers. To be cut up by the fast swimmers who wanted me back in the medium lane which was in disarray. And that my friends can turn a fairly pleasant swimming session to one marred with danger and old women not giving a flying BEEP!

Onto my steriod injection - yes my pesky heelgate, heel injury, bloody pain in the heel. On Friday I had my injection. The doctor asked "how are you with needles?" I didn't quite know how to answer that. Its not your regular question is it? I thought do I say "I don't encounter them often" "I love them" anyhow, I plumped for "ok I guess but since you've asked like that you've got me worried". I had visions of this giant comidic needle heading towards my foot. I hadn't been that worried before he asked me that question. Anyhow, it was fine. I told him I'd had 3 c-sections and gave him a brief summary of my 3rd less than pleasant c-section using 'horrific' and "epidural wore off" "could feel my stomach being pulled together" for maximum birth story effect. Some bugger always tops it though I can tell you that. I can lose 2 litres of blood be on the operation table for 2 hours and some mum will say "well listen to mine..." and I get well and truly trumped. You need an intensive care and being brought back from the dead to stand any chance of winning the most horrific birth story I can tell you. Mine is minor compared to some believe me. They are worthy winners.

I have no idea on technique or anything as can be seen! 
Anyhow, my heel still frigging hurts!!! Screw you heel! So tomorrow I'm doing my weights (I did pilates this morning) - I don't care I can no longer hold off on all the exercise. Me and steriod injections (cue violins) just don't get along. I had one in my coccyx (remember that) and it did nothing for me.

I shall leave you with my new toy -  a boxing punching bag thang. I haven't got into a routine with it just yet but I will do.

Weigh in tomorrow plus I have some Top Ten blog posts to tickle your fancy this week.

Until manana amigos

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tuesday Weigh In

-2lbs this week. I'm happy with that as I was incredibly inactive i.e no exercise for the whole week as per the doctors instructions. I have the steroid injection booked for my heel on Friday.  I did 45 minutes of pilates yesterday whilst Buddy was at pre-school and tomorrow I'm going swimming and hope to do my 50 x lengths. I am working my way through my diet chef trial hamper. I have run out of granola and wish I'd ordered more - I have had a fruit and oat cookie these past couple of days and I have yet to try out the muesli bar. I have become a fan of oats it has to be said.  I am a bit lazy with the evening meals - they generally are not more than 300 cals but I don't add vegetables etc - so I need to sort that out. I also need to cut back (I know I said this last week) on my dolce gusto intake. I am going to revert back to tea and if I do have a coffee its going to be an expresso or one where you add milk. This is because all the fancy capsules are calorific and if you have, say, 3 cups of cappuccino/latte/cafe au lait - that's well over 300 cals.

I have noticed my waist nipping in a bit - not massively but enough for one person telling me "you've lost weight" and Em said this evening my waist looks smaller than last week.  If I can only shake this heel injury I would be firing on all cylinders. I don't tend to do much exercise on a Saturday and Sunday but this looks set to change as my husband purchased a punching bag and gloves which we've set up in the garage. The kids love it and its all good fun You can really work up a sweat thumping one of those things.

I've also just realised the kids will be off again at the end of next week for one whole week plus a bank holiday thrown in for good measure. So cue getting in as much good eating habits and exercise as possible.

As promised here is the step by step pictures of the Lego Batman Cake....

I covered 2 x chocolate rounds the day before I made the Lego Batman figure
I bought this lovely glitter so it looked like the sky at night, added black cut out fondant for the buildings and yellow fondant for the windows
Getting an idea of shape and size - a ruler is very handy.  I always carve out of defrosting madeira cake

Sorted out shape and head

Carved out his legs and I also put fondant on the upper thighs to give it a round shape and also on his head

Covered - am pretty pleased at this point. It would have been far easier to have just made him like this and lay him on his cape. For his arms I just modeled fondant and put tooth picks in to attach to the main body.
Notice how he is squashed down on his legs! This is because the night before he was all tilted as whilst I did dowel his feet I needed some bamboo skewers to go through his body to keep him upright. Had I done that immediately his shape would have been so much better. But overall I'm happy at my first attempt of a stand up figure on top of a scene.
Finally, the hubster put a shed load of cd's onto the ipod and had a right old sort out. My daughter, in particular, has really been enjoying this gem.  Given that I've got a bit of dead person crush on Richard Burton at the moment, I'm not tiring of those classic words "no one could have believed" and nor can my husband stop staying it every time I pick up the Richard Burton Diaries!

See you very soon!

Monday, 12 May 2014

A million hypocrites...

...and here they go again or something like that in my best Gary Barlow voice. I don't know the words to 'a million love songs' so was always going to be difficult to try and do a spoof type version.

Well my rants are like buses aren't they - don't have any for a while then two come up BHAM one after each other. That poor Lego Batman cake will get a look in soon I promise.

Now, what's got my goat today - frigging Gary Barlow that's who.  I am 40. I was there when Take That hit the scene and I was pretty underwhelmed then and even more so now. Not only that Gary Barlow ruined New Year's Eve for me - his awful singing made me take to facebook and type (rather drunkenly) "make it stop" "please no" and "get him off".  I'm not a big Gary Barlow fan. He's okay. I don't watch X-Factor - he appears to be a bit too humble for my liking. I'm sure he's a good egg behind closed doors and he hasn't killed anyone etc etc but some people you warm to others you don't. He'd probably say the same about me.

So, he like many other celebrities, sportsman etc has invested in a scheme to avoid paying (reportedly £20 million in tax). Now call me old fashioned but that seems to be morally wrong. He may way have thought it was legal and that he would get away with any old loop hole but ultimately it wasn't the right thing to do was it?

What is sadder is the response that has come from his army of middle aged woman, who reminisce about their glory days and what might have been, whilst listening to him. It seems its alright because its our Gary. Our Gary who has donated to the Tory party, who fronted the Children in Need campaign (which would have gone ahead without him by the way and it was our money that raised millions) and organised the Jubilee concert (again prettysure someone would have done it). Its okay Gary we forgive you. It doesn't really matter, after all, we would all do the same if we could. Its all relative. We would all pay less if we could. Well that says a lot about you then doesn't it.  How very christian of you all.

Firstly, its hardly the same thing is it? Think what £20 million could do for our NHS.  Remember Gary and his celebrity cronies whilst you're waiting in A&E for 12 hours to get a bed. The ordinary person paying cash in hand for something is not in the same league. Besides that cash will go back into the economy - the tradesman will be paying someone a wage, buying goods etc. If Gary were an Eastern European immigrant there would be outrage. Talking of which the leader of UKIP wants out of Europe but wants to remain an MEP. He doesn't want to be an MP in this country. Mmmm why would the be then? Oh yes, more money for me. My friend lives in a nice rural location but they plan to build new homes (which is needed as there has been no real house building programme for decades and had Maggie not sold off council houses....) 99% are objecting - build it somewhere else. But they are living in 'new' homes that were built 20 years ago and I am confident the residents there would have been saying the exact same thing. Does anyone have a moral compass?

How can people not be bothered that Amazon can make billions and pay only £10 million tax? Why are people okay about this? Why are they more concerned about someone having an X-box or a plasma. Yes, they might have paid for that X-box with their benefits but that money is going back into the economy. The fact of the matter is tax avoidance far outstrips any benefit fraud to this country. All logic and reasoning seems to have gone out of the window. That's because we've all be brainwashed. Divide and rule. Text book politics.

Quite simply we are a nation that likes to be ruled. We like a monarchy us Brits. We like to wave at them and see what they're wearing. We're deep like that. That's worth paying for that. Any country that is okay with paying for a family and their luxurious accommodation and holidays deserves everything they get.  We don't mind millionaires paying as little as possible but we can't be doing with someone who legally can claim benefits and does.

Morally this country is bankrupt. If your face fits you're okay Jack - if it doesn't you'll be strung up. There is no compassion.  The ones that aren't bothered about Gary are the ones that like his songs and watch X-factor. If you sing songs and judge a singing competition it doesn't really matter what you do.

The best comment on the subject today was by Geoff Lloyd (absolute radio) - he said actually we need to think very carefully about asking Gary to pay back the money.  He might release a solo album to pay for it and none of us what that inflicted on us now do we!

In other news, I did 45 minutes of Pilates today and weigh in tomorrow. Be back soon...

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Did you? Did you really..

...literally die?  Did you literally piss your pants? Did you literally fall down? Urgh! Stop with the LITERALLY!  I literally cannot take it anymore. Please find something else in the English language there are plenty of words to chose from I promise.

I accept there are times when the word literally will add effect and what not as does swearing when telling a anecdote but by over using the word literally it just makes a mockery of the story doesn't it?  So if you're saying "it was soooo funny I literally pissed my pants" and I then say "so you pissed your pants?" and you say "well no I didn't" then I'm thinking well you didn't literally piss your pants then did you.

Last week I happened to be watching BBC news 24 - I have no idea why as whilst I like to keep up-to-date with current affairs I don't need to watch 24 hour coverage. Anyhow, this mummy author - I say this as she was telling the chap how she had written her book in the car whilst on the school run etc. All good - fair play and all that but every sentence was littered with the word literally. For example, the interviewee asks "so you had to go to all the different publishing houses?" "yes I literally had to go to all the publishing houses" and "you wrote this in the car whilst waiting to collect the children" "yes, I literally wrote whilst waiting for them" and so this dreary painful conversation went on. Let's hope the book has a variety of different words she has managed to delve into.

I'm going to put literally in the same category as an exclamation mark after RIP (see this post on my rant on this subject) although there is no place ever for that nor, indeed, a smiley face which (seriously this literally happened) I saw on facebook when someone expressed their condolences in the way in which you would respond to someone who had just posted "I've purchased a new handbag". In their heartfelt response I counted not one but five exclamation marks, the word 'you' written as 'u', the words big hugs, lots of xxxxx and then the final nail in the coffin (if you can possibly excuse my inappropriate pun) was a smiley face. A smiley face?! My jaw did drop as it did the other day when someone made a comment about the traffic around our streets due the murder (see previous post) someone thought it was okay to write "well the roads could have been re-opened about 30 minutes ago" to which I had to muster all my self restraint not to thump down on my keyboard "yeah really fucking inconsiderate getting murdered on the way home by a deranged nutter raining down 100 knife blows into your body isn't it you cocksucker!" I restrained myself - I  didn't put cocksucker. Proud? Please see your facebook timeline for all manner of social disintegration.

Whilst I'm going right into one can I also say how I hate those sickening bucket type posts which say something along the lines of "be nice everyone is going through a battle you know nothing about". Actually I've found one - here it is...

Oh do fuck off. No, everyone is not fighting a battle - people can be wankers even if they haven't got shit going on. People piss people off. And lets be realistic there are battles and there are wars. I know people who genuinely (or should I say literally) are going through real wars of critical illnesses of loved ones, child disabilities and the like. I have to say I think people use it as an excuse.

Sometimes people are wankers because they are wankers not because they are having battles so you're meant to excuse that behaviour. In fact, the nicest people I know are the ones that have real battles. I'd like to think you should be nice and kind because that's the right thing to do not because someone is having a 'battle'.

Okay I did come on here to do my Saturday chit chat but came over all cross! What's new? I have booked a steroid injection into my heel next week. I managed to finish my Vegas collage and album. I just have to do one of Buddy and finish putting our holiday pictures away. The hubster sorted all our CD's out and put them on the Ipod which took him all day. We're in a sorting mode at the moment. He also ordered a punch bag and gloves for a new type of fitness workout - am looking forward to trying it out. There are some really comical you tube clips of guys (with 10 packs) showing you how to box so if you fancy a bit of eye candy check them out.   I will pop pictures up of Buddy's Batman cake and how to do it shortly. I was also going to compose a list of my top 10 irritants and the like and some more diet tips. What do you think?

The diet is going well - the exercise not so re heelgate but am getting there. Have a fab-u-lous weekend and I mean that LITERALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xxxxxSMILEY FACE!

Until next time...

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Tuesday Weigh In

Yes I know its normally on a Monday but since I started diet chef last Tuesday I only felt it was right and proper to change it for this month to Tuesday. Having said that yesterday was the Bank Holiday so I didn't weigh myself in any event. I lost a 1lb. I'm okay with this - that's 9lbs since April and I didn't start eating the diet chef meals, having gorged myself stupid the previous week, like so many people do before they start another diet.  I only swam once last week too and whilst we went for a long, slow walk yesterday at a National Trust park, I've had to curtail the exercise due to heelgate - see previous post.

Although the rest, cream and all that isn't really making much difference (still need to order those trainers) so next week I'll book a steroid injection and fingers crossed that will be the miracle cure and I can stop wearing these blasted trainers all the time. I look like some deranged 40 something teen! I want to wear my grown up shoes please.

I have been enjoying the different granola's I've chosen for my breakfast with diet chef and I like the soups for lunch and the sweet and salted popcorn snack. The evening meals are easy to microwave and I do try and have the same type of meal the family are having i.e sweet and sour chicken, meatballs etc. I don't want to be obviously eating differently to the rest of the family as I don't think that's healthy.  What I love most about diet chef is that it is on my fitness pal - yeahhharrr. So its just like logging my food intake I did for the month of April but I merely type in 'diet chef' (as opposed to Aldi etc) and what ever I've eaten pings up with the calorie value etc etc.  I do need to cut back on my dolce gusto intake. The ones without milk are okay but the ones that are i.e cappuccino, latte etc are just shy of 100 calories. Ekk. I think drinking calories is a real diet no no. Its such a waste. Its like binging on rich tea as someone did the other day - rich tea?!! If you're going to binge do it properly like a ginger cream or something.

In other news, its Buddy's birthday tomorrow. He's 4 and is mad into Marvel Super Heros so he has several outfits (George at Asda were selling them at £10 and excellent quality they are too) and other various Batman themed items.

Tah Dah!

I spent a long time making his cake at the weekend. Here is the finished result which I'm fairly pleased with. What do you think? I'll do another blog post on how to make a Lego Batman Cake and more importantly what not to do!

Finally, I don't know if I told you but my husband surprised me by buying this....

Remember my typewriter post - this model is the one Richard Burton wrote his diaries on and its one of the only items that went straight into the Museum of Modern Art when it first came out.  I'm hoping it will someday be worth a fortune but in the meantime I'm enjoying its beauty and we all like writing nonsense on it!
Even better a friend of mine found her very own thing of beauty in the charity shop £4.50. How wonderful. We can now all start writing blackmail letters! 

Until next time...

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in!

Remember this classic line from The Godfather Part III? I forget it was actually from the third film (which everyone derides but I like it as it has the hot tempered Andy Garcia playing Sonny's son - for that its worth watching).  This sprang to mind when I went to a PTA meeting yesterday - "just when I thought I was out...." I went of my own free will I might add. They were looking for helpers and I'm not one to leave it to the next person as by and large the next person doesn't exist and sure enough I was the only person who turned up to their call for arms.

I quite enjoyed myself though - I added some useful pointers and what they may like to try (they pretty much had everything organised they just need help setting up - the usual etc). You always have the jaded martyr member who has resigned themselves to doing it all themselves and that no one ever helps.  I never accept that you cannot turn things around but it requires a great deal of effort and repetition. You also always get the person that is just on the committee to say they're on it but actually do nothing. They occasionally chip in with some 'great' idea which has had zero consideration as to profit, planning etc and more importantly have no intention whatsoever to lift a finger. I find these types superfluous to requirements on  a PTA - you need doers not hangers on. Thankfully I saw no sign of this type.  It seemed like a very nice bunch of people.

In other news, I went to see the doctor about my dodgy heel.  Turns out, as I suspected, I have Plantar Fasciiti. Essentially this is a strong band of tissue that stretches from your heel to your middle foot bones. It is the shock absorber to your foot.  Repeated injuries damage it i.e excessive exercise, standing on your feet, being 40-60, being a woman (you are twice as likely to get it) and if your Achilles tendon (at the bottom of your calf) is tight. I know my calf muscles have always been tight. So basically I'm meant to rest it which is pretty difficult when you have 3 children and are up and down like a yo-yo most days.  I have some anti-inflammatory cream to put on it and if it doesn't improve with exercises specifically for it I can have a steroid injection up at the doctors.  I have been told not to exercise for a week. What a pain!! I am going to follow the doctors orders though but will do pilates as it involves stretching and no pressure to the heel. Let's hope I can shake this off sooner rather than later as its been 6 months. 

I did feel a bit sorry for the young doctor as, naturally, he wanted to examine my foot. I hadn't shaved my legs so had a nice bit of stumble on my ankle - classy, my trainers are very worn now (must get some new ones as this will help), I had my tight ankle strap on and my feet just looked manky. Toe nails needed to be cut and the nail polish was half on half off. How lovely for him.  I muttered something along the lines "sorry about my feet" and quickly left with a mental note to shave my legs, cut my toe nails, paint my nails and not to let myself go. Well not yet at any event. Speaking of which I put my foot right in it the other day. I was relying the story of the nurse and the scales and two other mum's (one slim and one extra slim like size 8) were talking about their muffin tops etc and one of the gran's pipes up "I don't care anymore" to which I, without engaging mouth or brain, say "yeah I can't wait till I'm at an age where I can just give up!" WTF!! Opened mouthed and tumbleweed moment ensued and I quickly tried to back track but I feel it was too late. 

Today I have been baking Buddy's birthday cake. It's going to be an ambitious affair and I'll post pictures next week with a step by step guide on how to make the perfect or horrendous Lego Batman cake. I say ambitious as he is going to be standing up on top of Gotham city. As ever, it will either be my finest hour or I will be cursing the day I decided to make all my children bespoke birthday cakes. I took him to see the show Aliens Love Underpants yesterday which we both throughly enjoyed except I didn't quite enjoy the cost of parking the car for just over 2 hours - £8.40. Bastards.

I also had some good news on Buddy's tongue tie front - he is going to referred to another London hospital and I am hoping it will be done in the next few months.  However, the rug never showed and now I have been told I will get a full refund plus a new rug when it is made.  This will be fantastic if that happens but we shall have to wait and see.

Now to the diet - I haven't worked out since my swim and the doctors recommendations but continue to eat 1200 calories and am hoping that this is reflected on the scales on Monday.  I like that my stomach is reducing which is spurring me on and the fact that soon it will be summer and all those summer clothes will need to come out!

Until next time...