Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Tuesday Weigh In

So April is nearly finished and I am pleased to report that I lost a total of 8lbs - although nothing on Monday. This was down to me being a bit anxious or mildly stressed. I've figured out (took my time) that I generally just grab stuff when I feel like this - see my Sunday Chit Chat post about the murder, x-box live etc etc. 

My kind of technology! Why can't we go back?! It dings and everything when it gets to the end of the line waiting for a return!
The good news is...that I have sorted out x-box live! Tah dah - this was via an email with Microsoft and I may even feel brave enough to sort out my daughter's gamertag. My lovely typewriter arrived today and is proudly sitting on display in my living room. It works a treat and the kids have enjoyed typing on it. You can't type as fast as on a laptop as the hammers start to jam and you have to have a real thumping pumping (matron!) action but all good fun. 

Having a try "I should be ironing but have new toy""
I have made yet another appointment at the Doctors for Friday - I'm getting my monies worth out of the NHS these days. Am I now getting to an age whereby I am a drain on resources? I'll be glad to be 41 at this rate. Anyhow, I went for a power walk yesterday and whilst it felt great etc I could hardly stand on my foot in the evening afterwards.  I have suffered with varying degrees with my heel since November last year and have just put it down to heel spurs or that sort of thing. It probably is but I will ask to have an x-ray - that'll take a few months in any event.

My well packaged box of food from Diet Chef
Tomorrow I'll get Em to take the after shots for my April weight loss which will be my before shots for my 28 day trail with Dief Chef.  I have to say I am impressed with their website - you simply choose 28 items from the breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner menu and that's it! It also (and this is essential for a luddite like me) calculates how many you have chosen so you don't have to count on your hands. Its the simple things in life for me - aim low that's what I say.  I ordered the food on Thursday and a huge box arrived on Monday. 

I like the packaging, again, these things matter to me. I am not ashamed to admit that I am a make-up snob and packaging is everything. I judge a book by its cover - there I've said it! The packaging is purple and green and their slogan "enjoy losing weight" is also cheery. I ordered lots of granola for breakfast, soup and pasta for lunch and a wide range of normal meals for dinner i.e sweet and sour chicken, lamb hotpot etc.  This is what I like about it - its not shakes (although you can get one for lunch if you fancy it but I don't) - its about calories and counting them.  Its basic maths.  I also LOVE the fact that they are on 'my fitness pal' so I can still track my calories and you can add fruit, vegetables, drink tea and coffee etc as the meals don't really exceed 300 calories so it allows for the additional fruit etc.  I had lamb hot pot for tea tonight - I did think oh is it going to taste like an in flight meal but it didn't - it tasted nice.

So far so good.  I shall report back every Monday to give you an update.

Right, I'm off to try and make a dent in my Las Vegas album...I could be some time...


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    1. Thank you my dear - will put pics up later x

  2. Well done 8lbs is amazing. Embrace hunger my friend ..(wise woman once told me that lol!)

    1. thank you - could that be Claire I wonder! xx