Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Tuesday Weigh In

Hello, hello. Well I couldn't post it on Monday given that it was Easter Monday and we were out and about. At the National Trust no less. Ohhhh get us. Posh innit. Well not really - its very affordable £98 for all the family for the entire year. I was getting a little bored with our usual haunts and what not and now we are buggyless felt a change of scene was due.

Me and the kids had a lovely 2 weeks off - it did seem like a long time and they are due another week off in May. I feel I may become a proper hard core day outter. I really enjoyed the day trip to Butlins and am contemplating a trip up to London for the May holiday. Get me. I need a satchel though. Yes I do.  I have large one that has a cow print number going on at the front - don't know if you remember it but the hubster bought it for me pre The Killers concert. Anyhow, its a bit large for days out - I need a smaller one for all my personal belongings and such like.  I normally have a rucksac and it gets right on my tits so it does! I have to keep taking it off my back (I know what a hardship that is!) and digging out my phone, keys etc and then I panic that I've lost them and urgh - I need a small 'to hand' bag if you get my meaning.  So I have been faffing on line tonight looking at various weird and wonderful numbers.

The funky looking Olivetti Valentine - an antique of the future? Pics google pics
 I have also (instead of sorting out my Vegas album, sorting out my ancestry box and sorting out a collage picture of Buddy for the downstairs loo) faffed around on ebay looking at typewriters. Yes you heard right. I fancy a typewriter. At first I wanted one of those old black numbers but now I want Richard Burton's typewriter. Correction, I need Richard Burton's typewriter.  He had a Olivetti Valentine one in the 1970's and prior to that he had a Hermes one which is far cheaper (about £60) than the first one - that one is about £200 on ebay.  Whilst doing my essential research on such matters I came across a fantastic blog on typewriters http://idreamlo-tech.blogspot.co.uk/ so I've sent an email to ask which one is better. The kids came across a typewriter at the National Trust property we visited and thought it was amazing! That and an old fashioned 1970's phone.  How funny they see these as really old fashioned and don't actually know what they are when seeing it for the first time.

I think I like this better - there are different versions and colours but like this one - Hermes Switzerland - pic google pics
See what happens when you have time to faff.

Without further ado - I lost a 1lb over Easter. I have 8 little marbles in my jar. I actually think it will be soul destroying to actually have to transfer a marble back don't you?  I set my alarm for 6 am this morning and did my weights for 30 minutes. Tomorrow I am swimming and I also need to order my food from the Diet Chef which I will be reviewing in the month of May and compare to my own calorie counting in the month of April.

See you soon!!


  1. Lovely old typewriters! I learned to type on a manual.... shows you how old I am! Hope you had a lovely Easter.

    1. Hi Carole lovely to hear from you - yes I love these old typewriters - I learnt on an electric so not that far behind you! x