Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sunday Chit Chat

Well I was having quite a nice week this week until....a man was murdered outside our house. I kid you not.  More of which later.

I had a good start to the week - a short one what with the kids being off on the Easter Monday.  They went back on the Tuesday as did the little man to his pre-school and I set the alarm to do my weights in the morning.  I went swimming on Wednesday and did 46 lengths, however, my eyes were still dry and being a paranoid 'have I still got a contact lens in my eye' type of person I made an appointment with the local opticians on Thursday.  He had a good look around, took a picture of the back of my eye and even did a prescription (for £25) and basically said I had very dry eyes, blocked glands - the ones that make the tears and is probably the dry eye condition called blepharitis or certainly eczema on my eyelids. Lovely. Old age strikes again. Anyhow, it can be managed and it already looks a bit better - I just have to make sure I moisturise my eyes and be careful with make-up and what not.  So he did cheer me up with the fact I didn't have a foreign object in my eye but cancelled that out straight away when he told me in a couple of years I'd be long sighted and need varifocals. Yeah thanks for that.

I also had some good news on Buddy's tongue tie - well kind of. The GP managed to get hold of the consultants secretary at the hospital who knew all about his case. She said they were just waiting on the speech therapists report - what the one that was issued in March!! For the love of god - what is WRONG with these people. So they had my second complaint letter and they didn't for one minute think mmmmm I might just chase that report?!!  My GP does have common sense and faxed (didn't know that still existing but who's complaining) it to them and highlighted its recommendation that it is carried out urgently.  No doubt I'll probably get his operation date on his birthday which is on 7 May. 

In my last post I was talking about typewriters - well I was successful on ebay making an offer on a lovely Hermes 3000 in pristine condition with the manuel etc and will get it next week. I feel I may start collecting typewriters as they are easy to store aren't they?!  My rug is also on its way - so things felt quite good until....

..on Thursday night I popped to the study (we live at the back of the house as we live on a main road) and I could see all these flashing blue lights. I quickly ran upstairs to the bedroom window and couldn't quite believe the scene unfolding in front of my eyes. I couldn't make out the man except his bare legs and all the police and paramedics around him. The policeman was pumping on his chest for at least 35 mins on the grass. The air ambulance arrived but was sent away. At one point he was put on a stretcher into the road - the police held a blanket up so the doctors could perform surgery on him but I could sense this wasn't going to end well. When ambulances aren't rushing away from a scene and people are desperately trying to save someone's life for 45 minutes you know its a very sad day.  At first I thought it might be gang related but the man was 52 years old and looks like he merely got off the bus to go home. The person who did it was arrested at the scene. What if I had gone upstairs earlier? I may have seen it and been able to stop it in some way. Fate was very cruel that day. I suspect the person is not of sound mental health and its just, although very rare, very tragic. If it is any consolation to the family the emergency services did everything they could to save him. 

The next morning the forensic tent was put up - the police had been there all night and I did have to explain to the kids (in a bumbling kind of way) that someone had been stabbed.  I still feel sad about it now and its Sunday. I really feel for this man and his family - so cruelly taken. I placed some flowers at the scene with the children as we wanted to do something to say we were thinking of him. We had lots of press the next day but even sadder is that it didn't even make national or London news.

Yesterday, I tried to sort out the nightmare that is X-box live - why oh why did I get this for my son?!! He wasn't even pestering me for it - I just though it'd be a nice treat. Little did I know the trouble we would have with this.  I thought the 5 hours I'd spent on resolving the password issue would be the end of it but sadly no it re-occurred again. A problem that thousands have if you look at youtube. Anyhow after 'chatting' for another 2 hours with Microsoft it turns out that the Microsoft account we have for our computer is not the Microsoft account we have for my son's gamertag. But I don't know the password for that account but then the main account's password was invalid when I was trying to resolve it.  So I had to change that much to my husband's delight but there was nothing else I could do!! I hate x-box live!!!! I then had to give them the console ID and am awaiting a call in the next 2 days to re-instate it all and no doubt have more fun with this crap system.

I don't know if I would have lost weight on Monday as I didn't get to exercise Friday or Saturday and felt a bit stressed - see above. If I don't I still would have lost 8lbs for the month of April which I'm happy about.

See you soon ..


  1. Oh my god!! That is so scary!! I can imagine that must have been so swful. I hope you're ok x

    1. yes was very depressing still feel sad today xx