Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Review of Helly Hansen Workout Wear

The good people of Helly Hansen sent me some workout wear to try out and review. As you know, I'm always open to reviewing anything to do with fitness and was delighted when they sent me a training top and weather proof jacket to wear. Now, I have to be honest I hadn't heard of this company before, have you?

Having a gander through their site, not only do they make colourful workout wear the range also stretches to beachwear and funky footwear. I quite fancy the Garibaldi boots - I like the name as its my favourite biscuit which is also a bonus. I digress. Back to the workout wear.

I love these - although its not what I'm meant to be reviewing but if they want to send me a pair in size 6 I wouldn't say no!  Check them out here
The training top is lovely and bright and I like the purple and yellow combination. It has funky mesh paneling to the side to keep you cool and dry during training. I wore it doing my weights workout this morning and it was very light and comfortable.  I am pictured wearing it here (looking slightly more round than their model!) - I'm wearing an XL and am a size 16 on top and bottom, so hopefully that'll give you an indication as to what size you would need to order.

I always have these pictures taken whilst I am sans make-up and looking at my most roughest - I have no ideal why but keeping it real people, keeping it real! 

Funky colour scheme 
This top has now been reduced from £40 to £24 in their sale and I think its well worth that. They also do a whole range of other colours. You can check them out here. Here comes the science bit:-

This women´s version of our successful men´s Pace 1/2 zip SS is one of the best 1/2 zip training tops on the market! With a combination of lightweight and quick-dry HH®Cool and mesh fabrics this short-sleeve t-shirt for women is perfect for high-intensity activities both indoors and outdoors. The HH®Cool main fabric and the result of 4 decades of research and testing in moisture management guarantees you the best technology available. The 1/2 zip in front helps vent out excess heat and moisture. The flatlocked seams and the regular fit add comfort. Features reflective elements for safety when the sun sets on a long workout.

I was also sent their wind feather jacket - it was a little snug but I could do it up and what I love about it is the colour. I am definitely wearing this when I go cycling along with my high vise bib - the London Buses should have no problems avoiding me - I hope! 

Can't wait to show you this combo once I've lost more weight 
The jacket is priced at £80 which is a little pricey - I don't know if I would spend £80 on a weather proof but having said that if I was a hard core runner (which I'm not) and I ran come rain or shine I'm sure its very good value.  You'd get so much wear out of it and there's nothing worse than working out and not feeling comfortable. The jackets can be purchased via this link and here's the science bit...

The Feather jacket for women is a feminine and extremely lightweight hooded wind jacket. It has its own self-storing packet so you can easily carry it with you on a run, to the gym or on the go. The lightweight fabric provides the right amount of protection, the hood construction adds style and attitude. The elastic cuffs adds comfort and the back pocket holds all your essentials.

I really like the site and enjoyed trying out their range. In addition to all of this they also run the event Helly Hansen Beauty and the Beast - its an INSANE marathon (or you can do a half marathon). I'm not a runner but if I were and proper hard core I would certainly enter this. Any offers out there?  Its billed as the 'UK's toughest multi-lap marathon' and has 1,500 metres of ascent!!! I am exhausted just looking at the pictures. I have great admiration for people who 1) are fit enough to complete such an event and 2) have the inclination! If you fancy it - you best get training as its on 20 September 2014 this year.

Until next time....

I was sent a training top and wind proof jacket free of charge for the purpose of this review. I feel these products are relevant to my weight loss blog and wished to share them with you. My views are always honest. I was also happy to promote their marathon as if you're a runner it looks more exciting than your bog standard marathon. 


  1. I really like...I think I will get one...ps..you look much slimmer in the face...must be all the exercise!!shaz x

    1. Thought you would - there's loads of stuff on the website that would be right up your street what with all your running and what not. Ahh thanks yes I thought that when I was looking back at the post - yay! x

  2. I can't believe you'd never heard of Helly Hansen, you big dafty. They've been around for years and are hugely popular. You're looking good, my dear. There'll be nothing of you come BritMums - I'll be your fat friend.

    1. I know!!! What am I like - ha ha I doubt it really!! Reminds me must do my britmums post x