Monday, 3 March 2014

To Tongue Tie or Not to Tongue Tie

That is the question - speaking of which the Richard Burton Diaries are going down a treat and I also ordered a dvd on him "in from the cold" which I have already watched.  Anyhow, today has been a funny old day. Lots going on - the hubster is re-decorating all of our front room so we have been relegated to the playroom!

First, let us get the diet out of the way.  No change this week. I have had a dire time on the exercise front. I did pilates last week which I really enjoyed then a lame Wii dance - that one I was telling you about is good fun but when you try them out the first time you don't get a great work out as you need to familiarise yourself with the routine. Also, I got very excited about the prospect of setting up an after school cycling club for the kids new school. So I sent a very excited email which ate into a bit of my workout time.  But for the real reason......

My sister cooked a fantastic 3 course meal which I was so grateful that I didn't have to 1) cook 2) was able to eat it in peace 3) did not have to wash up that I gobbled it all up together with lashings of wine which made me hungover on Saturday and to cure it I ate 1/2 a stuffed crust pizza from Co-op!

This is Ness (remember my guest monthly blogger) pretending she has cooked it but her twin did not her!! She has put me to shame on the weight loss front -24lbs down now and my other sister pips up "oh I've lost 12lbs" I muttered my "3lb loss last week" and sunk into the red
Incidentally, someone on Twitter asked if I wanted to sell my weight loss story which I had to decline. I'd be too embarrassed!  I have ordered some tablets for my creaky knee (the same leg as my heel pain) and really need to shift the weight as naturally it should ease the pain. I am going swimming Wednesday also.

Anyhow, about the tongue tie.  I took Buddy to his speech therapy appointment today and FINALLY it would appear that his tongue tie will be cut shortly. I cannot begin to tell you the sorry saga about this and I'll try to very quickly. Essentially he has a tongue tie which means he can't really stick his tongue out and has limited movement of his tongue in his mouth.  It would seem that the majority of NHS hospitals do not want to cut a babies tongue tie anymore except it would seem Southampton hospital that does it as standard. 

Buddy breast fed very well even though he fed all the time. At 18 months I managed to get an appointment as we noticed he couldn't lick an ice-lolly properly and had excessive drooling. I was told to come back when he could speak cue coming back when he was 3 years old. However, my 'open' appointment was now closed and what a farce that was to get it re-opened. Eventually, I managed to get a pre-op assessment (its a simple procedure but he has to be put under) - this was postponed 3 times!!  So back I complained to the GP etc and managed to get an appointment on Christmas Eve no less. I was then bumped back to Speech Therapy where I had to phone for an appointment to get an appointment but not a formal appointment/ Cue the rage! I wrote a stonking letter to the hospital via the GP which, incidentally, is also as frustrated as me and recommended an appointment is made immediately. Well, finally today the speech therapist said she had no problem recommending him to have the procedure although she feels his speech is bad irrespective of the tongue tie but accepts his limited tongue movement. 

Some people say leave tongue ties alone. I say read the above! My son has poor speech, has a lisp, spits when talks, has such excessive saliva that his top looks like someone has drenched it with water and there are many time when I and others cannot understand him.  The only way to determine if a child is having speech problems because of his tongue tie is to CUT the tongue tie.

Until next time....


  1. Oh my God I was meant to read this post. Aaron has his tongue tie cut when he was I think 5 weeks and I then established breastfeeding at 6 weeks. If I had given up on the BF they would never have bothered with the cut, and I would be going through what you have described. It's a long story but I once wrote about it on Circus Queen, as a guest post. I researched it at the time, and told my Mum and husband that it would prevent him having a speech problem when he'd be older. When they are babies they don't sedate them. It is very distressing to see your newborn with a mouth full of blood, and then they tell you to put them straight on the breast! What I can tell you, is within a week or two after the cut, go to Cranial Osteopathy, as an adjustment ALSO has to be made in the head/jaw for the cut to truly work. The hospital may or may not tell you this, but I can assure you it is true. It's really really necessary as some cuts are not successful and it ties again........ Within days Aaron was wiggly his tongue and sticking it out and in. Prior to this he couldn't stick his tongue out, as in it couldn't even stretch beyond his lips :-(
    Starting BF so late drastically effected my milk supply, so we combination fed until 13 months, and I only got the little bit of milk I did get thanks to Domperidone.
    Liska xxx

    1. Hi Liska - thanks so much for commenting. The problem was I never really thought too much about it when he was a baby the midwife mentioned it in passing and because he breast fed well didn't persue it - but so wished I had! I am still awaiting a date for it to be cut - I will contact the guy from southampton and see what he says about the jaw etc which will be another hurdle I just hope the cut works I feel quite sick about it all to be honest. x