Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Taking the Plunge...

Old Tony the Tiger!
....and getting of my butt. Yup today I finally managed to just get some good old exercise going on. I went swimming and it felt grrrrrreat! I did 50 lengths in less than an hour 10 x breast stroke 10 x crawl repeat until I needed a wee. For goodness sake I thought - I went before and in any other circumstances I would be able to hold out for more than 60 minutes even with my dodgy bladder control which I have discussed before rather candidly in this post entitled 'wee'.  Have a gander if you would like to know how I came to piss myself (literally) whilst on the M25.  Anyhow, I would have carried on but you kind of lose the momentum if you have to get out after 50 lengths and then pop to the toilet and get back in again.

Naturally someone (Nessa) said on my facebook "you should have gone in the pool" - I can't. Sorry. I don't think its allowed post 10 years old and besides I have been scarred for life from the horror stories you were told as a child - that the water would turn blue if you pissed in the pool. Must remember to tell my children that also.

Funnily enough the man that says "thank you" after every time I let him go (I was in the 'fast lane' you see) and who I wrote about in this swim post was there today. God, just looked at this one and it was written in July last year. Is that really how long its been since I went for a swim?  Check it out if you liked the old 1970's swim poster and me banging on about etiquette and stuff.

There was one lady who was in my lane telling her friend (in the slow lane) "once you get your stamina up you'll be bumping into people in no time". I was about as fast (or slow which ever way you want to look at it) so was quite chuffed that I seem to have retained a bit of stamina even in my absence. Later on two girls took to 'my' lane (thank you man had left - he never does that many) and one chose to swim smack bang in the middle. Now this is not okay. The swimming etiquette does not allow for such a cavalier manner. But given that she was faster than me, even doing the breast stroke to my crawl, I mentally let her off. That was good of you I can hear you say.

My last post talked of the tongue tie saga with my little buddy. Well, yesterday I had a wonderful email from the lead consultant at another NHS hospital who told me I have had a dreadful time, gave me some options, told me to not give up and it needs to be done sooner rather than later. Hooray!! Finally, someone that says yes it is all about cost cutting, yes it is not uncommon for appointments to be cancelled as this is to do with the hospitals targets and you are not going mad. It can grind you down so it can - I'm not alone I know several mum's who have to fight and battle for their kids all the time.

Tomorrow is World Book day and my children's school are having a fun packed day of activities - prizes, books, different stories and parents coming in to read for 30 mins.  I saw on facebook someone had moaned (different school and a friend of a friend) about having to dress up. I wanted to say my kids didn't have any dressing up (apart from mufti fund raising days) for over a year (it would have been two if we had stayed) so quit your moaning. It means the school are making a real effort to make learning fun and engaging. Anyhow, my daughter is going as puss in boots and my son Diary of a Wimpy Kid. We have made a costume (there are prizes for home made) out of Amazon cardboard we had kicking around. He is so excited and I can't wait to share with you all tomorrow.

Finally, if the weather is nice on Friday I'm going to get my bike out!

Until next time....

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