Tuesday, 25 March 2014

El Desparado

Yup that's me another flat zero or maybe it was .5lb but so hacked off I can't be bothered to even give that any kind of acknowledgement. To re-cap, last week I worked out Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday not Friday and a walk on Saturday (so not proper puffing and what not but still moving still moving god damm it!).

So you can image my dismay and desperation at the scales just grinding to a halt. I can totally understand why people sign up for shakes and what not as it can be so frustrating. I contacted my dieting gurus today and had a bit of a revelation. Firstly, I asked Nessa to get me that low-carb diet sent to me immediately without delay! She's lost 28lb now since January and will be doing another blog post very shortly. To my dismay, the diet is grim man - just grim! I'm not a fan of eggs to start with but to eat 3 fried in butter for the morning made me want to heave just reading about it.  What you could eat for lunch wasn't too bad but (she'll give you all the low down show down in the blog later on) I know it won't fit in with my lifestyle avec les enfants.  To top it all you have to drink 3.5 litres of water a day to flush out the fat - oh my, I would never be out of the toilet and if I was out and about I'd be squating behind bushes. Least that would be a work out of sorts though.  So no to the low-carb diet.

Next to my other sister, Sharon - the runner, the cyclist, the triathlonist, the run through the fields jumping over hedges being chased by hounds pretending to be a fox. I kid you not. What did she have to say for herself.  She regularly works out 5/6 times a week. She runs 4 x 4 miles, 15 mile bike ride and a 10 mile walk on a Sunday. Not only that she power walks her way around the city of London. She does weigh less than me - size 12 on top, 14 on bottom but she eats 1,200 calories in the week and 2,500 at the weekend. She doesn't lose any weight on those numbers only if she cuts back the weekend amount which, given, the amount of exercise you'd think she'd still lose weight. Given that we are all built in more or less the same way - we are just bigger and smaller versions of ourselves - its fair to say we need to eat 1,200 calories or less to lose weight.

I wrote on the blog the other day that I have been using my fitness pal which is a great app (although its been telling me to eat 1,500 and I have been going over by about 200) but have been struggling to keep within my allowance. Well, that allowance just shrank baby! When I return from France (Sunday) - I shall be embarking on a 1,000 calorie diet - and planning my calories better i.e 200 Breakfast, 400 lunch and 400 for dinner.  If I've miscalculated it should only take me up to 1,200 max.  Ultimately the numbers don't lie do they - its just a mathematical equation that I haven't gotten right yet (I was rubbish at maths it has to be said).

The only light at the end of the tunnel is that I did lose an inch off my waist.

See you soon!

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