Saturday, 8 February 2014

My Facebook Movie is just..

....cock and cake!  Urgh how vulgar I hear some say but its true and sounds great doesn't it?! They both start with 'c' and roll of the tongue (urgh now that is vulgar!) very easily.  What an earth am I going on about I can hear you say. Its all the fault of Facebook. No doubt you would have seen all the Facebook movies to celebrate 10 years of mind numbing status updates (guilty as charged ma lord) and my life is better than yours picture sharing and what not. Essentially it takes some of your pictures, status updates and puts it against sentimental music and makes a 'movie' just over 60 seconds long.  You'll see them in your newsfeed. I looked at a couple of my friends and they were lovely - all sweet and sentimental with lovely pics of newborns and kids who were younger than they are now. I'll have some of that I thought. So what do I get? This.......!

A cake I sold (£40) back in 2008 - she wanted "naughty 40" and things relevant to her life thus far. I think I fulfilled the brief don't you?!  That's meant to be a bow tie and his penis does appear to be bigger than his limbs!

So that was the centre picture of my Facebook movie along with other cakes I have made over the years. Quality.  

Talking about cocks and what not. This man has been the news a lot recently........
A Michael Gove (Education Secretary) Voodoo Doll - picture Parentdish facebook page
Now if the Tories had any sense they would be getting rid of this chap pretty pronto. If they can't see how much parents dislike this bloke (including their core voters - the chattering classes) than they are thicker than David Cameron turning up to the flood hit regions forgetting his Hunter wellies.  

So what's all the fuss about? Well for starters he wants children to be in school from 8.30 am to 6pm and cut short school holidays. Now, this isn't to bump us up the world educational league stats, this is just to get both parents out to work and someone else can mind the children for them. I mean why don't we just cut out the middle man and hand over our children to the state and see them at the weekends? It might come as a shock to some but most parents actually like their children and want to see them. Newflash - we like being parents. Working parents in particular feel they don't see enough of their children as it is. They don't want to dump them at baby factories from age 3 months for 8 hours a day and they don't want to continue to see very little of them when they go to primary school. In any event, the children would end up working more hours than MP's. I don't see them saying they will cut their holidays and actually do a full day's work do you? In fact, do you remember a time when MP's didn't just leave public school go straight into politics for 5 years playing at running the country before they swiftly move on to poncy after dinner speaking? Yeah me neither. So listening to this lot drone on about what we should be doing when they do fuck all is a bit rich. 

There has also been talk of fining parents £60 if you are persistently late. The comments on one parent site were comical. So many excuses as to why they are sometimes late - 2 school runs (check), traffic, parking, difficult kids etc etc. What a load of bollocks. Buy an alarm clock, set it and you'll find you'll turn up on time. The thing about school is that the start of it never changes (I've spoken about it before here). I can understand if it changes on a day to day basis but it doesn't. There aren't many excuses that can cut it I'm afraid - parents don't put enough importance on it and think oh well we'll just have to be late. I don't think charging them is the answer but there are repeat offenders that piss off the ones that can get 3/4 children to school, negotiate getting up, rain, wind, traffic and other incidentals.  

Finally, on the parent front, a bloke who was moaning about the cost of school holidays had a rather successful campaign going on facebook. I think because it was shared so much it now has to be discussed in the House of Commons. For anyone who isn't aware the cost of a holiday doubles if not trebles during the school holidays. Its a parental pet hate. Some think its justifiable to take the kids out of school (in fact some can only afford it if they do this), pay a fine and still get a much cheaper deal.  

I don't agree.  I think if parents are that hacked off about it they should boycott places like centre parcs (my husbands worse nightmare and to be honest I think I would feel hemmed in subjected to eateries at inflated prices contained in the 'woods') and airlines.  I'm pretty sure the holiday companies would have to re-think if everyone decided not to go anywhere for one year only. Don't you? 

On the diet front, its been a good week and a much better one on the exercise front. I've managed 3 x Wii 40 minute workouts with wrist weights. Not as hard core as previous workouts but at least I forced myself to do it as I've really be struggling.  I went back to bed today at 11 am as my throat was killing me and I felt really run down. Its been raining non stop today with howling wind - that bike ride is going to have a wait somewhat longer.  I hope to get in a little work out tomorrow so that will make it 4 x this week.

See you very soon...


  1. We settled down to watch my fb movie with a glass of wine. We laughed, we cried, we reminiced... and it was all over in 1.58 minutes. But actually, I thought it was a lovely gesture from fb to celebrate 10 years. (I admit, I was carried away by the uplifting music.)

  2. I agree! I just wished mine hadn't featured THAT cake!! x

  3. I've had great success using my iPad/ iPhone for menu planning. I just created a new event for breakfast ,lunch and dinner and I set reminders to thaw or soak items. I have tried many different ways, including your menu planner, and this one seems to keep me on track the best. I also agree that planning two weeks at a time is a Big time saver. I am working on doing that more regularly. The great thing about having it on my phone is if I am at the store for a quick trip, I can look at my phone and see my menu, to make sure I didn't leave something out. It's also nice to look back over the last few months to get ideas for the upcoming week.
    Thanks so much for your site! I love your ideas and recipes.

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