Monday, 3 February 2014

Monday Weigh In

Got lots to say and not enough time to say it. I have a few blog posts brewing - education and parenting in general seem to be dominating the news at the moment so I'll be back going into one on that subject! My last post had a comment by 'anon' (I don't bite by the way and welcome all views especially ones that disagree - that's life and makes it interesting) and posed the question why don't I slag off the working classes? Why just the 'middle classes' well where to start on that one. I have lots to say and have found some great pics on twitter to illustrate my feelings nicely.  

Anyhow, back to the weight.  I haven't lost any weight this week.  I wasn't surprised I only worked out once and that was for just 30 mins with my weights. I also ate approx 1700 cals (and more Saturday) in the week. The trouble with the fitbit is you think if you do your steps that's good enough but in real terms it doesn't really count as exercise. The best thing about the fitbit is the little graphs and what not and you can add friends and get all competitive. So yes it does make you move more but its not a patch on getting your heart rate up. 

So in line with my fit February theme I forced myself to do 40 minutes on the Wii dance with wrist weights. I have really struggled to get back into the groove on the exercise front since November really.  That was my thing exercise and yet I've gone all pathetic. Its cold, its wet, etc etc.  So I forced myself and felt great afterwards.  Its not the hardest workout but it was a start.  Tomorrow I have to take buddy to speech therapy - this has been an achievement in itself. You may recall I finally got an appointment on Christmas Eve to be bounced back to a different department. I received a letter in January explaining that I needed to phone to arrange an appointment and at that appointment I may get an appointment! URGH!!! Anyhow, they gave me the 6th March and after I put the phone down I thought no I'm not having this so now I have an appointment tomorrow - a short drive away.  However this appointment is not a formal assessment its an appointment to see if I need an appointment.  I think this is minor in comparison with the hoops some people have to go through to get the treatment they or a member of their family need. 

Anyhow, what with that and the food shop my next exercise dates will be Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

See you soon!  

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