Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Throw me a bone! Mad Blog Awards 2014

In the blogging world this is kind of like the Golden Globes/Baftas and this year I'm calling on anyone that reads my blog to throw me a bone if you please. I was nominated last year but alas never made it through to the next round. This year I fancy a punt at getting through on the wild card entry - by all accounts the blog with the most votes in each category gets put through to the final. Let's be realistic I haven't got a cat in hells chance of that happening but there is a faint hope of the judge not wanting to pick a blogger mate or someone they interact with on twitter and the like and go for a random stranger. What do you reckon? I could be that random stranger.

To the right of the blog you can click and nominate me and others. Or just click here. You can only do it once. At the bottom of my blog you'll see blogs I like to read on a regular basis if you need to find some inspiration to vote for others. Or you can just vote for me and leave the building its up to you.  There are various category's from craft to photography which are clearly not my thang but there is a category for most entertaining, best writer and best blog. I'd be happy with any of that lot but probably think entertaining or school days (I've written lots about schools, PTA etc) is a good fit? What do you reckon or am I totally delusional? Now that I've well and truly prostituted myself we shall never speak of this again.

Back to the diet - well the exercise isn't really happening - managed 3 x workouts last week and I know its only Tuesday but I haven't done any this week. Its just rain, rain, cold, cold and more rain. My cousin came to visit on Monday and today I had the weekly shop and what not and the weeks just fly by.  I have planned to work out tomorrow although I do have a very sore throat (I went back to bed Saturday as felt very ill). Having said all this I lost 1lb. So can't really grumble but could do better.

See you soon.


  1. Good luck with the awards, thanks for posting.
    MADs Editor

    1. ohhh thank you can I offer you a bribe?! x