Saturday, 15 February 2014

Are we turning into George and Mildred?

My husband remarked the other day "we are turning into a 1970's married sitcom!" - he's referring to our quick witted banter we have going on at the moment. It has a decidedly 1970's feel to it. You know the type jokes about my cooking and what not. Do you remember George and Mildred? We have been watching it at the moment around about tea-time followed by Duty Free (remember that?) although this was in the 1980's. A very enjoyable blast from the past.  Anyhow, we both decided against Valentines gifts, cards and what not this year.  He did say "you don't want anything this year do you?" to which I replied "naaa" followed by "just a card, chocolates, gifts etc!"

George and Mildred classic 1970's married sitcom - pic ebay
Every year my husband groans at the ridiculousness of it all "how can you be my valentine when we're married, have shared a bed for 15 years and have 3 children together?!" he wails. But in fairness he's always gone out and done his duty and bought me a card, flowers (at a hugely inflated price) and chocolates. 

"Amy!" - pic ebay
He does have a point though I am already his valentine. Its a done deal. I agree it is just commercial nonsense. Its great fun at school and in the early days of a relationship but now its just a bit of a chore. The worse night of the year to go for a meal is Valentines night - its so cheesy and naff don't you think? All the married couples sitting there waiting for their Valentines set meal. Everyone knowing they're only eating out tonight because its Valentines night. Glancing around to see who's being romantic, who's in the early days of a relationship, who's on the last legs desperately clinging on for dear life and some who are just looking at each other stoney faced without saying a word wishing they were anywhere else. Cringe.

If truth be told I couldn't be arsed with it either. Although I did pop a box of Thorntons chocolates into my trolley in Aldi during the weekly shop. I think I was just amazed they had Thorntons in Aldi which sealed the deal. I couldn't be arsed to make a heart shaped cake or cook a special meal. I've got to make a Furby cake and stage my daughter's 8th birthday very soon (today we are making cake pops) and will be making a Tommy Helmet cake for my husbands 50th next month.  

I've arranged 3 nights away, will be calling on my sister to babysit on the 22nd (she heard it hear first!) and took receipt of a family pop art picture this week for his present. I can multi-task but I can't be doing Valentines Day as well. My effort levels will only go up so much! Besides we do things for each other during the year and my husband is by far  the most romantic out of the two of us. For instance, I happened to mention I'd always wanted a Kitchen Aid machine and didn't think anything of it. A few weeks later it turned up on my doorstep. If I mention the battery to my watch has gone dead - a new one will magically turn up a few days later as did my phone battery. Far more thoughtful and romantic than Valentines cards and what not wouldn't you say? Give me practical anyday!

So turning to this weeks events. Well its all been a bit pathetic - no exercise. I have had a bad chest (I have mild asthma) and was wheezy all week. This damp weather is really bad for it. My husband did the school run one day as I couldn't face the cold and dampness. However, it does seem to be clearing. I am pretty sure it is because I haven't done any exercise that I got this in the first place.  My fit February hasn't really panned out as I would have hoped. The kids are off for half term also but I will try and fit in Wii dance and walks if we can get out and it stops raining. I may have to consider joining a gym for its classes or get to my local swimming pool as outdoors activities are not happening at the mo.

I really hope my exercise mojo returns very soon. How are you all doing on the exercise front? Any suggestions gratefully received.

Until next time...

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