Thursday, 6 February 2014

19lbs Lost!

Sadly its not me - mine is 6lbs since January and that was Christmas weight and I still have some Vegas in there somewhere. No, Nessa is back with an update. She's doing fantastically well - I do have some reservations in that it is a 'no carb' diet and the weight loss has been very quick (no I'm not bitter promise!). I have seen this before and I will doing a blog post soon about how one diet in particular should be banned. In the meantime, over to Ness....

Hi everyone! Tash reminded me that I needed to do my next thrilling installment of my weight loss plan. Well things have been going really well and I have lost a total of 19lbs to date. This still has me in the Obese category (the BMI moves very slowly rather annoyingly!) but its progress in the right direction.

Dry January went by with only one failure. I was working in Dublin and staying in a hotel and it was rather easy to be persuaded to have one glass of red. Still, it didn't seem to do much damage ( and it tasted lovely!) so I think it was ok. I have been out several times for various birthdays and Fridays with the girls but stuck rather boringly to my water. I have been told I'm being boring so must work on the social skills whilst sober!!

Eating out in Dublin was a challenge and in one pub I ordered the lamb and asked for veg instead of the mash potato. Now in my world that means green things like broccoli and peas....but in Dublin, that means potatoes, just cooked in a different way! Oh well, I left them and just ate the lamb.

I am now heading into Dry February, although I am in Nice this weekend doing some maintenance on the apartment so I may partake in a glass then as well. For me this is a year long plan and I need to still be able to live a normal life. My drinking habits have now completely changed and instead of drinking a bottle of wine a night I am now only going to drink on a night out with company, and no, the cats don't count as company.

One thing I must try and break is the habit of weighing myself daily. And then moving the scales slightly on the floor and then weighing again! Any one else do that? Its madness really but occasionally you can scrape an extra half pound out of them that way!

I have discovered the joy of eating pork belly steak and crackling! That, together with cauliflower cheese is my staple evening meal at the moment. Its gorgeous comfort food and perfect for this way of eating!

So here are my latest pics. I think there is a difference! Until next time.....

There certainly is and I would suggest getting some new friends or put them in the saboteur category. I hate "oh you're boring now" comments - what because you're being healthy?! People feel threatened by change and makes them think they should possibly do something.  I put it to you that your drunk friends are the ones that are boring hence you zoning out of the conversation entirely. And yes step away from the scales - it can be done and this is from someone that stepped on them about 10 x a day!


  1. Hi Nessa, what an amazing result! I'm in awe that you only wavered once in the whole of January with one glass of wine - I'd like half your will power. Next month we need the 'before' picture again so we can see the difference please. :) And not only do I weigh myself again (breathing out before stepping on) for that extra (or I should say less) 200g but I also weigh myself in Kg and stones/lbs. Good luck for next month!

    And Tash, 6lbs is not to be sneezed at. Well done you. xx

    1. Me too re the will power - I will make sure I put all the before and after pics together next month. Thanks re 6lbs but had put it on sigh! x

  2. Well done! I couldn't do a no carb diet as I love carbs way too much, but I've tried switching to whole wheat carbs instead, and am losing weight slowly but surely :)
    Set one a day a week to weigh yourself (I always do Thursday mornings) and then you have it to motivate you through the week. And you'll see more progress if you weigh weekly too.
    You must have such strong willpower! Well done xxx

    1. Hello Katherine - as you know am not a fan of any of these cut out this that and the other diets but they do work but I'm skeptical about whether they keep the weight off. Time will tell and I look forward to Nessa's next update! x