Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sunday Chit Chat

Is this month just whizzing by or what?  I think so - Christmas seems a long and distant memory. I have managed to walk well in excess of 10,000 steps (except Saturday 9,000+) for the most part of the week. When I do my power walking its in excess of 20,000 steps. I managed to do this on Monday (in the drizzle I'll have you know) and on Wednesday - wearing my Fitbit and Zaggorra wear. However, on Wednesday it suddenly occurred to me that I had a birthday cake to make. My son's birthday cake. He is the grand total of 10 years! Ekk double digits. So Thursday I set about trying to re-create a Minecraft cake. Now, if anyone doesn't know what it is here. But essentially its a virtual lego with (in my opinion) pretty naff graphics but the kids love it and schools are now teaching it in ICT. It is actually very educational as its not instantaneous, so creative and promotes team work.  My childrens' school has their own version - so you can imagine my son's delight when he found out they would be having Minecraft lessons in ICT.

So, I had to make a start on this cake on Thursday - when I'm making a birthday cake all my fitness regime just seems to exit the building pretty swiftly.  I forgot to wear my Zaggora wear (I forgot on Tuesday as well) and as buddy was at pre-school on Friday, I decided to use that time (it was raining) to finish the cake. Now, if I was a proper hard core fitness guru, I would have put the power/zaggora wear on the top of my priorities but alas I am not. And I'm not Wonder Woman either! This cake took me all morning and the best part of Friday afternoon to complete. This meant I wasn't working on it until 12pm Friday night so a good trade off I think. 

I will take pictures tomorrow wearing my Zaggora wear as the 2 week challenge is over on Monday.  As ever, I haven't managed to wear them for the full 2 weeks - only 10 days.  One day that will be a triumph in itself. This week I have a filling to look forward to. I blame Slimming World I really do.  They should have a disclaimer on their 'syn free' drinks which says "although diet fizzy drinks are syn free and we say drink as much as you like it will actually rot the enamel off your teeth and you will require lots of fillings you never needed before". Suffice to say I only drink diet lemonade/coke if I'm out which as you all know is generally a yearly event.

I have posted the cake pictures below. What do you think? I had little to work from really as if you google Minecraft cake a lot of naff ones come up - that's because its all about computer squares which is incredibly difficult to recreate. So I thought I'd base it on the front cover of the X-box game (which is £12 by the way so not expensive). I was quite pleased with the way it turned out and my son loved it.  

The sponge was lovely - my friend's 225g of everything and 4 eggs - a classic. If I'm shaping a cake I'll use a Madeira recipe 
 Did you know that Sainsbury's now sell individual fondant icing and the colours were just perfect

This is always the point where I just want to call it a day!

Tah Dah - There's 'Steve' and his dog and I guess it kind of looks 3D - I cut out the lettering by hand on black fondant and then painted it with a cake silver paint

In other news, it does appear that it is my turn to get the "ohhh you'll be going back to work then" comments (my friend was subjected to this by her in-laws when her youngest went to school) when Buddy starts school in September. I did touch on it in my post called Get Back which did provoke some strong comments but I stand by this. This time it was parents, in particular, my mother who said I could go 'temping' have a change of scenery, engage my brain, meet new people, not bother with housework (only at the weekends), shake the washing (I don't know about you but if you shake creased clothes they're still creased) and that will be much better for me. Why? I wouldn't say to someone don't go out to work as soon as your kids go to school, stay at home if you can, always drop them off/pick them up, go to school open days, plays, be at home on strike/inset days, 13 week school holidays, clean the house, make home cook meals, work out, meet up with people you actually like as opposed to the office pricks, break away from the go to work, do the same thing, come home and then run around like a headless chicken now do I?! I always find with people that if you don't go along with the majority train of thought then you're wrong and they can tell you that but you can't say that actually you think they're wrong. Why is that?  

Anyhow, I have lots planned when buddy goes to school full-time - which (shock of horrors as most people see it as a perfect chance to off load their child finally) I was thinking of deferring so I can have him at home for longer. I will exercise more without the interruption of pre-school pick ups and will get a straight 6 hour run of getting things done. As in the post I mentioned I did have a career and also did an 'A' Level in Law in my spare time (one year in the evening) whilst working for a bank. I gained a respectable 'C' if you please! I suppose I could try and squeeze into my old suits (vacum packed in the loft) or buy some new ones and head out and look like these smart guys in their suits but on the other hand I might just do the things I like doing and feel blessed that I'm able to. 

Finally, the sewing machine has now come out of its case and I can officially work the thing!

Be back tomorrow...

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