Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sunday Chit Chat

Well I have managed to walk at least 10,000 steps (some days its in the 20,000) with the help of my new lovely gadget -  It is harder at the weekend as I'm less active so I made sure I went for a hill walk on Saturday otherwise I would not have made my quota.  During the week, it is fairly easy to walk 10,000 steps doing the school runs and what not. I managed to wear my Zaggora wear everyday which is a first for me for the two week challenge pictures I will be putting up shortly.  I managed to do 1 x pilates workout and 3 x 5 mile power walks so getting back to a level of fitness. The walk involves lots of little hills and one killer one. I am hoping for good things tomorrow on the scales front as I've also kept within my calorie allowance. I need to update my food diary on here though even if its repeating it from my fitness pal.

I am able to sync my fitness pal (where I record what I've eaten) with my fitbit so it does all the maths for me.  The band reminds me of that old fashioned method of putting on an elastic band to ping to remind yourself not to do something - in this case eat rubbish! I love that it records (very accurately) how much sleep I've had. I know my husband is quietly thinking "why do you need a device to tell you that you haven't slept well or haven't done much activity?" "Well I do! I need the funky little syncing and charts and what not and it keeps me in check. 

Failing that I stumbled across an account by my Great, Great Grand Uncle's wife of their journey to Utah. As some of you may know, my ancestors on my dad's mother's side, were Mormons. My Great Great Grand Uncle was Ebenezer Beesley - he wrote the hymns for the Mormon church. In 1865, on his honeymoon no less, he made the arduous journey to Salt Lake City - obviously by boat but then by hand cart. Many died along the way and my ancestors were on the brink of starvation. Here is the link to her account which makes me feel very humble and blessed with my lot I can tell you. 

See you tomorrow!

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