Wednesday, 1 January 2014

My New Year's Resolution... to go out tomorrow. That's it! By the way, Happy New Year to all you folks that follow me or occasionally pop on over to see if I've lost any weight. I hope you continue to pop on over as I do like my followers so I do. Didn't want to aim too high on the resolution front. Its been raining for 3 days now. Its like Las Vegas all over again. I jest with the resolution but I don't really like to make grand lists as they don't ever pan out do they? Aim low that's what I say. I want to be slimmer this year, like properly slimmer not marginally slimmer than the last year. I want to jump back on my bike as soon as the weather picks up and re-start my exercise plan whatever it may be - weights, pilates, swimming etc.

We went to a farm before Xmas with the kids - it said on their website come and see the reindeers - the failed to mention they were plastic as were the penguins! Trade Descriptions Act anyone?

I had an interesting summary from the Map My Ride app I have. It said I did 88 workouts last year (I started it in April and stopped in November due to my heel injury) and burned over 33,000 calories working out. Wow how am I not skinny?! My longest cycle was 11 miles and the fastest was the same (11) miles per hour.  Thank goodness for apps to get you re-motivated.

So how was your Christmas? Ours has been very relaxed - as a household we have not been rising until 9.30 am at the earliest and the days just seem to close in so quickly. No sooner have you had brunch it seems to get dark.  I haven't managed to stay the same weight mind. I reckon its 6lbs on.  I had a false sense of security where the scales hadn't moved at all a couple of days after Xmas but they have now! I think sometimes it takes a while for your body to register the gluttony. It was 6lbs a few days ago. We are nearly back to normal eating habits and if I can get out between now and Monday (weigh in day) I reckon I can shift 3lbs of it by then. My husbands belly is also rather round which makes me feel so much better.

We managed to get out to the farm before Xmas and it was empty more or less. A tad disappointing that the reindeer's and penguins were plastic but hey ho. The turkey wasn't dry but its still a boring bird - there's a reason we only eat it once a year! I did fancy taking the kids to church at 4pm Christmas Eve but we all have had colds (excuses, excuses) and the rain has been incredible over the Xmas period. I also had to take my little man to hospital that day. I can thoroughly recommend having an appointment on Christmas Eve. Our appointement was 9.30 am and we were out at 9.39 am as we were seen early. The parking was ample too!

The little fella will have some speech therapy to see that the tongue tie is definitely affecting his speech. I was told he would be seen very quickly - no long waiting lists. We also took a trip out to see Father Christmas on the same day, however, he had decided to shut up shop at 1.10pm that day. I did email the garden centre as their website had said he was there till 3pm - they were very apologetic and yesterday I picked up 3 x free mini Christmas Trees for the kids.  They weren't too fussed as the Santa tracking device on google lets them see where he is.  They quite rightly questioned how he could he be in the garden centre when a few minutes ago he was in Russia delivering presents!

My retro Christmas Cake 

Christmas biscuits the kids love to decorate. We also made mince pies

Looking festive

The Turkey - was free range from butchers but I missed the goose. Maybe duck next year?

I have got it out the box - that's a start right? I need my madre to show me the how to set it up as it just looks complicated. I have visions of making cushions and curtains. Watch this space......

I did get some lovely bangles from the hubster and various leopard print numbers  i.e gloves scarfs but this baby is the business. The glass bowl for my kitchenaid. It is a thing of beauty. I like kitchenalia what can I say!

Another gift from my parents - a casserole dish you can cook on the hob then sling in the oven - see above as to why this is a good gift for me! 

Another pic of the turkey
I have continued to spend a bit of money over Christmas courtesy of the internet. Its my son's birthday soon and two friends will be turning 40.  I ordered some clutch bags in the sales and a fitbit which I'm very excited about. Its basically a fancy pedometer but it tracks your sleep etc. This should help me stay on track and my mini targets are a 40th birthday party on 25th of this month and my husband's 50th in March.

See you very soon and I hope you all have a wonderful start to 2014!


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