Wednesday, 29 January 2014

I lost 3 stone and kept it off!

In the final installment on my 'inspirational January slot' is my good friend Em (who blogs here - she'd love a few followers) who tells her story with some fabulous fat suit pictures. She does like an exclamation mark so she does!  She actually talks like this too - very excitable and fast! When she pauses for breath I quickly get a word in - my husband says we are like peas in a pod and I am inclined to agree.  I for one always struggle with the concept that I can actually get lower than what my natural weight seems to be - 13 stone 7lbs but that's just bollocks because ultimately if you put your mind to it you can get down to a healthy weight. Enjoy..

Emma is on the right - 2008 

I've been asked to write this post by my lovely friend who I really got to know because of my weight loss.

So, I was fat! There was no getting around it. I wasn't big boned, it wasn't just baby weight, it was greed!! 

When I got married in 2003 I weighed 12 stone and 4 lbs. I can remember this because I so wanted to weigh less and to look amazing. Instead I looked okay, why? Because I couldn't try hard enough and I couldn't stop eating!!!

I love this pic! Glowing and a rather rounded face - are they marshmallows on the table? 
In 2005 I got pregnant with my first child and put on a large 3.5 stone!! So by the time she was born I was bordering on a size 18. After I had her I walked a lot so some of the weight came off but I was still a size 16. I pretended I didn't mind, didn't mind always being the fat one, didn't mind never finding any clothes to fit...jeans especially!

Then in 2008 I had my second child, not quite so much weight went on but after I have birth I weighed a hefty 14.6 stone and my arse rivalled a barge!!! I then had my son in 2009 and I was huge! Afterwards, still huge, but as always unmotivated. Sleepless nights enslaved me to the biscuit tin and any form of sugar was gratefully received.

August 2010 

So when did I change? I started to go to Zumba in 2010, twice a week with a friend just for a laugh really. It was fun and didn't really feel like exercising. I enjoyed it a lot and started to really feel myself tone up a bit, I was still eating the usual junk and then I had an epiphany!! I thought to myself if I start dieting and do this what will happen??

Bat Girl!! Looking foxy in 2011

I started the Special K diet. I had Special K for breakfast and lunch, fruit for snacks and a normal meal for dinner but scaled down portion sizes.

At the weekend I ate whatever I wanted but sensibly, i.e. one biscuit not ten and a few squares of chocolate not an entire large bar!!

I'm afraid I can't remember how long I did the dieting bit for but it worked! 

The weight started coming off and I started to feel good for the first time in a long time! I started to want to eat healthily and to not gorge myself until my stomach hurt!!

The hard work is paying off - a size 14 and looking proud as punch!

I then stopped Zumba and upped the anti to more cardio and toning classes. At my best I would do three classes a week but I average about two now, unless I know a particular event is coming up and then I will try harder! 

I went to Topshop with sister and tried on everything I could and it fitted!! This was one of the best feelings I have ever had, no tears this time, just dilemmas over what to buy!! 

I have muscles instead of flab now and I love the way I look! I still have bad days, PMT and winter sad can all make me reach for a doughnut! But I never, ever want to go back to being that unhappy again, so I always reign it in and get back to the gym. I don't diet anymore, I just watch what I eat and attend my classes regularly. 

Wow! Size 12 July 2013 - and the weight has stayed off!
When I started the diet I weighed 13 stone 4 and now I weigh 10 stone 4, (10 stone prior to Christmas but hey the quality streets got the better of me!!) It took me years to get in the zone and actually want to do it but I can promise you, once you do you will never ever go back!

Such fun! xx


  1. I love these guest post that are so inspiring. I'm almost at the zone - honest. Well done Em!

    1. Thank you - yes they're good aren't they. Emma looks fab and works out and it shows! x