Monday, 20 January 2014

Warning! Horrific Pics Alert!

And my Monday weigh in of course! Well lets get down to business -1lb off this week. You can see how my week panned out in my last post.  I wore the Zaggora wear for a total of 10 days, managed to walk at least 10,000 steps and way beyond some days except on my son's birthday - I managed just shy of 10,000. So, the crux of my minor weight loss would have to be the licking of butter cream and 3 small glasses of red wine Friday and consuming cake on Saturday and a Chinese take-away. No kidding Sherlock. We always have a take-away on my son's birthday. Having said all this, had I not have put in some serious walking etc then it could have been a gain.

Anyhow, another week approaches and I need to lose -1lb to get shot of the Xmas pudding pounds and we are back onto an even playing field.  I am going to my friend's 40th birthday party and will post pics of my dress next week. As promised, here are my Zaggora pictures - the before and after.

I apologise in advance for the grim photo's here - the 1st on the left was taken two weeks ago whilst in the process of cleaning sans make-up etc and I'm liking the deodorant stain on the side. The second was today again in cleaning mode. I can't see any difference to be honest but then again I've lost 3lbs which is hardly going to make a difference in pics.

Again rough pictures alert!! The one of the left is me two weeks ago and the right is me today - I actually think I look worse in the second picture!! This belly needs to go. I also look like I've grown taller.  Sorry if you're eating your dinner whilst reading this.

Today, I ordered a replacement Wii Console to replace my worn out one and did my weights DVD. I also ordered one x 8kg weight for the single weight repetition. The lady on the dvd says, in an American accent, "if you're not feeling this then you need to go harder" and that's what I've done.

Until next time..


  1. Mate I love your honesty! putting yourself out there all on show, its very brave. Keep going with the exercise, a boot camp style thing would be really good for you, also the kettlebells, they really burn fat. You're going to look fab in your dress anyway. xxx

    1. Thanks! I have to be honest its the only way to confront weight etc and makes for better reading. I have now got an 8kg weight for the single repetition on the dvd. I need to get out more and know it'll be easier once buddy is at school full time x