Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Better Later..

...than never and all that.  I've lost 2lb.  So that's 4lb off my Christmas weight of which I never intended on putting on at all! Remember that blog post? I have 2lb to go to shift the Christmas pudding and the lack of exercise for that two week period.  I am confident it will come off by next week.  Today, I went for another power walk in the drizzle and found that the steep hill wasn't as bad as last week. Could it be that my fitness levels are returning?!  I hope so.  I am still enjoying my fitbit (see previous post) the only thing I'm not too sure about all these weight loss apps is the calorie side of things.  They all say you can eat the calories that you've burnt up exercising. Now call me old fashioned but I don't think you should. I have eaten some exercise calories but certainly not all.  The jury does seem to be out on the various forums - many say they eat their exercise calories and still lose weight others say what's the point of burning calories if you then go and eat them again.  What do you think?

Be back soon....