Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Tickled My Fancy

These are a few things that have tickled me recently. Maybe tickled isn't the right word - they didn't piss me off (I know a first right?) or make me LOL - does anyone actually laugh out loud to anything written? They were a trifle puzzling. Now I've just come over all Dickensian.

Firstly, I saw a blackboard sign outside our local Coughlan's (much excitement in the local community when this opened. We don't get out what I can I say) advertising soup and a roll. Nothing unusual about that I don't suppose except the price, it was £2.39.  Yes for the nominal sum of £2.39 you can trot out of your local Coughlan's with a soup and a roll. Now, I was really pondering this sign whilst waiting in the chip shop queue. Yes, this is a diet blog and we did occasionally have chips from the chippie. In my defence, we went to the Panto on Saturday to watch Peter Pan and it is obligatory to get chips from the chippie afterwards. Back to the soup.  Isn't it normally £2.50 or £2.99 or even £2.49 but £2.39? Maybe they have a giant surplus of 10p/1p's. I don't know but anyhow it tickled and puzzled me in equal measure. What else you going to do whilst waiting for the chippie to open?

Mr Tickle giving it some - pic ebay
Talking of which the other sign was in the chip shop window. It was advertising a waiter/waitress position (they have an adjoining 'restaurant') and it said something along the lines, in between giving the hours etc, "would not suit student. Needs to be reliable".  So there we have a huge sweeping assumption that students are not reliable. They are incapable of studying and holding down a part-time job.  I do have some background knowledge in that I know they did have a student who they let go but don't punish the rest of the student population. Okay, least they're honest I suppose - once bitten twice shy and all that but really in this day and age you can't be saying stuff like that.  My student self would have been outraged at this advert as actually the hours were perfect for a student!

In other news on the Christmas prep front. I am sorted on the present front just not so on the dreaded wrapping front. I cannot motivate myself to wrap the sodding things.  The kids break up next week - Buddy on Friday so I need to get my wrapping mojo on.  I have a hamper (an old Fortnum and Mason hamper when we were once decadent many moons ago) filled with Aldi goodies! I have the turkey - yes turkey this year ordered from a local butcher which will be delivered. So more or less set and its only us on Christmas day. 

We have yet to put our tree up. We have differing views on the Christmas Tree.  I can't be doing with all the child like adults who put it up in November/beginning of December but I do feel this weekend is acceptable. My husband thinks it should "technically" go up on Christmas Eve!! So the compromise is the 20th - 5 days before Christmas Day. Which will mean it'll be up for two weeks and by that time I can't wait to get the decs down. It is a bit late and I prefer the build up to Xmas so by Boxing Day I think its over really whereas my husband likes New Year's Eve so the decs are still relevant to him. 

We have a date night on Saturday - get us. Don't get out for years and then we go away for 5 days and now a night out. We're off to London for the evening and I managed to get a babysitter so am looking forward to that. My kids will start to wonder if we're ever at home!

I managed to fit in my weights on Tuesday - only 30 minutes but it felt good. My heel is heeling (excuse the pun) nicely and I am planning on doing a little Wii dance tomorrow. So I am gradually getting back into the exercise routine.  On the food front I haven't gone into Xmas free for all. Having said this, I couldn't resist saying yes please to receiving free chocolates from Hotel Chocolat to review. These are due any day but I'm going to get the hubster to review them - so stay tuned.

See you very soon!


  1. That no students sign is atrocious! There's a lawsuit there somewhere... maybe a student lawyer should have a look... #justsayin

    1. Yes I think so too - I kept re-reading and thinking yup that's blatant discrimination! x