Tuesday, 10 December 2013

I give you...Las Vegas..

...I would love to say this is a sponsored post and I was paid handsomely by some mythical magical company to go to Vegas for 4 nights but, alas, nothing could be further from the truth. I didn't really think about the groaning of my husband's credit card when I flippantly expressed a desire to see Las Vegas for my 40th a year or so ago. But I am so glad I did. I was well worth every penny and let's face it, although I don't think life is short, you only have the one so if you can see the places on your bucket list then DO IT! I am totally fine about being 40. I figure that to be alive for 40 years is an achievement in itself. Sadly some don't even reach adulthood, childhood or even make it past their first year so I'll try and bear that in mind when I'm approaching 50!

By the way, if you'd like to see my fabulous Vegas cake which was made by Tracy at Fondant Fetish, then check it out in my previous blog post .

So without further ado, here is my post on our trip to Vegas. You will see from the glorious food pics that it certainly isn't hard to put on 4lbs and beyond. It is all off now, which really wasn't hard I just ate European portions the moment we landed.

Our flight was excellent. It took off more or less on time which, seeing as my husband tends to jinx all flights, was worthy of a celebration of epic proportions. We were nearly dancing in the aisles when we realised that no one was sitting in our row! Every time a potential passenger walked towards our aisle we kept nudging each other willing them not to put their bag in the over head locker. And would you believe it this also happened on the way back! Not only that, the last time I travelled longish haul you had to look at a communal TV screen to watch one movie, now you have a little in flight entertainment system with a variety of films, TV shows and music.  Whilst the flight was a long nearly 11 hours it was actually not too bad. 

When we landed it was lashing it down with rain and carried on raining for THREE days! Where in the world can you escape our rainy climate - why you'd think a desert wouldn't you?  Well, all the locals kept telling us it NEVER rains in Vegas and it was most unusual. I didn't care, I was in Vegas! 

The cab driver did take us the long route to the MGM Grand and it even said in my little guide to tell the drivers not to take you all around the houses but we couldn't do it.  We had read up on tipping - you tip the person that takes your bags, the person that gets you a cab, the cab driver, the person that brings up your bags (different to the person that took them), the maintenance guy etc. You also tip 20% on all meals etc.  We took lots of dollar bills with us and really got into the swing of it.

Our room on arrival though had a funny damp smell at this time we were really tired and desperately trying to stay awake. Within 5 mins we had the maintenance guy come and check it out and promptly got a porter to move us to a King Suite with a view on the 10th floor. We were nearly doing another merry jig!! As we were tired we just had the buffet in the hotel for the evening and only managed to stay up until 9pm Vegas time. Although, I couldn't really sleep in the most comfortable bed I have ever stayed in as I was too excited!

The next day we headed straight out into the drizzle and walked down to the famous sign. We tipped the waiting guy who took our photo (I think he was homeless there are quite a few in Vegas) and he then gave us an umbrella to keep.  The rain got heavier and it continued all day like proper driving rain. We sought refuge in The Peppermill restaurant a little of the main strip and OMG who were sitting in their but the Vegas Police. We had both been watching this show prior to our arrival so I just couldn't believe it when I saw my favourite Sargent Tom Jenkins. I have to say I was a little star struck and promptly got my picture taken with him.  The food in this joint was awesome and a firm favourite with locals. The fireside lounge was so cosy and perfect for a rainy day. We sat drinking in there after our meal which I could have happily done all day but we had a dinner date later that evening.  Although we could barely touch our meal in The Canal Restaurant in The Orleans Hotel. Another fantastic setting with booths and soft lightening. This was after The Rat Pack is Back show at the Rio.

I had written lots more on our trip in great detail and added all the pics and then the computer started playing up and I hit the 'save' button many times but it has not saved it!! Argghhhh so I may re-visit and tell you the rest or I may just go and kill myself now!!

Anyhow, I'm back, I'm alive and I'm 40!


  1. Looks A-MAZ-ING! Glad you loved it! xx

    1. Hi it was even with the rain. I loved the service and the whole wackiness of it all. Would love to go back and do the Grand Canyon our flight was cancelled due to cloud! x

  2. Wonderful! Erm, they're very generous with the portions aren't they?

    1. HUGE portions gigantic it actually puts you off food. Maybe I should live there....! x

  3. Too bad you missed seeing the Canyon. It is spectacular. (Hint: Pay the extra to tour is in a helicopter).

    Really enjoyed the post, going to link to it in the next few weeks in our 70k reader Las Vegas newsletter so that more people can check it out!

    Ted Newkirk
    Managing Editor

    1. Hi Ted, I'm very flattered and thank you! I'll have to write part II then as I have lots more to say. Was so gutted missed the flight and it was the only day it was sunny! x

    2. p.s they had already turned around a helicopter with the previous take off so no one was flying that day we didn't even get in the helicopter!