Thursday, 14 November 2013


Its just too exciting at the moment. In a week's time I shall be Vegas bound baby!! I know its such a cliche to want to go to Vegas for a big birthday (my 40th for those of you who are not familiar with The 1970's Diet) but I don't care.  I have always wanted to go and I figure you just have to go for it even though my husband's credit card is probably groaning at the pressure!  Having said all this, I am a bit of worrier and the idea is wonderful but I haven't left the children for this long since our honeymoon in 2009 - we only had 2 then and it was for 4 nights I think.  This will be for 4 nights but because of the time difference it will seem like 5.  I think it will be good for the kids to have a break from me - they might appreciate me a bit more - but I still worry a little.

We also have some wonderful things planned to do in Vegas. We have booked two meals - one of which will be at the Stratosphere. In addition, we will be watching a show (The Rat Pack) and a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon with a champagne picnic. It really is a trip of a lifetime and I have my fingers crossed that all goes well.  My husband is notorious when it comes to plane journeys e.g that he's jinxed. So here's hoping the flight takes off when its meant too and the trip runs smoothly. I have a feeling it will but you never know!!

I am all set with my wardrobe, my heels, my party feet insoles, my flats for the strip, my frizz hair spray and a whole host of other things. Oh, now hang on I need American adapters for the plug sockets - see I forgot something. I plan on packing on Sunday. I have a hair appointment Saturday and was going to get it coloured. I haven't dyed my hair since 2009 - my hair goes lighter at the ends so for my wedding I got an all over number.  I probably could do without it but I do love sitting in the hairdressers for a couple of hours.  

My tots100 score went down a little today but I'm not surprised I've hardly blogged or been on twitter. I just find I don't have the time recently. I had a heel injury, which having stuck my foot into freezing water tonight and last night (more painful than childbirth!), is now feeling a bit better. I have been limping in the morning and have only been able to do a few pilates workouts.  I have been eating less but don't feel that much different for a few weeks now. I will post my 2 year loss on Monday after my meal out on Saturday together with a picture of my outfit.  I still have lots to lose but I am pleased I have lost weight since starting this blog and not put on lots. 

So, I haven't been out on my bike what with the heel and the colder weather and my goodness its really got cold today. Proper November weather I can tell you.  More worrying a number of cyclists in London have been killed in 8 days. 5 cyclists to be exact.  That is tragic.  What is more tragic is the assumption that somehow the cyclist is to blame.  Call me old fashioned and I shall touch some wood when saying this but in my 23 years of driving a car I have never managed to injure/kill a pedestrian or cyclist.  If I did, surely it would always be my fault. People don't just come out from no where do they? If you are anticipating everything that is around you surely your likelihood of causing serious injury would be reduced. By all accounts (the freedom of information act) last year London Buses seriously injured/killed 368 people. That's an alarming statistic.  I have been on these buses that hurtle around and slam on the brakes where all the passengers go flying. Yes, there should be real investment in proper cycle lanes that are not on the road at all. Separate lanes like pavements as they have in Amsterdam and France but also a wider look at the quality of the drivers in charge of these huge London Buses. Don't you think?

On a lighter note, I'm really looking forward to my birthday meal with the kids and family on Saturday and not to mention my fab-u-lous birthday cake I have ordered.

See you soon with pictures!! 


  1. I have nothing to say other than JEALOUS and VEGAS, BABY!!! Have an awesome birthday holiday - hope the dresses and heels are good to you :-)

    1. Thank you! That has been a common response - jealous that is! I hope all goes to plan and that the snow that is due doesn't stop our flight or I shall cry like a baby! x