Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Sorry, this blog has been a bit neglected of late. No excuses really asides from the half term and the fact my husband was away for the week in France - he returned late Wednesday night so Thursday was catching up and chilling with the family as was Friday. On Saturday, the kids were packed off to my parents for their annual firework display in the garden which meant shopping on Saturday - yay! More of which later.
The film is very good also - pic ebay
To be honest I had also lost my blogging mojo and enthusiasm for all things social media related.  I had come a cropper so to speak in the week my husband was away. In a nutshell, I had put a pretty innocuous sarcastic facebook status. Anyhow, turns out this was shown to the my child's school management team. I wasn't really fussed about the status being shown (even though ironically I was helping to raise money at the time!) I was more annoyed about the blatant unprofessionalism of those involved and, of course, the betrayal of trust from a 'friend'.  I increasingly feel the book 1984 by George Orwell is very applicable here. 

Anyhow, I had enjoyed the company of this person immensely over the years. I do understand that if you like your child's school and someone is writing something negative then you're not going to be best pleased. I get that. I rant about all sorts its not specific to schooling. Don't get me started on politics as you're all aware! It has, surprisingly enough, been a very positive experience for me.  I feel more confident about decisions I've made and, whilst this may sound cynical, I have come to realise that there are very few people you can really trust. Ultimately the people I can count on in life are my immediate and extended family with a spattering of loyal friends.  Given that this was the same week we had arranged for a basket of goodies for a mum who's husband has a brain tumour also made me focus on what really matters in life. Sometimes you need that don't you? A reality check and that did it nicely.

There is, of course, the wider issue here as to what is deemed private and public. Social media is a fact of life - its like chatting but it so happens to be in print. Will people start to tape record conversations too? Isn't this the equivalent of what people put on their status or twitter? I mean can facebook really been deemed as private? We are always told to set our privacy settings (in particular pictures of our children) so that only your chosen friends can see what you write. I think the law needs to be clarified on this. 

Should professionals be looking at a facebook account when they have not been given permission by the page owner to do so?  Personally I think not. I know if I were in a position like that then the professional course of action would be to decline to snoop through a person's page. Having said this if you are confident enough in your abilities and you are managing something well you would have no reason to snoop around seeing what people are saying either verbally or in writing.

Angela Merkel the German Chancellor said in the same week that it is inappropriate to spy on people's phones - following revelations that the US had been doing so. Given that Germany is in a better state than most European countries (if not the world) I would have to agree on Ms Merkel's stance on this.

Take blogging I don't disclose names, places and I don't publicise my blog to 98% of the people I know. My audience are strangers and mainly from the USA closely followed by the UK and Germany.  But it does make you wonder whether its worthwhile doing any of this. So that's the reasoning behind my blog drought. I love blogging. Its a hobby of mine but I have considered stopping it entirely. What is the point after all? The point is that freedom of speech must be fought for at all cost.  Twitter is a prime example of people being able to communicate their dissatisfaction with their governments and organising an uprising. 

I digress. So what of the shopping?! Well, when my husband was away I ordered lots of dresses to see what best suits me. I have found that figure hugging dresses are better for my shape even though I would naturally steer away from this.  The trouble is anything floating out from the waist makes me look bigger so skater type dresses were out as were flowing numbers.  I have also discovered the wonderful on line experience which is phase-eight. Their dresses are just perfect and look great - I am now the proud owner of two dresses and the husband also treated me to shoes, jeans, leggings and tops whilst we were out on Saturday. So I have my Vegas and beyond wardrobe.  My credit card is currently awaiting refunds and is probably feeling violated as I type. I have also (sit down) starting my xmas shopping with much gusto and many a parcel has been delivered.

So what of the diet? Well last week was rubbish. I have had this heel injury which prevented me (and 3 children on half term) to do any meaningful exercise. I have been hungry since Thursday though as I've really cut back. I'll give you the final figure for the blog anniversary (not the final, final figure as that's about 3 stone away) in 2 weeks. Ekk no pressure then.

See you very soon!


  1. I once did course in NLP (neurolinguistic programming). It's what life coaches use to empower you and give you confidence. Basically, people can only make you feel bad if you are willing to feel bad. In the case of you fb status, you should look the person (the school person who was offended) in the ye and say: Oh for goodness sake, it's how I felt at the time and it's only a comment on facebook. It's not an official complaint to OFSTED." And then change the subject to show that you are both now moving on.
    I'm looking forward to the anniversary round up in 2 weeks! Good luck.

    1. Hi Rachel - yes agree and with removing toxic people out of your life. I still feel the same mind - why would I want to volunteer to dig up a garden to make way for a car park for a school that is and will be undersubscribed?! Ekk will post my birthday pictures on here - don't expect miracles! x