Monday, 18 November 2013

Fat and Forty Weigh In

As promised (Rachel!) I am posting my weight as at today's date. It is 12 stone 12lbs.  I started this two years ago this October with the intention of never re-joining a slimming club ever again. I was going to do this myself. I have achieved that. I haven't been to a slimming club for 7 years. I was never into detox's and what not or slimming shakes etc. I have seen many people lose weight along my own journey some have kept it all off. One person springs to mind who has shed 3 1/2 stone by going to two workout classes a week and eating little in the day and enjoying an evening meal. Some have lost their weight and put the majority back on. But I don't blame them. I blame the ridiculous promises and diets out there - some should be banned or at the very least have their statistics on the % of people that keep the stones off. At least that way people can go in with the facts and figures.

I started the blog weighing 14 stone 5lbs.  Prior to starting the blog I had been stuck at this weight for about a year. In 2010, I weighed 16 stone 5 lbs after the birth of my 3rd child.  I know you can't live off past glories and I think I'm going to have to dismiss that figure going forward.  I weigh close to 13 stone and its still an unhealthy weight. The majority of my weight is on my stomach, bum (don't mind so much) and my upper arms.  I have gone up and down but not by masses and the losses have been small along the way.  I have stuck to the basic principle of diet and exercise with exercise featuring more heavily than calorie counting. This has to change.  I have had a heel injury for what seems like weeks now - probably closing in on 4 weeks. This is having a catch 22 effect. I need to lose weight to take the pressure off my heel but exercising has been very difficult. I haven't cycled as the weather has turned and I've lost my nerve on the road - see previous post on the recent deaths of cyclists in London. You can add another person to that list today. I did have a rock bottom moment a couple of weeks back which was a bit of a wake up call. Trying on dresses is guaranteed to make you take stock of your size.

I ordered several different types and came to the conclusion that fitted suited me better.  I also purchased some control underwear (how middle aged is that!) to go under my dresses.

I was good to go on Saturday night for my birthday meal with the family.  I dressed down my dress with knee high boots - my legs although you can't see them are getting there. I'm fairly pleased with them. As you can see I still have a bear head and I think my hair is too long (that trip to the hairdressers was cancelled as my husband had to work) and my arms are massive! Asides from that I looked good! I received some lovely gifts - my sisters always give me stick for my reaction to presents then my best friend agreed that she, too, found my reaction to gifts to be minimal. So I hope I bucked the trend as I really did love my Links of London gold sparkly bangle and my sparkly clutch bag. I also received money from my parents, a fantastic book on Team Sky's Diary (The Pain and The Glory) as photographed by the brilliant Scott Mitchell. I love his work and follow him on twitter. Maybe that should be my motto going forward - The Pain = The Glory?!

I love this dress its from Phase Eight (seen below pic website) and currently in the sale for £60 something. I wore my biker leather jacket and sparkly scarf to go with it.  My husband has been cropped out as he didn't want to be in the photo

The dress above (also from phase-eight - pic website) is what I'll be wearing on my birthday. What do you think?  I love it.

In other news, I'm trying to get organised on the packing front and children front. My daughter also has a heel injury. She had to do a pencil dive into the shallow end of the swimming pool on Friday - she's been limping ever since. I'm hoping its not fractured and that by tomorrow it'll be a bit better if not it'll be a 4 hour wait in A&E I'm afraid. My youngster seems to have developed a nasty cough and my eldest has been complaining of headaches so I'll need to get his eyes tested at some point. In addition, he can't seem to switch off mentally. Perfect timing to leave them for 5 days or maybe that's why you shouldn't go away when the kids are young!

Anyhow, I hope you'll all stick with my blog - I feel my blogging mojo coming back and am going to see this weight loss through to the end. I hope you have enjoyed the ride and will continue along with me.


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Vegas Cake

Okay I though this deserved a blog post all by itself. My birthday cake that is.  I ordered this cake (no I wasn't going to make my own) back in August and the time seems to have flown by.  The lovely Tracy from Fondant Fetish (check her out on facebook) makes incredible cake creations. What I love most about her work is the attention to detail. I don't have the time or patience for such little details. She makes all her own edible decorations and that's not easy. I've had a go - when I made my son's Skylander Portal cake I attempted to make 'crusher' and it was fiddly and very time consuming.  You can buy powder that makes the icing go hard but it never seems to work properly for me. 

We had a lovely, if not very noisy!, birthday meal last night (more of which tomorrow) at a Smith and Western restaurant. Whilst the food is okay - burgers, fajitas and the like - the d├ęcor is just perfect for families not to mention the fab-u-lous cocktails. I had a stallion (Matron!) and have no idea what was in it. All I know is that it was blue in colour and tasted delicious. We had a little room to ourselves in the jail area which kept the kids very entertained as they could push the bars apart. Much to the delight of my sister who happened to be seated next to it!  My dad also stole cowboy hats that he 'found' behind the bar. I did point out that it is general practice for money to exchange hands for the hats and I didn't think they were actually free. Still the kids loved them and like my dad said "they should be free!"

So without further ado... here is my most fabulous 40th birthday cake....

Wonderful attention to detail - The Killers symbol, roulette, chips, MGM lion, Elvis, Vegas Sign

I will post more pics tomorrow I have a full length shot of me with the hubster but he doesn't want to appear on the blog! I'll have to try and cut his head off!  Look at my huge arms - large or what! My dress is from Phase Eight and I wore it with knee high boots to dress it down a bit.

See you tomorrow....

Thursday, 14 November 2013


Its just too exciting at the moment. In a week's time I shall be Vegas bound baby!! I know its such a cliche to want to go to Vegas for a big birthday (my 40th for those of you who are not familiar with The 1970's Diet) but I don't care.  I have always wanted to go and I figure you just have to go for it even though my husband's credit card is probably groaning at the pressure!  Having said all this, I am a bit of worrier and the idea is wonderful but I haven't left the children for this long since our honeymoon in 2009 - we only had 2 then and it was for 4 nights I think.  This will be for 4 nights but because of the time difference it will seem like 5.  I think it will be good for the kids to have a break from me - they might appreciate me a bit more - but I still worry a little.

We also have some wonderful things planned to do in Vegas. We have booked two meals - one of which will be at the Stratosphere. In addition, we will be watching a show (The Rat Pack) and a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon with a champagne picnic. It really is a trip of a lifetime and I have my fingers crossed that all goes well.  My husband is notorious when it comes to plane journeys e.g that he's jinxed. So here's hoping the flight takes off when its meant too and the trip runs smoothly. I have a feeling it will but you never know!!

I am all set with my wardrobe, my heels, my party feet insoles, my flats for the strip, my frizz hair spray and a whole host of other things. Oh, now hang on I need American adapters for the plug sockets - see I forgot something. I plan on packing on Sunday. I have a hair appointment Saturday and was going to get it coloured. I haven't dyed my hair since 2009 - my hair goes lighter at the ends so for my wedding I got an all over number.  I probably could do without it but I do love sitting in the hairdressers for a couple of hours.  

My tots100 score went down a little today but I'm not surprised I've hardly blogged or been on twitter. I just find I don't have the time recently. I had a heel injury, which having stuck my foot into freezing water tonight and last night (more painful than childbirth!), is now feeling a bit better. I have been limping in the morning and have only been able to do a few pilates workouts.  I have been eating less but don't feel that much different for a few weeks now. I will post my 2 year loss on Monday after my meal out on Saturday together with a picture of my outfit.  I still have lots to lose but I am pleased I have lost weight since starting this blog and not put on lots. 

So, I haven't been out on my bike what with the heel and the colder weather and my goodness its really got cold today. Proper November weather I can tell you.  More worrying a number of cyclists in London have been killed in 8 days. 5 cyclists to be exact.  That is tragic.  What is more tragic is the assumption that somehow the cyclist is to blame.  Call me old fashioned and I shall touch some wood when saying this but in my 23 years of driving a car I have never managed to injure/kill a pedestrian or cyclist.  If I did, surely it would always be my fault. People don't just come out from no where do they? If you are anticipating everything that is around you surely your likelihood of causing serious injury would be reduced. By all accounts (the freedom of information act) last year London Buses seriously injured/killed 368 people. That's an alarming statistic.  I have been on these buses that hurtle around and slam on the brakes where all the passengers go flying. Yes, there should be real investment in proper cycle lanes that are not on the road at all. Separate lanes like pavements as they have in Amsterdam and France but also a wider look at the quality of the drivers in charge of these huge London Buses. Don't you think?

On a lighter note, I'm really looking forward to my birthday meal with the kids and family on Saturday and not to mention my fab-u-lous birthday cake I have ordered.

See you soon with pictures!! 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Sorry, this blog has been a bit neglected of late. No excuses really asides from the half term and the fact my husband was away for the week in France - he returned late Wednesday night so Thursday was catching up and chilling with the family as was Friday. On Saturday, the kids were packed off to my parents for their annual firework display in the garden which meant shopping on Saturday - yay! More of which later.
The film is very good also - pic ebay
To be honest I had also lost my blogging mojo and enthusiasm for all things social media related.  I had come a cropper so to speak in the week my husband was away. In a nutshell, I had put a pretty innocuous sarcastic facebook status. Anyhow, turns out this was shown to the my child's school management team. I wasn't really fussed about the status being shown (even though ironically I was helping to raise money at the time!) I was more annoyed about the blatant unprofessionalism of those involved and, of course, the betrayal of trust from a 'friend'.  I increasingly feel the book 1984 by George Orwell is very applicable here. 

Anyhow, I had enjoyed the company of this person immensely over the years. I do understand that if you like your child's school and someone is writing something negative then you're not going to be best pleased. I get that. I rant about all sorts its not specific to schooling. Don't get me started on politics as you're all aware! It has, surprisingly enough, been a very positive experience for me.  I feel more confident about decisions I've made and, whilst this may sound cynical, I have come to realise that there are very few people you can really trust. Ultimately the people I can count on in life are my immediate and extended family with a spattering of loyal friends.  Given that this was the same week we had arranged for a basket of goodies for a mum who's husband has a brain tumour also made me focus on what really matters in life. Sometimes you need that don't you? A reality check and that did it nicely.

There is, of course, the wider issue here as to what is deemed private and public. Social media is a fact of life - its like chatting but it so happens to be in print. Will people start to tape record conversations too? Isn't this the equivalent of what people put on their status or twitter? I mean can facebook really been deemed as private? We are always told to set our privacy settings (in particular pictures of our children) so that only your chosen friends can see what you write. I think the law needs to be clarified on this. 

Should professionals be looking at a facebook account when they have not been given permission by the page owner to do so?  Personally I think not. I know if I were in a position like that then the professional course of action would be to decline to snoop through a person's page. Having said this if you are confident enough in your abilities and you are managing something well you would have no reason to snoop around seeing what people are saying either verbally or in writing.

Angela Merkel the German Chancellor said in the same week that it is inappropriate to spy on people's phones - following revelations that the US had been doing so. Given that Germany is in a better state than most European countries (if not the world) I would have to agree on Ms Merkel's stance on this.

Take blogging I don't disclose names, places and I don't publicise my blog to 98% of the people I know. My audience are strangers and mainly from the USA closely followed by the UK and Germany.  But it does make you wonder whether its worthwhile doing any of this. So that's the reasoning behind my blog drought. I love blogging. Its a hobby of mine but I have considered stopping it entirely. What is the point after all? The point is that freedom of speech must be fought for at all cost.  Twitter is a prime example of people being able to communicate their dissatisfaction with their governments and organising an uprising. 

I digress. So what of the shopping?! Well, when my husband was away I ordered lots of dresses to see what best suits me. I have found that figure hugging dresses are better for my shape even though I would naturally steer away from this.  The trouble is anything floating out from the waist makes me look bigger so skater type dresses were out as were flowing numbers.  I have also discovered the wonderful on line experience which is phase-eight. Their dresses are just perfect and look great - I am now the proud owner of two dresses and the husband also treated me to shoes, jeans, leggings and tops whilst we were out on Saturday. So I have my Vegas and beyond wardrobe.  My credit card is currently awaiting refunds and is probably feeling violated as I type. I have also (sit down) starting my xmas shopping with much gusto and many a parcel has been delivered.

So what of the diet? Well last week was rubbish. I have had this heel injury which prevented me (and 3 children on half term) to do any meaningful exercise. I have been hungry since Thursday though as I've really cut back. I'll give you the final figure for the blog anniversary (not the final, final figure as that's about 3 stone away) in 2 weeks. Ekk no pressure then.

See you very soon!