Friday, 25 October 2013

Zaggora 2 Week Challenge - Hot Top

Last week I completed the Zaggora 2 week challenge or attempted to. I managed 9 workouts wearing my Zaggora gear (see previous two blog posts on the details). I still haven't managed a full 14 days so that will be my next aim after half term.

Only thing is this week I haven't exercised at all - I've managed to damage my left heel. It's very painful to walk on. I think I may have over done it on the bike ride front or it could be my new boots.  Anyhow, I've been wearing an ankle strap and will order some sole cushions.  Not only that the weather has been a tad dodgy and its been a very busy week. The hubster has been away in France starting work on a run down shack we bought 10 years ago for peanuts.  We got planning permission very quickly (2 weeks) - maybe it helped that we submitted it around Christmas time two years ago. Maybe the Mairie was feeling all festive, anyhow, that was good news and we had to start work on it by the end of this year otherwise the planning would expire. In theory we could take the next 10 years to build the thing but hopefully that won't happen! We planned to start it last year but back issues took over. 

In addition, my son started his new school on Monday! Yay! It all came around very quick and he could have started after half term but wanted to go in before.  He was glowing about the school Monday, Tuesday then on Wednesday he was very angry and distressed and I thought oh no what have I done. Turns out he overheard me talking about his friend from his previous school not having anyone to play football with and he hadn't been taking in a water bottle which was giving him headaches. Also, starting a week before all the children break up probably wasn't the best idea as they were very lively on that day.  Anyhow, after a sleepless night, the head and all the staff reassured me he was fine, settling in etc. Yesterday, he couldn't shut up about how brilliant the school was. He can play football, tennis, basketball, any sports, trim trail before school, at break and lunch. There is a 'calm room' so if you want to read a book during playtime you can. His new teacher is head of literacy (my son's favorite subject) and they were all able to chose the authors/books that she will purchase for the school. They had MUFTI day yesterday with Halloween dress up and their behavior passport treats - gold passport holders had a disco and/or UP the movie, silver had a drink or snack and the ones that didn't have passports had to work through. He said there wasn't many people doing that. I bet! What a wonderful system.  The classroom is large bright and airy and he's made 4 friends. He had a guided tour of the school which also has an outdoor heated swimming pool! I feel I've been let in to the best kept secret in the borough.  So phew, I made the right decision and can't wait for my daughter to start.

High Rise Hot Pants - £75 - pic
Zaggora flares - these are £75 and I think are perfect for runners. They even have a zip pocket inside
I digress some what. The Zaggora challenge - right here are the before and after pics. Tell me what you think if there is any difference? Whilst doing this, I realised that I hadn't really weighed myself properly for a month. This is amazing. Before I started this blog I used to weight myself about 6 x a time - it was a very bad habit. It would have been unheard of me not to weigh myself all the time but I genuinely forget and it isn't the first thing I do in the morning. I need to really as it keeps me focused and for the purpose of this blog I should be doing it.  I've lost 2lbs and lost 1 inch off my waist. It could be more inches off my stomach but I can't remember what it was before - see what I mean I need to get organised. My stomach area has definitely gone down though.

Before 2 week challenge - front view 

After 2 week challenge - front view

Before 2 week challenge - side view 
After 2 week challenge - side view 
So what do you think? Sorry I couldn't get them side by side - it took me ages just to do this.  The top was very snug to put on to begin with. I received a large and with my 36 GG boobs I seriously considering taking the scissors at the side to it. I needn't have worried as by the second/third time it was easy to get on. As you can see it really pulls you in and gives you an idea of how you might look with less weight on you. I like that. It inspires you to work out. I wear a bra underneath and a t-shirt over the top with fleece etc whilst cycling. It keeps me nice and warm. The same goes for the longer length capri pants - I cycled in the rain last week and they keep me nice and warm. Because they are thick it makes it very comfortable in the saddle area! I would really recommend the Zaggora gear for runners, cyclists or any sports and workout enthusiasts. Yes, they are more pricey than ordinary work out wear but they are of really good quality. By the way, the swishing noise from the pants does lessen with wear.

Hot tops come in great colours and cost £50 - pic

I was given a free Zaggora Hot Top for the purpose of this review. I have also been given the Zaggora Capri pants and the flares. I enjoy taking the two week challenge and love their products which I think are relevant to my blog.  My views are always honest.


  1. You can definitely see that your bum and tum have shrunk. Closer and closer to your Vegas target weight!

  2. Thank you Rachel - I am slightly pissed off with my heel injury at the moment! x

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