Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sunday Chit Chat

Sorry, sorry, sorry and sorry!!! I've been a bit absent on the old blogging front. As ever, I have lots of excuses.  It will be 2 weeks on Wednesday since my last confession blog post.  Well let's here it I hear you say. What's the excuses? Here they are, in no particular order :-

School Open Day and Tour with buddy in tow followed by chit chat and cups of tea with my friend and her two pre-schoolers.

A 10 mile cycle in the morning followed by a MacMillan coffee afternoon. I donated some garden plaques my husband makes and had a psychic reading.  I only do it for a bit of fun. I have definitely come to the conclusion that it is a load of bollocks and they always compliment you before they start. What is with that? Last time the woman said I had lovely eyes and this one said what beautiful hair I have. Maybe its in the psychic manuel?  Anyhow, she was like you have a son (he was there) and stuff like there's an anniversary, there's a party, I'll come into money etc. She asked if my dad was in spirit - no - oh its your grandad. No kidding sherlock!  She did say that my son would be happy near the field that has horses - the new school has a field with horses next to it and that my grandad is watching over me and the people I have been dealing with are really horrible people. So maybe she is psychic after all!

A hair cut. I always go on a Saturday morning as I don't want to waste exercise time when buddy's at pre-school but having said this I've only been managing 2 workouts a week. Not great.

Chasing up the council re my son's school place - this is no mean feat - it took me nearly a week to get through.

Chasing up the docs (nearly as arduous as the council but not quite) to get his operation date for his tongue tie. I'm pleased to say it will be on 21st October. He spits a lot when he talks and has a lisp. I figure that he won't want to be doing this when he starts school.

My daughter went to her first Brownie camp which involved sourcing wellie boots.  In the end I managed to purchase 3 pairs (one pair in the back of my rucksack whilst cycling) sell one and have one to return. Don't ask. It also involved dropping, collecting, packing, unpacking and washing. On her return, I entertained for the family a la roast dinner for my dad's birthday.

I did manage another 10 mile bike ride. Then there Brownies again, picking up docs prescription, ordering stuff online - just lots of kids stuff. Their feet have got bigger, they need new winter coats and now they need bloody pyjamas. When will it end?!  A trip to the British Museum with 30 children and two frosty meetings with the school regarding my son's unhappiness with a teacher.

I had a phone interview with Real People magazine about the RIPPstones which will appear on 17th October.

I missed out on a chance to appear on the gameshow 'Pointless' - the chap phoned to say could I talk. I couldn't as had the school run and he never phoned back.

I've had this for a while and reckon Darcey knows what she's talking about 

I did, for the first time in about 2 years, do my pilates workout with Darcey Bussell - really enjoyed it and it was very strange just focusing on breathing etc for 50 mins.

I did mange to do a few my fitness pal log ins with my food intake and updated my map my ride - which I always do but I have not lost weight and I'm not surprised. I am now in receipt of my hot top so I need to do my 2 week challenge which I will do tomorrow. It is a bit of tight squeeze I have to say but I shall report back after I finish the challenge. I will, of course, take photo's like I did last time.

So it is now 6 October and next month I am on a plane.  I have about 2 weeks I think until half term. Luckily, things have calmed down a bit so hopefully will be able to get back onto some sort of track!

Until next time....


  1. Wow! You have been busy... Kids just create so much work with endlessly organising them, packing for them and keeping growing and needing new stuff. When husband thinks I haven't been doing anything, this is exactly what I've been doing!

    1. Hi Sarah - I know there is a constant stream of stuff being delivered and just one thing after another and I know this is no different to lots of mum's out there and you work too!! x

  2. Oddly enough, I imagine you speaking exactly as you write. Ten to the dozen, and one more thing, and one more thing. Love your chit chat posts, they always make me smile.

    1. lol you are correct my dear - I do speak like that and I can type 120wpm so it makes it so much easier to write what I'm thinking!! Yes I do flit from one subject to another which drives M mad x

  3. I'm exhausted just reading that! Good luck with the next couple of weeks, today is a good day! Mich x

    1. It is Mich! I'm currently wearing my hot top to test out have done a 5 mile bike ride. Trying to stay focused xx