Sunday, 20 October 2013

Its Exhausting......

....preparing to be 40!! Myself and another mum both agreed on this the other day. She turned 40 last week and said its never ending.  She had a full on day/evening with her husband, party at her house and they're off to Vegas (we are such a clich√© but who cares) during half term.  She's had lunches, meals out and is now piling on the weight that she'd lost leading up to the big 40 - although she's not big by any stretch of the imagination.

I can totally emphasise with this as, although I'm not having a party,  a friend did suggest I should have a get together prior to my departure to Vegas. I hadn't given it much thought and really I should just ignore all suggestions as I always find people say oh why don't you do this and you do it then everyone can't make it for one reason or another and then you think but I didn't even want to bloody well do it in the first place! I purposely didn't bother with any punctuation there. One day I'll learn.

Anyhow, back to the little get together. I am so glad I didn't go down the organising a party route. I have just arranged for an early evening meal at a Smith and Western venue (a bit like TGI but more wild west - and we have the jail or is it gaol area to ourselves) so the kids can be part of this birthday that has taken on a life of its own. I've also treated myself to a 40th birthday cake. I wasn't going to be making one that's for sure. Its by a lady that does fabulous cakes - the details are incredible and she has a real talent. I will, of course, post pictures in November.

So what's exhausting about it? Well first there's the what to wear when away, the need to get hair done, bikini line, eyebrows, facial and pedicure - although I think I only have time for one of those. Then there's the weather - I assumed it would be mild and not too hot in Vegas. My friend on the other hand is taking shorts - I hadn't even thought of that and she reminded me to take some frizz stuff for my hair as the humidity will make it go all frizzy. Lovely. Again, hadn't thought of that.  Then there's the shape wear. Yes, I have been excellent this week (details further down) on the exercise and food front but I still need to get proper under garments and tights and shoes.  I have, to save time and to avoid a shopping stomp, been getting various dresses delivered to my home to try on and to send back.

One of the dresses from Phase Eight - I haven't bought this one as its very pricey but who fact it costs more than my wedding dress!
I am so glad I did as I now know what suits my figure best. I can either wear Grecian type maxi dresses or I have to wear figure hugging ones that stop at my knee. I also know what neckline suits me and what doesn't. I cannot wear skater, prom or flared out type numbers that stop at my knee as they just make me look like a barrel.  So in my quest for evening wear (although I'm told no one dresses up in the evening in Vegas?) I have one dress in the bag. Yup a lovely number from Phase-Eight who are fast becoming my dress of choice followed by Pied a Terre and others on the House of Fraser/Debenhams website.

Then there's people who want to do lunch before or after I return and I also have to make sure my mum has a list of all the things she needs to know to look after the children for 5 days and make sure there's enough food etc.  Once I'm on that plane I can relax (well as best I can without thinking it might crash and the kids are orphans) and enjoy the trip.  At the moment I haven't had much time to get excited about it - see above.

I'm sure some will think well don't you just have a tough time - planning a trip to Vegas. Yeah real hardship that is! So I will quit my moaning and tell you my other news. Sorry I've been a bit AWOL but I've been trying to get into shape and lots has been going on.

So on the 2 week challenge front I managed to wear my gear (and I'll do a separate post on this) for 5 days last week. This week I managed to do the following workouts:-

Monday - 8 mile bike ride
Tuesday - 45 minutes Wii dance plus wrist weights
Wednesday -9 mile bike ride (in the rain - the rain bounces of my cycling helmet)
Thursday - kids off strike day
Friday - 10 mile bike ride
Saturday - none had various children around
Sunday - sat here typing about working out = no work out

So only 4 days I wore the Zaggorra gear.  That's 9 days out of 14.  I completed my fitness pal food log also. I will take the after pictures for tomorrow and post details etc. 

In other news, my son starts his new school Monday.  My daughter has been bumped up from 4th to 1st on the waiting list so for the time being I will have two school runs. This shouldn't be too bad - I may have to start making sandwiches the night before - I always do them in the morning and just leave 10 mins earlier. He's very excited and looking forward to it. It all happened very quickly and he could have started after half term but wanted to go asap.

So its all happening tomorrow as I have to take Buddy to the hospital to cut his tongue tie. He won't be able to eat or drink anything from 9am tomorrow morning until probably about 5pm. Mmmm this could be a stressful day!

Anyhow, I shall return with news and what not tomorrow.

Be back soon.


  1. Good luck today, hope all turns out well and I did practically nothing for my 40th and sulked instead! Mich x

    1. Oh why!!! You nutter - hope you are all well x

  2. I was in total denial about my 40th and refused point blank to do anything other than a meal with immediate family but it was lovely. Vegas will be amazing and it will be worth all the hassle. I can't wait to hear all about it. Good luck with the operation and the new school x

    1. I know and I feel very lucky have a chance to go I just don't think I travel as well I used to when I was younger. The op was cancelled without them telling us and son loves his new school! x

  3. Happy Birthday. Love the dress. 40 - meh, it's nothing. #fiftysomething