Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Ketchup v The Mighty

I am back! From a wonderful 2 weeks in Burgundy, France. I will do some blog posts in the week but in the meantime, to ease me in, I'm going to write about crisps. Yup. Crisps. Anyone who reads my blog knows its my Achilles heel (remember my Frazzle attack?) and I reckon I've sampled a fair amount during my 39 years. I consider myself to be a connoisseur of crisps of all ranges child or adult. They all go down the same way and generally find themselves filling out your clothes. I piled on the pounds with cheese balls, derailed off my diet on Frazzles, came over all poncey with Kettle crisps, thought I was all seaman like with Scampi, smelly breath with onion rings and oh.. remember the fish n chip ones that you used to get in the tuck shop at school cira 1979?  Okay, we have established I am possibly the best person in the world ever to review these crisps.

I was asked by Walkers to review their new, healthy, lower fat and wait for it....ridged... range of crisps.  I suspect they are aimed at kids what with the funky hunk of a ridge character giving it some - flexing his muscles and all - but do not let that deter you from chomping on them yourself my friends.

Every year, when we go to France, my son picks up their 'Monster Munch' bag of crisps. It looks nothing like a Monster Munch. Its the love child of a ghost meets Pac Man reject. His only saving grace is that he is Ketchup flavoured. Now, you may have a child that eats their food sans ketchup but I don't.  Making organic baby food has counted for nothing with this one. The only way I could get him to eat anything (even rubbish stuff like chips and nuggets) was to add 'dip'. That's its name in this house. My son is a ketchup freak it pains me to say. Blame the parents.  I digress somewhat. 

Voila Mr Ketchup. Here he is in his medieval get up giving it large. Giving it the French ready to do battle with l'anglais. Could he really take on The Mighty? 

In short NO!  Firstly, even if we disregard his appearance (he's not all all chic) the taste is strong! I mean granted he comes in ready salted and cheese and ham (?) but if you are unfortunate enough to get a well coated ketchup one its not good. 

Mr Mighty, I am pleased to say, wins hands down.  He is the real deal.  He's ridged for goodness sake.  He has 30% less fat than standard crisps (Monsieur Ketchup has...well lets not go there) and comes in good old fashioned 1970's style flavours - roast chicken (which happen to be vegetarian although not sure why a veggie would want to eat something masquerading as chicken?), lightly salted cheese and onion. 

The kids loved them and you can check out the range at walkersmightylights and best of all they're only 114 calories.

I was given 3 bags of Walkers Mighty Lights to review and was paid some money which will go towards my 40th birthday cake. Kids will love these as the logo is funky and if you fancy a low fat treat then I don't think 114 cals is too bad. Views, as ever, are my own.


  1. I saw these new crisps in Morrisons the other day (or at least I think I did) and I was like: THOSE LOOK INTERESTING. I thought that because I think ALL new crisps look mighty (tastily) interesting. My six year old, on the other hand, was like: no, Mummy. Those look disgustingus maximus.

    She likes to make up words for poignancy.

    1. Ha ha very good - huge words for a 6 year old! x

  2. Crisps for me are like alcohol to an alcoholic. I once stayed 'dry' for two years but fell off the wagon and have been binge crisping ever since. One day at a time..... My name is Rachel and I love crisps.

    1. Maybe we could start a crisp anon group! x