Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sunday Chit Chat

Well this week was a busy one.  I only managed to do 1 x 10 mile bike ride and 1 x 45 minute Wii dance workout with wrist weights and with my Zaggorra pants. This weather doesn't lend itself well to working out does it? It was rainy and miserable for big chunks of it.  It separates the hard core from the fair weather worker outters and if I'm not careful I could become one of the latter.

I did receive another pair of Zaggorra hot pants - this time the longer version which goes all the way down to your ankle by mistake. I'm currently awaiting their hot top so I can review the two together but I will continue to use the pairs I have as I think they're great to work out in. I need all the help I can get in these winter months. I am also now the proud owner of an adult skipping rope!

I think I'm just going to have to adjust my working out - I can't rely on getting on my bike 4 x a week like I was able to do during the summer months. I need to make sure I go swimming once a week, skip, wii dance and weight training.

On the food front, I'm back on track but, as ever, I've been very slap dash in my food diary. My friend was explaining the virtues of the 5:2 diet the other day. Now, I haven't read that much into the diet but essentially you eat 'healthily' 5 days a week and you 'fast' (500 cals for women) on 2 days of the week - they don't have to be concurrent.  If you would like to read more about how it all works, then pop on over to Cath's blog here. She explains how it all works and will update her progress regularly.

It is the latest diet trend. Whilst I don't doubt you will lose weight following this diet - you'll lose weight if you cut down on what you currently eat - I also believe you will line the pockets of the person who was clever enough to write the latest fad diet.  They've all come and gone haven't they?  Dunkan (isn't he being investigated now?), Atkins, Cambridge etc etc. All these diets have had devoted followers who were insistent that it was the only diet that truly works.  It seems we are all incapable of just eating less and moving more unless someone is telling us how to do it in a certain way. We could all do with eating less in the western word irrespective of whether or not you are slim or fat.

My friend, naturally, wanted to pass on the good news and wants me to be "successful (with my diet) and happy". Yes maybe its taking its time but I know for sure, no one is going to be doing the 5:2 diet for the rest of their lives. I also don't think eating 500 cals is healthy and sounds like it will mess with your metabolism. Why don't people just eat healthily for 7 days?  They would still lose weight but that would be too easy. Why do we have to complicate it?

Naturally, the book gives lots of health benefits, research blah blah (like all the others did) and it will have its day but predictably in a  year or so from now, will come the latest research, as to why its not good for you and enter the next fad diet.

I don't blame people trying to convert others to their chosen weight loss regime or even their exercise. Its natural to a degree.  I have been told, on more than one occasion, to go running instead of cycling - that it burns more calories etc but ultimately you have to do what you enjoy doing. There's no point taking up an exercise you don't enjoy.  I have you know that cycling up hill isn't for the faint hearted - your lungs are burning and you are proper gasping for breath. Your upper body gets a good workout from controlling your bike and it burns a good 400/500 cals with no real impact on your joints and more importantly boobs!  I've yet to see an amateur fat cyclist - have you?  I don't tell people not to run and take up cycling nor do I tell them to ditch their diet and follow mine or that they won't lose X amount of weight in X amount of months. Like I've said before in my top ten tips - your weight loss is the only one that matters and surround yourself with people that say "you can do this" as opposed to "you won't or "you can't".

In The Daily Mirror - notice how I place the RIPPstone in front of my stomach! 
And finally, it has been a busy week because myself and the hubster were featured in The Daily Mirror national newspaper!  This was about our little project - RIPPstones - affordable pet memorials with children in mind.  They are not morbid in design and my husband created and designed them himself.  We have had some great publicity with Absolute radio's Dead Dog Memorial campaign.  I am awaiting to hear back from Pets at Home also so all very exciting stuff but it has been busy.

And finally, finally I was featured in the Britmums Policitcal round up this month. I do seem to gravitate towards politics more than any other subject. Check it out and other great posts here.

Until next time....


  1. Ohh good luck with your new business venture and hope it is a great week on the exercise front. Sadly I'm still being useless on that front!

    Mich x

    1. Hi Mich - started today off well by riding 9 miles although am a bit nervous on the road these days and try and get on the pavement. You've had a lot going on - any exercise is good x

  2. Hi, thanks for the mention. I could go on about how I don't think it's a fad diet, that you can build it sensibly into your life and stick to it. It does encourage healthy eating but its flexible, you don't have to deny yourself all the treats that you crave. BUT I won't waste my breath. You can lose the weight that you want to however you choose, finding a way to be consistent is the key isn't it, whatever works for you. It is tough to exercise, especially cycle, in the bad weather - you feel the elements more than us joggers, which is one of the reasons I'm not a keen cyclist. The skipping and weight training should work really well together tho. Keep doing what you're doing! xx

    1. I think Weight Watchers and Slimming World are fad diets so the 5:2 didn't have a hope in hell. I'm sure you've got good blogging fodder there. I will do x

    2. My mate Sam has just joined Rosemary Conley. She likes that they do exercise too. So we'll see how she gets on. x