Monday, 5 August 2013

Zaggora Day 8 - 2 week challenge

Before I tell you how that's going I'd better do the weigh in. A big fat zero. I was at my parents yesterday and had a large bbq and if truth be told I haven't been eating my Ryvita and the like. In fact last week I had quite a few glasses of wine. I need to get out of the holiday mood before my holiday.

I have, however, lost 2 inches off my stomach. How has that come about?  I follow quite a few fitness people (not bloggers) on twitter and they are far more uplifting than the "want to win some crap" tweets and banal blogging shit that makes me want to jack it all in.  I'm not up myself but there's some circles that you're best off just skimming the edges and occasionally taking a proper dive in and then quickly jumping out of.

For instance, earlier on in the summer I entered a few competitions - blogging about shit I wouldn't normally give the time of day to i.e the one about going on a picnic. I mean FFS!! Seriously Tash? It was a pretty good post mind even if the topic was mind numbingly boring. All to win a 4 day break to Centre Parcs and the winner was someone that entered ALL of the monthly competitions to win a 4 day break. The terms and conditions didn't state you had to do this but clearly if someone has gone to the effort of blogging shit about picnics, camping in the garden and what ever else they wanted us to do they are going to win.  I'm pretty sure if they said please blog about what sexual position you managed last night they'd be someone up for it just for a chance of a 4 day break. I also entered a picture competition to win £2,000 towards a holiday - the winning snap was some kids feet covered in sand.  Oh how poncey arty. So, I have decided no more competitions for me. Nope if I want to go somewhere I'm paying (or rather the hubster is) with cold hard cash and my dignity will remain in tact.

Where was I? Oh yes, the fitness twitter crew - one tweeted the other day "do not measure your success on the scales alone." I'm going to take that this week. As no, the weight has remained, but 2 inches hasn't. I've also completed 72 workouts since April. Impressed?  Some have been harder than others i.e the little bike rides with the kids but they all count.  Its harder in the hols for me to do proper 10 mile bike rides (I only managed one last week) but I have been out with the kids on their bikes most evenings.

Not only that - it appears I have reached the pinnacle of my blogging career! Why? Because Zaggora are sending my a pair of hot pants to try out. Now I already bought a pair but they really do make you sweat so another pair will be greatly received. I have worn them everyday except today so 7 days out of 8. They made me sweat the most when I did a 10 mile bike ride and believe it not when I wore them for 3 hours doing the house work. They weren't as sweaty when I did the little 4 mile bike rides with the kids.  They are already looser and they are very comfortable for bike riding as they are quite thick. I'll do a more detailed description when I've finished the 2 week challenge. They aren't magic pants - you have to work out wearing them but already my stomach has gone down by 2 inches in 7 days. I think the hardest thing, it would seem for most people, is to exercise in them for 30mins/60 mins a day.

Until next time...

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