Monday, 12 August 2013


Well I have finished the Zaggora 2 week challenge.  I wore the hot pants, like instructed, for at least 30/60 minutes a day except on 3 days. You can wear them walking and just around the house, however, for proper results you need to wear them whilst working out.  These are NOT magic pants. I think the most difficult thing, especially during the school summer holidays, is to fit in some sort of work out everyday. Still I think I did pretty well considering.

I was given the longer length (they stop just past the knee) high rise hot pants that retail at £70. I had previously purchased the short ones at a cost of £45 from a site called feel
Now, during the two weeks I only managed three, what I would consider to be proper, workouts. I did 2 x 8 mile bike rides and 1 x 10 mile bike ride. I then cycled with the kids in the evening wearing the hot pants on 5 x mini rides approximately 5 miles.  I wore them twice whilst doing the housework - on one occasion this was for more than 3 hours, once whilst skipping and once whilst playing swing ball.

Before I do a big drum roll and give you the results. Let me tell you a few things about the pants. Firstly, they reminded me of a wet suit - not that I've ever worn one mind. Yes, they are thick and you have to really pull them on. I ordered a large but they did fit and have got looser and go on easily now. When you walk they make a swishing sound and this isn't just me and my inner thighs - lots of people have said this on their facebook page etc.  I think the more you wear them the lesser the sound so bear that in mind when you trot on up to your workout class.  They do raise your core body temperature and I instantly felt hotter whilst wearing them in the first couple of days but now they don't make me feel like that. They don't make your work out any harder but the area that is covered sweats loads! When I finished my 10 mile bike ride I peeled them off and they were soaking as were my undergarments aka knickers (hate that word). They also did this when I did the housework but not so on the kids bike rides. This is a good barometer to see how hard you've worked out. You have to rinse them (no putting in the washing machine for these bad boys) and hang them out to dry. You need to factor that in when you plan your workouts - probably best to get two pairs.

I also found them perfect for riding on my bike as they are thicker and provided an extra cushion.

Please note that husbands/partners are probably going to scoff at these which mine did and I quote "people just don't want to accept that to lose weight you have to workout and eat less". He also pointed out that in the 1980's people (and maybe now) would go running wearing a bin liner. Being Scottish he said I could do that instead. If the person who came up with this had that in mind then genius I'd say. They have possibly taken the bin liner concept and applied it to sportswear.  Either way I prefer these items of clothing to work out in then to get my Aldi bin liner and wrap it around my thighs.

The real deal with these pants is that you are encouraged to work out and work out everyday.

My results were for the two weeks.......3 inches lost off my tummy! 1 inch lost from my waist, 1 from my thighs and 1 from my hips. I haven't lost any weight but I have eaten more in the last two weeks than I would ordinarily because of the school holidays.

I am dying to try these out again when the kids go back in September, when everything is back to normal. I will be able to work out properly much more. But given that I wasn't really trying the inches off my body is nothing to be sniffed at.

I will definitely be ordering the tops to work on my bust later on in the year and I can't recommend these enough!

I am really sorry these pictures are rubbish!  I used my fancy galaxy smart phone and uploaded them to my email (I didn't want them on facebook/twitter) then saved them but the quality is poor. I suppose you can't see my ropey face sans make-up. The first one is the first day I got them and the second was today. Below is the side view - I think you can definitely see the difference in the stomach on that one. Although I haven't got the same position. I will take better ones in September when I do it again. I cannot believe how difficult it is to take a 'selfie' how people get nice ones I just don't know.  Anyhow, my clothes feel better and I had two people last week tell me I had lost weight. I am due a visit from you know what too.

I was given a pair of Zaggora to review after I had already purchased the Zaggora hot pants. My views are my own as are the results!


  1. Blimey, that's a massive difference. Magic pants! Really interested to see how you get on in Sep. You'll be positively waif like by the time we meet.

    1. Do you think so? I can see it in my shorts etc but in these pictures because I wasn't standing in the same position I thought it couldn't show but my auntie said the same thing and the tape measure doesn't lie! Me neither I wore them today too whilst packing - I love them! x

  2. Wow! That's amazing to lose that much on your measurements. A friend of mine wears her sauna suit when she goes walking to make her sweat more, I guess this works in a similar way. Can't they give you the top to review as well?! ;)

    1. I have asked my dear, I have asked! Yes I will definitely wear them every time I work out - they are really comfy and better than what I was wearing and I hadn't been dieting at all the last couple of weeks not going mad but having the odd glass of wine in evening, ice-cream that sort of thing x