Friday, 16 August 2013

Does Anyone Really Care?

Have we become a nation that doesn't care anymore? Only three years into a coalition Tory government and we have become a nation obsessed with people claiming benefits and living in their grand houses with a big flat screen telly and an X-box. That's it. The debate doesn't really progress from that. The crux it seems is that people are entitled to too much. There are programme's galore on the benefits system at the moment and it appears the propaganda is well and truly working.  During one programme they even questioned whether a woman should really be able to treat herself to a night out in the pub once a week. We are now a nation that not only scoffs at anyone claiming benefits but we also deem it acceptable to dictate what and how they should spend their money on. Should we go food shopping with them too and tell them what they can put in their trolley?

Whenever you speak to people about politics they always mention the illusive 'they' who are bleeding the system dry. They are so angry at the flat screen that it doesn't even occur to them to be even angrier at the person sitting on the yacht who has avoided millions in tax that would go back into our economy. They're not fussed about the millions they only care about the pennies. Intelligent that.

They have become hard nosed. They have become the 'fuck em' brigade. Normally tagged with "I don't have a problem for people who genuinely need help." Really?  I think you do. In any event, the way things are going you lot will put a stop to anyone getting help at any time. You'd step over the homeless in the street and have no compassion for their plight. There won't be a safety net. Well Jack lets hope that you don't lose your job, can't pay the mortgage, have no more private health care - no one is that far away from it all going belly up.

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In the meantime, whilst we're all pointing the finger at, by and large, our own - don't be under any illusion that if you are a high earner that you are in someway a different type of person to the benefit claimant. If you're not of upper class persuasion then the Tory's don't view you any different. In fact, they're probably laughing away as you point the finger at someone who probably started life out as you did but various circumstances didn't enable them to live a happily ever after. They are then free to go about helping their chums making sure the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  Divide and conquer.  What a cliche.

Now who would have thought that we would live in a society whereby when you finally landed yourself a job (there's tons out there don't you know) to pay the rent/mortgage/food etc that your contract would state 'zero hours'. ZERO HOURS?!  Not only that the other day a fellow tweeter was deadly serious about bringing back the Victorian Workhouses. The same tweeter spouted vile on a regular basis and so happened to be a church goer. Well if that's a Christian way of life then I'll leave it thanks.

How about we stop paid holidays and sick leave? Yes, if you want a holiday why should you be paid for going away and if you're sick, well, that's your fault isn't it? What a lovely bunch we all are.  Yes, if you fall on hard times you should be slung in a workhouse, separated from your family and made to work - essentially be in prison.  How about everyone that has a stack of credit card debt be bunged into a debtor prison like they did way back when? Mmmm maybe the middles wouldn't be so keen on that one given that you have mortgage/debt up to your eyeballs to pay for your big flat screen telly and X-box.

Does anyone really care when people die in hospitals because funds are being mismanaged by greedy management bosses? Does anyone care about old folk being mis-treated in homes? Did anyone really care about that poor little Polish boy Daniel?  Enough people were involved in spotting that something wasn't right but did anyone do anything? No.

So next time you are pointing the finger, stepping over the homeless in the street, living in your little bubble remember this (a best comment I have ever had on my blog):-

 "The measure of a civilisation is how they treat their weakest members." (Javier de Cuellar) Keeping your mind set firmly on your own life and front door is the way to survive a crisis - it's not the way to live a healthy life. We all need family, friends and community but we also need government with strategies that support us and policies which catch people when they fall. Playing to the views of prejudice and discrimination, punishing the sick and needy, deriding those less fortunate - these things don't just reflect badly on us as individual mothers, but also on us as a country. I want my daughter to be a humanitarian, not a self-centred money-making machine.

But what do I know and in real terms do you really care?

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