Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Tittle Tattle Update

I went AWOL last week - sorry about that. The weather was nice and I was out on my bike and swimming. I did 3 x bike rides and 1 x swimming (60 lengths). I lost 1lb last week but didn't see anything off the scales yesterday although today I was lighter but I'm taking Monday's reading. My food diary was lacking last week - I didn't record everyday. In addition, on Thursday me and the hubster got very excited about our decision to book a holiday. This was a spur of the moment decision (the best ones) as we didn't plan on going away this year.  But we figured this is what life's all about and we have (sob) cancelled our SKY subscription. I could no longer justify the amount we pay every month just for television! As it turns out we can get everything - our phone, internet and television (albeit not the films - sob again) for less than half the price we were currently paying.

I did do a bit of research on holidays and quickly realised that I am stuck in a £300 time warp. In my day I could go away, for a week, with my friend for £300 as standard.  Even with a family I thought you could go to Lanzarote or somewhere for a quick blast of sunshine for £1,000. WRONG!  I looked at Croatia (somewhere I've always fancied) and it was about £3,500 for a week with the kids.  I also realised that going to France is a bloody cheap holiday! You can get a crossing on the Eurotunnel for £300 return for the car with bikes etc.  Holiday homes are relatively inexpensive when you compare it to a weeks package holiday and you have the freedom to roam. So this year we are going to Southern Burgundy. Last year we were by the coast and it was hot but also windy. This year we are in land with lakes, man made beaches and cycling. Perfect. I may have even persuaded Mr 1970 to hire a bicycle.

We did celebrate by cracking open (on a Thursday night no less) a bottle of sparking rose (!) accompanied by some cheese savouries and promptly got drunk. The following day we also had a few glasses and a bbq on Saturday.  Needless to say we are both reining it in as hubster has a slight belly. Pah ha ha!

I also started to look at the 'things to do' option in the holidays. And when I added it up - it did seem just as expensive to stay at home. Well I exaggerate but it isn't cheap is it? I am a great one for having free days out and that children shouldn't be constantly entertained but you do have do something. Even with the two week holiday the kids are having a refresher course of swimming lessons (which I'll probably regret as anyone who knows me well knows my thoughts on swimming lessons), a day of football/multisports and my son's track racing.

Let us not forget the guinea pigs - I have to get a travel cage for their holiday to either M's or my sisters. Then there's a new summer wardrobe for my daughter, sun tan lotion, school shoes etc etc. Why can't the lead up to the holidays be calm and relaxing?!

So, that's my news in brief. My clothes feel loser and I have dropped 2 inches off my waist. If I can drop a stone by the time I go away I'll be happy.

Until next time...


  1. Don't get me started on the cost of holidays - I genuinely do no know how many people can afford to do it!? It has certainly become a luxury for us I can tell you. Two inches off your waist that is amazing!! Well done you

    1. Thank you Nikki - I'm getting there but still loads more work to be done would be nice to fit into some of my shorts that I haven't been able to for a few years! x

  2. I love how you pretend that you cycle because you want to lose weight. I think we all know by now it's because you want to have something to impress Bradley with when you manage to back him in to a corner.

    1. Ha ha you know me too well although I'm sure Bradley wouldn't be overly impressed with my meek little 10 mile jaunts! There is a ride with Bradley thing in Lancashire and the shortest distance you can do is 50km! x