Monday, 15 July 2013

Monday Chit Chat

I've gone a bit AWOL I know. Its the sun and the build up to the summer holidays - its insane!! Last week was just full on and what with working on our new business venture and fitting in bike rides etc - I have had no time to blog properly.  I have moved up 90 odd places in the tots100 ranking which is good - so instead of just about scraping into the Top500 I am well and truly within it. Result!

As I won't be blogging that much in August and we are due to go away - I have a great anonymous guest post for you which I think you may like.  Strangely enough the take-up from bloggers has been absent with regard to this. I suppose they'd think why would I want to write a post I don't put my name to and advertise my blog? Well, I think if your blog is a bit tame, a bit full of reviews and sponsored posts then this is ideal. A back to basics post - writing about anything you like without the fear of upsetting any would be PR agency. If you are interested then just message me.  The names will be changed to protect the innocent!

So why have I been so busy?  Well Monday was sports day (my children both came last - runners they are not although my son says he can now beat all the runners in his class he just wasn't trying before). It was extremely hot and whilst the parents were all aloud to stay for a picnic afterwards - buddy had certainly had enough by 12.30 pm as had I.  I did get my sorry arse on the bike that evening though and cycled 10 miles.

On Tuesday, I was back at hospital to get a steroid injection into my lip to reduced a small bump (see previous post on flat mole gate) then did quick weekly shop, picked up son from pre-school and later took my daughter to brownies.

This was before the photographer came - I think I needed the RIPPstone lower down. My arms are improving though!
I sound like Craig David now (remember that song), on Wednesday I had arranged to go on a bike ride with a fellow mum who is super fit and runs. I have a lot of respect for runners as its proper hard core. I did have to wait for her at times and I was quite chuffed when she said "god, you're really fit" to which I replied "I know, I just don't have the body to prove it!" Then I had a photo shoot with the husband for our business venture RIPPstones. My husband has made pet memorials with children in mind really.  I pinged out lots of emails and have have various bits of interest. We had a free write up in Pets Gazette, Funeral Times and very shortly will be in The Daily Mirror!  I tried to place the RIPPstone in front of my belly and I am praying I look nice. I didn't want to say to the guy can I have a look - you know like you do when friends take a pic.

On Thursday, an old friend was over from Hong Kong so I quickly went over to say hello and catch up (you can't really though in the space of 2 hours) and then rushed back home to then rush back out (this is all with buddy in tow) to see my two perform at a multicultural day in the college a few doors down. It was all a bit hectic and sweaty and not very well organised but at least the week was closing in.

On Friday, I had my hair cut (buddy had his last day and party at pre-school - cue gifts and cards) and later I helped out at the summer disco on the tattoos whilst keeping one eye on buddy - this took me up to 6.15pm.

On Saturday, I dropped my son at his friends house for a birthday day and just so I could have an hour to myself I went on a 10 mile bike ride (in the scorching heat) to Sainsbury's and picked up some shopping and came home.

So I hope you can understand why my blogging has been lacking. Thankfully this week is slightly calmer although not massively!

On the diet front - I've managed to do some excellent workouts and a few people have remarked that I look much better and go in and out more. I'm waiting for the best comment that anyone can give me "you look like you've lost half your face!" That will be the pinnacle. Having said that, I haven't lost anything these last 2 weeks - maybe I lost 1lb I can't remember. To be honest I keep forgetting to get on the scales - something unheard of before now.  I will try and keep my food diary better this week and keep off the pimms!

Until next time......

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