Sunday, 23 June 2013

Sunday Chit Chat

Where's the sunshine? Well by all accounts we're going to have naff summers for 10 years. Yay!  I can't see how they can work this out as they can't seem to accurately predict what's going to happen in a few days let alone a few years!

So what of the exercise? Not too bad.  Monday - did a 11 mile ride, Wednesday - 50 swimming lengths and Friday just 8 miles on the bike.  This weekend has been a bit of a washout so I haven't got out on my bike.  I seem to have lost the inclination to exercise using my Wii dance/The Biggest Loser etc as I love the bike and swimming. I went AWOL on the food diary this week and on Monday I hadn't lost weight but I think that was more the knock on effect from the Chinese I had Sunday night for Father's Day.

I do feel so much fitter. There is a certain hill I go up which, when I first started back in April, I would have to get off and walk up. After a few more attempts I would stop about 4 times but this week I stopped just once, caught my breath and pushed on again. I am going to attempt to get up it in one go which will be quite an achievement.  My magic jeans feel looser and many people have commented that I look like I've lost weight - I keep saying "its my magic jeans" but now I actually think no its me, my bike and swimming.

Did you know that next year the Tour de France starts in Yorkshire? I'm so excited - we are going to take the kids and possibly my sister and husband and watch it at the highest point.  It also has a route coming into London but the slower they go past you the better. 

The summer fair was okay. I enjoyed just meandering around and my son had a good time with his little friends. I left buddy with dad and my daughter went on a Brownie day out. Quite a few parents were a bit nervous about this ranging from the children getting lost and my personal worry favourite "what if the coach crashes?" My precious cargo sat on the back seat which, by all accounts, is the worst place to be on a coach if it crashes.  I'm pretty sure my parents and others never got worried about anything like this back in the day.  I am not unusual in fretting about the safety of my children. Almost all mums I know are. It got me thinking about this modern phenomenon of worrying about days out, school trips and worse still a camping weekend.

I think it has to do with a lack of community. There is very little community these days where everyone knows each other. Also people move around much more. Maybe in my day parents would have know the Brownie leaders etc for years or knew someone who knew them etc.  These days you are entrusting your children with strangers and there is a sense of unease with this.  Also we feel less safe in our own environment as adults and our fears transfer onto our children. I don't know whether my children are more likely to be abducted today than they were in the 1970's. Maybe not but it certainly feels like they are. My son could walk to his friends house very easily and I know he would enjoy the freedom. Its only a 7 minute walk and he knows the route, however, there is no way I'd let him.  Its very sad our children have no freedom to roam the streets wherever they live.

Onto more uplifting matters - here is step by step picture guide to my 99 flake giant cupcake. The cake, by the way, was confined to the bin as the ants in the PTA hut managed to infiltrate the cellophane and make their home on top of the cake. So all in all a waste of time, effort, money and more importantly washing up!  Still at least I can show you all how to make it...

I used a 4 egg cupcake recipe using my giant cupcake tin

I loved doing this bit - cover the top with a 'crumb coat' of buttercream and then use mini flakes for the groves using more butercream as glue

Prior to this I had holed out the middle and filled it with jam - I think there was enough buttercream going on so didn't split the cake

I then used a large piping nozzle and pipped it in one go - later I filled in some gaps I could seen between the flakes and the top of the cake

The end result - I used some strawberry ice-cream sauce on the top, sprinkles then used a large flake to push into the top. To finish off I piped '99' on the board.

So what of the week ahead? More cycling and swimming and that old food diary (see Las Vegas page) needs to be kept up-to-date. 

Until next week....

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