Saturday, 15 June 2013

Saturday Chit Chat

I was going to do a post called Festering Friday or something along those lines. A new feature in the world of The 1970's Diet. Not exactly a cheery one, so don't think I'll be doing a 'linky' on it anytime soon. My Festering Friday feature was going to include things that have mildly irritated me during the week. What do you think? Worth a regular feature? For starters I saw an old man (well into his seventies) open his car door at the garage and empty the entire contents onto the forecourt.  I'm pretty sure he would probably have a moan about the state of the country and, quite frankly, he should have known better. There were many a litter advert in the 1970's as it was such a huge problem. Check out this advert from youtube which was from the 'litter defence league.'

Also worthy of a mention for the post (that wasn't) was the walk to school day. The school is going to be doubling in size - so naturally the council couldn't care less about the parking situation - nor the fact the pupils are coming from all over the borough. The school then came up with the idea of promoting walking to school. Good thinking Batman.  For parents that ordinarily drive, they were encouraged to drive to a location, whereby the school had arranged for the children to be walked to school. As an even bigger incentive, any child that had walked to school, would receive a free breakfast. Sounds fabulous doesn't it? What a great idea. The designated area to drive to (and I kid you not on this) was 150 metres from the school's side gate! Are you frigging kidding me?!  Has the world gone totally insane. It was hailed as a resounding success - talk of it being carried out on a termly basis - seriously you would think the children had walked 2 miles or something.  The parents were merely able to park there car a bit further down the road. In my day it took me a good 30 minutes to walk to my 'local' primary school.
The hutch that dad built - pretty cool it has 3 levels
Anyhow, I need to fill you in on the week. The guinea pigs have not settled that well. They're still alive which is a bonus. They still run away when I try to grab them. I hate their squealing and freaky feet and I've only just noticed that Max has red eyes.  They don't poo in one corner which they're meant to - its everywhere. The haven't merrily enjoyed the run my husband made - they hide in the corner and we nearly killed them! The run is so heavy and when they crammed into the corner I was conscious that if I dropped the run it would probably break their feet. So they ran off and I had to rescue them from the shrubs. My heart was beating fast as I needed to pick them up before we lost them for good. Luckily I somehow managed it and gently threw them back into the hutch. Erm, actually reading through this no wonder they haven't settled!

At least they have funky bowls - The guinea pig 1) below is called Max and has freaky red eyes and  guinea pig 2) is Captain Rex who is the more nervous of the two. Behind is the run that dad made - although now has a door on and we actually had to fish them out with a net!

So onto the rest of the week. I have only managed to fit in two bike rides this week - an 8 mile one on Monday and a 10 mile bike ride yesterday.  The weather hasn't been great this week and I was at the London SEALIFE aquarium on Wednesday (see previous blog post) and an appointment with the opticians on Friday morning.  I have lost 2lbs though following on from working out 5 x last week.  I will update my pages today.  I will do another bike ride tomorrow and as my diary is pretty free next week I should be able to go swimming again. Did you know that you can buy prescription goggles?  Or that you're not meant to wear your contact lenses whilst swimming because it can cause infections. Yup the very informative optician then went on to talk about infections leading to blindness. Don't think I'll be swimming with my contact lenses anytime soon! She also mentioned a touch of scarring on my right eye following on from contact lens gate aka having one stuck in my eye for 3 weeks last summer.

My next bit of tittle tattle is the very exciting phone call I received early Tuesday evening. On my things to do before I'm 40 (which is another blog post) list is the desire to appear on a game/quiz show. So I signed up with a website that notifies you of TV companies needing contestants.  You cannot imagine my excitement then, when one of the production companies phones up for a telephone interview.  I had to talk about myself and what not - naturally the blog featured and then I had a general knowledge test. I passed! I didn't get them all right and afterwards I did wonder why I hadn't just googled the answers given that I was sitting in front of the computer at the time. They lady on the phone immediately sent an email to give me details of when and where the audition would be.  Unfortunately it was on Friday at 2.30 pm - very short notice and the hubster had already been rained off during the week so was under pressure work wise. My only other option was 'M' who has 3 children of her own.  She was okay to have buddy and pick up the other two from school. Great. Not so great was that later on she realised that she had a tea date that had been put off for 3 weeks and M couldn't guarantee when he would finish work. The lady phoned me on Thursday afternoon to confirm my attendance but I had to tell her I couldn't make it. She was very nice and understanding about it. I hope they keep my details on file and maybe I will get to be on a show and win some money before the year is out.  

So my friends that is all on the weeks chit chat front. Have a great weekend! 


  1. Natasha, bad luck about the quiz show - you are brave going for it. Cheers

    1. Hi Carole - thanks I'm sure another one will come up! x

  2. That made me laugh; especially the 'walk to school' that does sound really daft to me. I'm shaking my head at the sorry take of the guinea pigs - well if you insist on having these animals. I shall definitely cross them off the list if pets we may (never) have! Good luck with the game show x

    1. daft is being polite - can you believe it! Well since writing this they have really settled I was able to pick Max up no probs and Rex is getting better - they are now in the run today so maybe they're not so bad. Thanks I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything x

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    1. Ta muchly speak tomorrow again hopefully! x