Wednesday, 1 May 2013

The Three Day Rule

No its not a new diet like the latest one - what's it called 5 and 2?  Eat normally for 5 days and starve yourself for 2. Rock on! It works by all accounts.  Or here's a thought eat normally for 7 days? Speaking of which the Las Vegas log is certainly working (okay its only day 3) but still.  Haven't been able to exercise since my weights on Monday as I've had a touch of flu. I had to cancel my filing as my teeth were aching. I thought this probably wouldn't help my condition - coupled with the fact that £95 would remain in my bank account for a few days longer. I think dentists are another blog post altogether. I'll get back to the job in hand.

Okay, 'The Three Day Rule'. I think it warrants caps and quotation marks.  I'm talking about holidays but not just any old holiday, holidays with friends - people you know.

Now the other day my sister and I got a talking about various holidays and I mentioned my friend was on holiday in Florida with another couple and her children - two families off on their jollies.  She stiffened up a little on the chair, pulled a funny face and said "three day rule" - say what? "yup, three day rule" she replied.  She then proceeded to tell me that there are only two couples in the entire world that she would happily spend more than 3 days on holiday with.  The Three Day Rule.

My sister has lots of friends, friends she's known for decades but there isn't a cat in hells chance she'd spend more than three days in their company.  She has learnt from bitter experience that friends can drive you nuts on holiday. There is no escape. You get to learn things about them, quite frankly, you'd rather not. Take for instance a barge trip (nothing quite like a confined space!) with 'friends' and my other sister (they're twins) and I am the forgotten one - yes my sister leaves all her money to my other sister and horses if she dies. I think that needs to change. Don't you?! Anyhow, all she recalls from that holiday was her size 8 friend moaning that she was fat whilst strutting around in a skimpy bikini opening the locks for the barge.

I asked my friend what she thought of my sisters' Three Day Rule' - she said they enjoyed going on holiday with the other family but feels they might not feel the same way about going on holiday with them again! Mainly to do with how she thought her kids would have been perceived. That's another spanner isn't it- children. How you handle your kids, how the friends' kids deal with this that and the other - potential explosion!!

I'm pretty sure me and my ex-boyfriend would be on The Three Day Rule list. In fact, the friend who went to Florida may well confirm this as she was with us - young foursome on a holiday to Lanzarote.  He liked a drink so he did. However, once drunk he'd like to pick a fight with any passing German and we'd have to diffuse the situation by getting him back to the villa (separate ones thank goodness) where he would promptly throw up in all the bed sheets. Nice. Oh that and hiring a jeep, taking it off road on a beach and blowing the tyre. We changed the tyre and noticed the sticker that said "do not take this vehicle off road" but instead of turning back like any normal person he decides to press on. I can barely talk about this as we all thought we were going to die that day. He drove us up a single, dirt track mountain road with a sheer drop the other side. That is no exaggeration. The jeep was rocking from side to side and even my friend's boyfriend was screaming.  It took at least 2 hours to climb this thing, the jeep ran out of petrol and we had to drive back in neutral. That is reason number 354 he is my ex-boyfriend.

So, what do you think of The Three Day rule?

Until next time....


  1. Ahhh memories! I think the key to a happy holiday with other people is being chilled out.

    1. Yes indeed but not easy to do if people are driving you nuts! x

  2. I love the three day rule. And a three day holiday is also a great idea. Pack it all into three days but be sure to have an extra day off work on your return so that you can relax and recover from your holiday. I was persuaded to do one of those mini-breaks once and couldn't get my head around spending all that money on flights for only three days. Turns out it was brilliant and felt the same as a two week holiday. And we came home on Saturday night so we had Sunday to recover. Perfect.

    1. Hello there - yes you forget about mini breaks they are fab aren't they - we hope fingers crossed to go to Moscow for a long weekend - a place I and my husband have always wanted to go to. x