Sunday, 19 May 2013

Fireman Sam is a ...............!

Okay for Buddy's 3rd birthday I made a Fireman Sam cake.  I like to make novelty cakes for the children and whilst this wasn't one of my best. I thought I'd share the whole nightmare that it was!

The cake board - cover with grey fondant and use a  cobble stone embosser 

Funnily enough I had the actual Fireman Sam engine in the house (he'd pilfered it from my Aunt's house with her knowledge). I cooked a madiera cake which is firmer than a regular sponge.  I would ordinarily freeze it and shape a cake whilst it is defrosting and I don't know why I didn't this time! 

I divided the cake in half - I cooked 2 x rectangles 
After cutting the rectangle in two. I then began to shape the cake which was quite difficult as I hadn't frozen it beforehand.  I then smothered the two halves in butter cream and jam.

A kind of shaping going on 
Off cuts - best bit! 

Then I covered the dodgy looking fire engine in butter cream so that the fondant would stick 
I did all the covering for this cake on a Friday evening - I baked the cake in the day and spent about 2 and a half hours doing this bit.  By the time I got to rolling out the red fondant I was very tired and you should accurately measure out how much you will need to cover your cake. If you do it properly, which I couldn't be arsed to do, you won't get folding at the corners because you've used too much fondant. To get the fondant on the cake just sprinkle icing sugar on the table (like you would for pastry) roll out then use your rolling pin to roll it up and quickly place on top of the cake.

Your kitchen could also look a right state should you go down the novelty route! 

See what I mean - you can see at the corner there is too much fondant
Notice the bottle of red wine about to be sunk as I called it a night
The next day (Saturday) with 3 children around the house and a hubster I set about decorating it - DO NOT DO THIS if you can help it.  It doesn't make for flawless finishes I can tell you.

Even though the top etc was smooth I thought I'd give the engine some edges!

I used silver paint (edible) to give a window effect

As one side was better than the other I had to work with the engine facing the right side when I work better and more naturally facing the left!  It does look like a simple cake but the wheels, grill etc made it very time consuming and in a quiet house may have been a pleasant job but after 3 hours decorating I was seriously losing the will to live. As like many of my cakes I have a real urge to get a wooden rolling pin and just smash it to smithereens whilst shouting obscenities!

Slight improvement - am feeling happier with it!
I like how the bumper looks like its on the ground - oh wait it is! 

Finally I used a fireman candle (I was going to make a fondant Fireman Sam but no, just no!) and shaped Michael's name (aka Buddy) using red fondant to resemble a hose - clever eh? I also made a little bucket and popped some blue sprinkes in.  I used some gylcerine (which you can't really see in the picture) and didn't colour it to resemble actual water coming out of the house by the number 3. And that my friends, is how you make a Fireman Sam cake. Now if I were you, I would head straight to Sainsbury's and hand over a tenner and be done with it! 

Until next time....

Ta Dah!!


  1. love this!! you have made me laugh :) I am still turn between shop bought (lazy but stay sane route) or have a go at it myself (risking suicidal thoughts possibly) You have inspired me to maybe try it just so I can say I've experienced it and will value shop bought cakes all the more from henceforth! x

    1. Hi Kate - thank you! Yes when you have one child you don't really think about the long term implications of other children coming along and all the cake you'll have to make. I'm always pleased with the end result of sorts but I think there is nothing wrong with shop bought at all - there are some brilliant ones out there and you couldn't make them for the amount they charge x