Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Cycling Diaries

Not quite The MotorCycle Diaries of Che Guevara proportions - a great film if you haven't seen it. No this is my little catch up, chit chat, creaky knees cycle post to let you know how I'm getting along.  -2lb if you please.

Creaky knees? Yes, indeedy. Can you believe it. Recently I'd noticed this awful creaking sound whilst going up the stairs. For a good while I thought 'that can't be my knees it must be the carpet?'  But yesterday I asked the husband to listen to my knees (not recommended prior to special love) to confirm what I had suspected. Yarp - its my knees alright. Cue quick google and it ranged from 'you're an old hag with arthritis/osteoporosis' to 'nothing to worry about'.

I can't believe its a good thing having ridiculously creaky knees. They're not hurting although my right knee did play up for a couple of days after my last bike ride. My knee has always given my a little jip after exercise throughout the years - in fact I seem to recall that's one of the reasons I gave up step aerobics - oh that and an achy hip!  Generally I ignore or shrug off little niggles like these but I suppose as you get older they get harder to shake off.  It may also have something to do with the fact I have sat side legged for over 3 years following on from the pain in my coccyx - god I sound like I need to go to the knackers yard.  Other than that I'm a picture of health and vitality. Although if you saw my recent passport pic you would think differently. Grim so it was.

That's another thing - my passport pic. I finally decided its about time to put it in my married name (nearly 4 years later) - £72.50 if you please and I have another 5 years left to run on it! It has never really mattered going to France but seeing as we plan on going to Las Vegas, I reckon it will be far easier to get through US immigration if my name matches the name the holiday is booked under. Besides, that's one of the reasons I wanted to get married in the first place - so I could have the same name as the rest of the family. Call me old fashioned like.

Anyhow, back to cycling. I'm really enjoying my new bike. I had my doubts after I ordered it and then realised it had 'rigid suspension' aka 'no suspension'. Why they can't just say 'no suspension' I don't know and the tyres were smoother than ordinary mountain bike tyres. A quick facebook message to my friend's husband (a keen cyclist who cycles to work and back) said it would be fine. You work harder by all accounts on a mountain bike - the suspension means you're wasting energy bobbing up and down - no suspension is better for the road. Given that I cycle on the road and cycle paths it seemed my choice wasn't so bad after all.

It certainly doesn't feel like a bone shaker and I am finding it easier to go up the hills.  Does that mean I'm not working out as much? I don't think so. It means I'm continuously peddling when previously I would be sitting catching my breath. Today I did an 8 mile bike ride if you please and partially got up a very steep hill.  Yesterday I did my 30 minute weight work out and tomorrow I'll fit another weights session in. Did you know that it increases your metabolism and burns fat 48 hours later whereas cardio finishes the moment you finish your workout?  Next thing I'll be telling you I'm lifting weights on a bench press in the garage!

Until next time.......


  1. Natasha, sorry I haven't been hassling you with comments for a while! I have been reading you but have been in a bit of a rush. Good luck with the cycling. Great that you are going to get to Vegas! Cheers

    1. Hi Carole great to hear from you - thanks is going really well. I CANNOT wait for Vegas Baby! x