Monday, 6 May 2013

Gary Lineker in a box... what I thought might be my 'cheeky' surprise from Walkers crisps.  There is no denying he has looked after himself old Gazza hasn't he.  My sister won't mind me telling, that she had a thing for Mr Lineker back in the day. Maybe not so much now - she's into Mr Cumberland Snatch Benedict or whatever his name is - can't see it myself but hey each to their own.

Unsurprisingly Gary didn't feature in the box which housed the new kids healthy snack of  'hoops and crosses'. We did, instead, get a 'cheeky' little monkey - christened 'Millie Monkey' and was stealthily taken by my daughter to her bedroom before the other two staked a claim.

So what of the snack?  Firstly given that this a diet blog I thought we'd give them a try. I like wholegrain and so does my daughter although not so much my eldest. In fact, he's such a nightmare when it comes to food that I often threaten him with the 'food doctor'.  My kids do have crisps but only at the weekend - everything in moderation and all that even if they are the healthier option.

I like they come in smaller gram bags - 18g so less crisps to eat and are 85 cal - by the way I have recently purchased a calorie counter book more of which later. I tried one (remember Frazzle attack?) and they were very nice - I have yet to taste a bad crisp have you?

Anyhow, I noticed we received a very retro 'roast beef' flavour. I wondered if we could play noughts and crosses on the table - my clean table I hasten to add - but that lasted about 50 seconds as I had to explain an imaginary grid and naturally the kids just wanted to eat them as quickly as possible.

...not really getting a look in...

The Walkers Monkey ready to play.. give Hoops and Crosses a thumbs up consumed in less than 60 seconds and Monkey is less than impressed.

I received monetary compensation for writing this review but as my regular readers know, my opinions are always brutally honest and If we didn't like them we'd tell you. Plus I need a new bike.


  1. Wahey great review although Gary Lineker in a box? I think I would prefer the monkey to be honest!

  2. While being a massive crisp fiend, yes, I would welcome Gary Lineker in a box with open arms. Agreed, he has aged extremely well. Yum!

    1. I am too - its my Achilles heel for sure - he always looks so tanned too doesn't he and his wife is gorgeous grrrrr! x