Tuesday, 7 May 2013


So, I just about managed to sell my bike. I say just about as 4 hours prior to bidding ending, I get an email from the highest bidder. He tells me his partner has bid on my bike by accident. Are you frigging kidding me? Not again! This happened last time with my daughters "for parts" dropped Nintendo DS. Don't people read the description? He said he was sorry blah blah blah.

I replied saying that old chestnut and if people read things properly then maybe 'partners' wouldn't bid on things by 'accident'. Why can't people just say whoops sorry it was me rather than blame it on the imaginary person? Last time the bidder said it was their daughter that bid by 'accident' and got a stern telling off. Fine but that doesn't help me sell my tat now does it?!

Anyhow it ended amicably enough our little ebay exchange.  He said my comments were noted and he was truly sorry - I did joke that she should be made to buy the bike as punishment but he didn't take me up on that. 

So enter the nutter (see previous post). I gave him the second chance thingy which he did and paid via paypal. I've given him my address even though one of his email's subject said this:-

Subject: Stan ( ret Windsor Angel ),, trundler,...

I mean seriously what is all this about?! I said to the hubster I'd very much like for him to be around when or if this fruit picks up my bike.  I'm very tempted to just refund the £25 and say the bike has broken down.  I said what if he's going to murder me to which the husband said "no one's that lucky!" followed by "yes murderers normally pay £25 via paypal don't they" cue various other comments like "have you checked his purchase history - has he bought 20 second hand bikes and have all the owners been murdered!" followed by "I don't know who's more the fruit you or him". 

In the last hour he's sent this:-

allo. May days over & the bike runs are over for a few days, so if its OK to collect the Trundler wed,  8 may , lunch time, .fine by me if its not then let us know, thanking you, Angel Stan....(number)...landline..over to you Batman...

Like I'm going to be alone at 1pm tomorrow - I think not. However, I have worked out all the Angel trundler business. I reckon he's a hells angel re the reference to bike runs and the trundler is my trusted bike. I reckon he's about late 40's/early 50's. I'd love to say are you aware you write like a 10 year old - actually that's insulting to a 10 year old. 

In other news, I've had a lovely day - little Buddy is 3 today.  We went to Peppa Pig World (a separate post for that one) on Sunday and today I took him to a lovely farm with my friend (see bare with post) with her little boy. We practically had the farm to ourselves and the weather was glorious. I will post pictures and a step by step guide to a Fireman Sam cake later on in the week.

In other, other news I went for a bike ride Sunday, I have been filling in my Vegas log and I forgot to weigh in what with the Bank Holiday and all.  I will try and fit in my weights workout tomorrow in between getting this house in order and the weekly shop.

Until next time....


  1. ha ha you can't make this stuff up. ebay nutters!

    1. Once ebaygate has ended and a new bike has been purchased we'll go out together! That's if I'm still alive! x

  2. This made me laugh. A lot. I hope that the transaction was ok although he does sound rather odd! I have found in the last twelve months that a lot of people mess you around on ebay though and it is really annoying. I sold something recently on buy it now and then when I chased up the buyer, she said that I hadn't responded quickly enough and she had bought a different one. FFS!! very annoying

    1. Hi Nikki its so annoying and really puts you off I remember a time on ebay where there is no way you backed out of paying for something you had won. You'll be pleased to know that his 'friend' big guy and I was right hell's angel and in 50's came to collect whilst the husband was in. They are used to tinkering with motorbikes so its gone to a good home and I didn't get murdered. Bonus! x