Friday, 3 May 2013

Bare With, Bare With......Back!

'M' aka 'Tilly' adopting a Bare With....Bare With....Back! Pose. Picture My Own!

This is my friend - she's my bestie as we call each other. Yes, we've only known each over for 3 years but its like we've been together forever. My hubster calls her "my little friend" and her hubster says "crikey you two together are a force to be reckoned with." They're just jealous. Nothing is off limits. I love her.

Lets call her 'M' to protect her loosely covered identity seen here in this picture. She is surgically attached to her smart phone. There are days I want to rip that god dam thing out of her hand and just fling it as far as I can and say "what you gonna do now missus?" However, she is proper hard and I know she'd knock me out with one clean swipe!

To be fair sometimes she lets go of the phone which is ordinarily cupped in her hand and places it on the arm of the settee. Its her way of saying "look I can sit here and not look at my phone" She can't - she will casually, whilst chatting, have a look over. She can't help herself. She needs therapy. Phone therapy.

Today, she reminded me of Tilly out of Miranda. Have you ever seen that programme? Much like 'M' she is constantly looking at her phone and whilst doing so says "bare with....bare with...bare with...bare with...BACK!"

'M' is now on an imposed (by me) smart phone detox programme whereby she has to try and manage 1 hour without looking at her phone which, by the way, does the most annoying whistle thing whenever she gets an update of any sort.  The pressing urgency today, to interrupt my speaking, was reading her sisters reply of  "lol" sent after 'M' had told her she hadn't shaved her pits.

Having said all this I think I would have withdrawal symptoms if she no longer carried her poxy phone. Its a part of her - love 'M' love her phone. I would miss the stupid penguin case on the back and the even more annoying little whistle that goes with it. And to top it all she wouldn't be at my constant beck and call and respond to messages, emails and phone calls immediately.

And I couldn't be having that now could I?

Until Next time....


  1. This is sadly common of a lot of people these days. I was hurtling int that direction and I am now making a conscious effort to stop as it is ridiculous. Maybe you should set yourself up as a smart phone withdrawal therapist - you would make a fortune!

    1. Think we can all be guilty as charge ma lord! I am the same on the laptop not so much on my mobile. I switched my settings so I don't get every status update etc and for some reason I can't access my emails on my phone and I can't be bothered to change it! x

  2. Aw it's always good to have a Bestie! I'm pleased you've become so close. Smartphones are very addictive, and it won't be long til our kids have them too!

    1. Not if I can help it!! I am guilty of my laptop of an evening so try and switch off by after 9pm x