Monday, 27 May 2013

A sharp prick

Or should I call this Nettlegate/ThistleGate - I'm not sure. What do you think? Have a look at Exhibit A below. This little fella was caught red handed in my mouth this evening. Yes, feeling healthy and staying focused on my Las Vegas target to be in clothes that fit and do up (the simple things in life for this lady) - I chose a salad from The Co-op which had an assortment of salad leaves, couscous and beetroot.  Proud of me or what?  Okay it did accompany a thin crust ham and pineapple pizza (650 cals) but still I've eaten a lot worse on a bank holiday I can tell you. 

Exhibit A - picture my own -previously in my mouth!
So whilst eating said tea, I take another bite and felt a sharp prick (MATRON! in best Kenneth Williams voice - nope still not tired of this yet) on my tongue and pull out this offending bit of salad leaf - if you can call it that. It drew blood and stung for about 30 minutes after - I think its a cross between a stinging nettle and a thistle but being ignorant on all gardening type matters I cannot be sure.

Naturally I quickly googled 'foreign food objects' 'food injury claims' and promptly but exhibit A in the freezer to preserve the evidence.  I emailed The Co-op and I await their multi million pound settlement!

My husband took a less than attractive picture of my tongue to prove the minor injury and, of course, my status was fully updated on facebook.  My husband cracked up when he read my email to The Co-op as I'd said something along the lines "I bit into the salad and felt a sharp pain - I pulled out the leaf to discover..." to which he said, in between chortles, "she put in her thumb and pulled out a plum and said what a good girl am I..... oh and please can I have some compensation." That and "if you go to The Sun newspaper they'll want your tongue and your tits out." This little leaf has created a lot of entertainment this evening I can tell you.

On the chit chat front, I went out on my bike with my daughter yesterday - so it was only a gentle 4 mile bike ride. Today we went for a stroll in the woods and tomorrow is the start of my half term with the kids. I am aiming to get out on my bike in the evening to make up for the time I will lose in the day and I think I've lost a 1lb although I forgot to weigh in this morning.

I have an all you can eat Chinese buffet on Saturday and will have to try and contain myself in some way! You know how I am with a buffet and all.

I shall see you all in the week.

Until next time...


  1. You go girl. Sting them for everything they've got! (Do you like what I did there?) Foreign object in food is gross. Had similar incident TWICE with Sainsbury's own brand wheat squares (aka Weetabix). I got a letter of apology and an explanation of what the 'foreign object' was and some nectar points. But they have not taken the offending product off the shelves for further investigation - which irks me. Needless to say I don't buy it anymore and have to buy expensive Weetabix grorrrr

    1. Hi Kat, well The Co-op haven't even responded bastards! Yuk yuk yuk re your weetabix although that will teach you to eat sawdust! xx