Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tuesday Weigh In..

...-1lb. Not as much as I would have liked but its in the right direction.  I've had a good day although it did start off a bit iffy I have to say.  Today my daughter had a school trip. We had to be at school for 8.15am. We seem to have to be at the school earlier and earlier these days where trips are concerned. This is because they have to allow for people who don't own one of these....

Alarm clock - picture ebay
......yes its called an alarm clock (a-larm cl-ock).  They are quite the clever bit of kit if truth be told. Simply set the time you need to get up and an alarm will sound. Simples. But it seems the minority don't own one or don't know how they operate. I think you can tell where I'm going with this one.  Cue mum who is late every single day - all kids waiting on the coach and she is not running and saying "sorry, sorry" oh no, she is meandering along with not a care in the world. Prior to this the local newspaper shows up taking pictures of our dangerous parking situation brought about by taking in a bulge class. This chap had already been told everything that we objected to and then cue Miss No Alarm. 
This is my sisters cat 'moriarty' he has no hair but looked  like me this morning

I can't I just can't let this one go I'm afraid. "Are you waiting for me?" "Yes we have all been here since 8.15 am" "Oh what am I like?! "Lots of us have got 3 kids and manage to get here on time" - she wasn't best pleased but we were all thinking it. I actually like this young mum - she always has a full face of make-up and has a different outfit on everyday. I told her once before its like having my own grazia magazine or something checking out what's in fashion and what's not. She just has the worse time keeping I have ever seen.

Again I probably looked like this during Timegate
In other news I did the 45 sweat (will it was actually 50 mins) Wii dance 4 today so all is good on the exercise front.

Until next time....


  1. I hate tardiness. Forgivable once but never twice unless there's a bloody good excuse. Are you all going to club together and buy her a watch?

    1. Me too. Especially when you just stroll on up with not a care in the world. x

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    1. Yeah, where are you getting your info, Tash? I'd also like to spend some time learning much more. It'll help my mission, ya know.

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