Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Art of Logic

Seems to be a fine one these days.  People used to have it I'm sure. Remember the good old days where common sense was dished out as standard. Or maybe its just me. Maybe I'm the one who's a sandwich short of a picnic and I can't quite grasp the new way of doing things.

With the risk of boring you rigid with my tales of trivia lets just take the school's trim trail as a prime example. No children are allowed on it after school with parent supervision.  New Head. New rules. And lots of them. Previously in Sane Land (that was in my LA Law voice - remember that?) after school, parents would stand and chat with one eye on the children, as they played on this bit of play equipment. A nice community feel.  Happy Days.  

Now we aren't allowed to do this as it breaches health and safety.  The school could get sued. The parents are unhappy as now we just pick up and go and its very difficult if you have pre-school children. Its like taking them to the park and saying NO you can't play on that.  It means I can't really stay and watch my son in after school clubs as I'll be having to police my youngest on the play equipment.  I can't see the logic in this at all and I'll tell you why.  Of course I will! That is what I do.

Anyone that has kids will probably agree that the majority of the accidents that happen to your child/ren happen outside your care.  That's not to say accidents don't happen when you look after them but they are more likely to happen in pre-school/school when they're meant to be supervised.  

Take today for instance. I've had a stressful day. It started off well with an 8 mile bike ride uphill for the first part and free wheeling on the way back.  I felt mighty puffed out but also chuffed with 1) not opting for the easier bike route 2) not getting killed by a London bus. At one point a rather large man on a road bike -you know the ones that are all delicate looking which looked at odds with this fella's portly frame - overtook me but hey I was doing it. I was trudging away dreaming of jeans that do up comfortably.  Clothes that fit. There's nothing like a bit of sunshine to highlight the fact that your winter body is not quite ready to be outed.

Then I get a phone call at 11.30 can I come and get my son as he's tripped and landed on a low rise brick wall leaving a nasty dent on the bridge of his nose.  So I rush over and sure enough it looks like someone's been at it with a knife.  He was fine once I got him home and I later took him to minor injuries. I arrived at the car park which is tight to say the least, got myself nicely boxed in, did 50 3/4/5 point turns then had to drive like some kamikaze nutter onto the green to park right on the junction. The only thing missing was me, screaming like a banshee, "my son is injured" "get out of my way you god damm mother fuckers!"

See above for an example of using potty foul mouthed language to set the scene.

He was seen quickly and had those little strip things put on (taken off twice this evening) and no major damage. God bless the NHS.  

Don't get me wrong I love my son's pre-school and it was just an accident but my point is he wasn't in my care at the time.

Take my eldest who has had numerous bumps and knocks to the head during his time at both pre-school and school.  The best one was when the teacher let him fall asleep in class. He has asthma. I know he has asthma. The school knows he has asthma.  He wasn't tired he couldn't breath. When I collected him I rushed him to the doctors who put him on steroids and other asthma drugs and was told I was lucky not to be sitting in A&E.  

Do you see my problem? Having to accept this kind of  logic is very difficult for someone like me. I don't get it.  The vast majority of accidents happen when the school are supervising my child and I'm not present but I am unable to supervise my children on school grounds when I am present.

Now where's the logic in that?!


  1. Excellent post - I hope someone circulates it among your school community.

    1. Hi missus - yes would be great wouldn't it! X

  2. I hate things that aren't logical. Things that don't make sense. My brain just can't compute. Surely if parents' are willing to take the risk of letting their children play on the stuff then the blame lies with them in anything happens.

    1. yeah you would think wouldn't you!! I give up! x