Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday Chit Chat

Haven't done one of these for a while now have I? I feel good today. The sun was shinning so we seized the day (carpe diem as they said in Latin) and had a lovely family trip to Crystal Palace park. A great place to go if you're ever in this neck of the woods.  Lots of green space, boating (well pedalos but boating sounds fancy) on the lake, dinosaur statues that the Victorians placed there, park cafe, ice-cream van and a nice play park for the kids.  They have updated it a little with sand pit and dinosaur bones and eggs in fact they're really pushing the dinosaur theme.

The kids had a great time armed with their lumix cameras. Our eldest has our old camera and my daughter (with her Grand National winnings) purchased a lovely pink lumix camera. So much better than the Fisher Price cameras that are touted for kids and the same price.  They jump at the opportunity to go out and take snaps at the mo.  Its quite a sobering experience to see yourself papped unawares all the time by the kids at the moment - none of the photo's will be going on facebook anytime soon.  I'll tell you what I'll do though I'll put them up in November for my before and after shots. Promise. We treated them to a 99 flake seeing as you just never know when the sun is going to be out again and I had a cherry brandy lolly - remember those?  Very 1970's I'd say.

I seem to be gravitating to this neck of the woods recently. There's Herne Hill Velodrome, The Horniman Museum and Dulwich park/ picture gallery all nearby. I'm getting all middle class on you don't you know! I just love London there's so much to do and see.

Not content with this little jolly out in the fresh air, after our lunch, my son and I did a gruelling bike ride using my favourite app (god this sounds like one big review of the above products - which incidentally I have been considering of late) Mapmyride. We did 4 miles with a category 5 climb - I thought to myself wow I'm up there with the Tour riders - turns out that is the lowest category. How can that be? It was a huge hill. We stopped 3 x - my son had a significantly greater recovery time then myself and he was quite pleased about this! At one point he said "wow mum you're really puffed out aren't you" - what that panting and hanging over my handlebars? "well you do have 30 years on me".

Talking of bike riders I've finished my Bradley Wiggins book - dah dah dah! That was on my things to do this year list.  Did you know they wanted £100,000 for the throne he sat on for the time trail in the Olympics? He said no ta. Good man. I'm on to my next book - David Millar I forget the title but its already a good read.

So last week I set a target of 5 x exercise. I'm pleased to say that I've managed that 2 x boot camp, walk in woods and bike rides. It got me thinking about exercise and how when I don't manage to do it I put on weight. I also find that my habits go down hill when I'm not exercising. So if you are struggling with your food intake which, in theory, should be easier than managing your time for exercise - I'd say forget about the food aspect for a week or two. Just totally focus and exercise no matter how unfit you are and you'll be amazed at the difference it will make you feel and you're eating will follow suit. Try it.  Its very easy to fall out of the exercise routine but its also very easy to get back into it.

I have also taken some inspiration from other blogs or websites this week. I tend to get more views on this blog from the US and one healthy lifestyles website would like to do a guest post.  I read on one of these sites that you should trust your body  - trust in its ability to lose weight and get you back in shape.  I think so many people think they have a natural weight and they can't possibly get beyond a certain number but your body can and will.

My last blog post I touched on nurseries and the like. What I failed to do in that blog post was go down the political route about why people are surviving and everything that stems from it. One comment was quite correct in pointing out that many mum's feel resentful and  have to go back just to survive. I should have paid more attention to that.

I haven't said too much on the Margaret Thatcher death this week.  So much of it has been doing the rounds. I have been remarkably restrained on the numpties on facebook.  What gets me is the rather easy articles that say no matter what you thought she was a woman, someones mum, daughter etc etc. That is a ridiculous statement. If Hitler was a woman would you say "no matter what you thought of her policies she was a woman leader" or "that's someones child you're talking about". Being a woman has nothing to do with it. If someone was evil they were evil irrespective of sex. Now I'm not saying she was in the same league as Hitler but she was in a league of people that caused misery and hardship to many. I feel people are very angry about a lot of things (I don't remember this type of anger and finger pointing during the last government do you?) and this is just an ideal opportunity to express this. Yes, some say its distasteful but why not write a proper article then on why people are reacting like this.

I can't really see how anyone would think her policies were good.  Her policies are still affecting people today. People say oh the unions were running the show - oh dear, what the common man wanting decent wages? Can't be doing with that can we. Unions fought for us to have paid holidays, sick leave - soon we'll be saying us workers have no rights. You'll be so grateful for a job you'll put up with anything. France is run on unions and strikes etc. Its economy has done much better than ours.  They still make stuff and they're not worrying if North Sea oil runs out are they? We'll have lots more strikes and power cuts. How's your private utilities shaping up?  Going up and up and up. How about the fact there are no real affordable housing - council houses were sold off. And as for the Falklands - why wouldn't Argentina want their Island? Would we be happy for them to have Isle of Wight? Finally, everyone is a benefits scrounger by all accounts - I hear all her assets are best placed so she doesn't pay inheritance tax. Really? This was a great leader? She is the reason they'll NEVER be another woman Prime Minister - her own party got rid of her. Say no more.

Until next time....which may be later this week as I have a serious amount of cleaning tomorrow!


  1. My best mate used to live in Dulwich, and we used to frequent Crystal Palace with our kids regularly- I have lots of lion straddling pcs! Fab park! And the Horniman shall always be my favourite museum name! :)

    1. Yes its a great park - really really lovely. I know what a name but its still free! Yay! x