Monday, 29 April 2013

Monday Weigh In

Well hello there -1lb this week. I think that the 8 mile bike ride did a bit of good. Having said this I've still got a long way to go and to be honest I'm a bit bored of plodding along. So without further ado I have taken some action. You will see at the top of the blog there is a new page called Las Vegas Target. I am not very good at keeping my food diary (exercise is easy) so this is to re-focus me.

I am always busy on a Monday but I was so determined to cram a little 30 minute workout in today that I did the weights dvd using 5kg in each hand.  My arms are a little sore it has to be said but did you know that you can lose up to 25% more if you weight train than if you just do cardio? Well there you go!

In other news, I am selling my bike on ebay. It has had a good innings but I feel the whole pedal part is about to come off when I'm cycling. I did get a free service from Halfords but the chap said if he ordered parts etc it'll cost £60 to fix.  Seeing as you can get a mountain bike for £100 it looks like I'll have a new bike by the end of the week. Yay! So I popped my bike on ebay and this is a message I got:-

nutter - allo, frame & wheel size,s ta!

me - have no idea but I'm 5ft 5 if that helps

nutter - 5,10 me, but i,m a bloke..reason is thro a spinal op, well wired up trip any customs detector.easy. I have a mens bike but cant lift leg over ( keep it real ..heard them all ) or off & keep falling over, idea was a step simples,...well thats the theorey...latters...

The bike is up for 99p - seriously this is why I don't put much on ebay!

Until next time....


  1. That is hilarious!! Ebay is full of very strange people I think!

  2. Hee hee what a strange one! Glad you are getting a new bike - much safer. Surely with all this exercise the weight will start shedding quicker soon! Viva Las Vegas - when are you booking it? X

  3. Yes been out lots on the bike although exercise alone doesn't shift the pounds hence the food diary! When we have some money! x