Monday, 8 April 2013

Its been a while

Since I last wrote anything on here - the Easter hols have been keeping me mighty busy and if truth be told I can't be arsed to blog at the moment. I think what's the point to it and especially as I sit here and type by the fire (yes its still on!) I could be working out. I log onto twitter and look at the bloggers tweeting away stroking each others egos and just want to scream 'its just so pointless!' Like the amount of time they spend tweeting and blogging about parenting - I put it to them that that time could be spent erm...well...parenting.  It does take up time so that's why I haven't done much these hols and ultimately who gives a toss what anyone thinks including my good self.

You see its all a bit pointless and self indulgent but yet I'm still here.  I have a big post in the 'draft' section and its just about good to go - I'll probably post it later.

On the diet front, yes that thing the blog is for!  I have lost -1lb over the course of these holidays as you may remember I didn't hop on the scales last week. I've been very active with the kids - we've been bowling, biking, walking, scooting etc.  I went for a 5 mile bike ride yesterday with my son (I know this because a great app called 'mapmyride' told me so and gave a detailed map of our route which I could post to facebook - now that really is pointless!). Prior to that we had already been in the woods with our bikes so a good bit of exercise yesterday. I only worked out twice last week though so the amount of workouts has reduced drastically during these hols.

So, going forward I will attempt to work out 4 x this week and continue on the food front which is going okay at the moment.

Until next time......

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