Monday, 29 April 2013

Monday Weigh In

Well hello there -1lb this week. I think that the 8 mile bike ride did a bit of good. Having said this I've still got a long way to go and to be honest I'm a bit bored of plodding along. So without further ado I have taken some action. You will see at the top of the blog there is a new page called Las Vegas Target. I am not very good at keeping my food diary (exercise is easy) so this is to re-focus me.

I am always busy on a Monday but I was so determined to cram a little 30 minute workout in today that I did the weights dvd using 5kg in each hand.  My arms are a little sore it has to be said but did you know that you can lose up to 25% more if you weight train than if you just do cardio? Well there you go!

In other news, I am selling my bike on ebay. It has had a good innings but I feel the whole pedal part is about to come off when I'm cycling. I did get a free service from Halfords but the chap said if he ordered parts etc it'll cost £60 to fix.  Seeing as you can get a mountain bike for £100 it looks like I'll have a new bike by the end of the week. Yay! So I popped my bike on ebay and this is a message I got:-

nutter - allo, frame & wheel size,s ta!

me - have no idea but I'm 5ft 5 if that helps

nutter - 5,10 me, but i,m a bloke..reason is thro a spinal op, well wired up trip any customs detector.easy. I have a mens bike but cant lift leg over ( keep it real ..heard them all ) or off & keep falling over, idea was a step simples,...well thats the theorey...latters...

The bike is up for 99p - seriously this is why I don't put much on ebay!

Until next time....

Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Sunday Stomp

That's what I have tonight. In fact I probably have it most Sunday evenings. Its an early evening state.  I would happily put money on this stomp being played out by mum's the world over. Its very similar to The Christmas Stomp but not quite as intense.

I don't even think you need to have children to have The Sunday Stomp.  Anyone can be partial to it.  Let me explain.  I am a slacker at the weekend. Well when I say slacker I mean I only do the ironing in the morning and 'cook' hot dogs for the kids tea.  As for the two of us - to get a faint whiff of coupledom we have a 'grown up' dinner which is either 1) very easy to cook and probably involves chorizo - the grown up element or 2) a man will knock at the door with something infinitely better.  I like to do something family orientated during the day. Something specific be it a bike ride, walk in the woods, movie night....... you get the picture. Its kick back time.

The Exorcist and The Sunday Stomp are very similar - BTW the husband thinks I look like the girl  in this obviously when I was a girl! - pic ebay

Repeat much of the same for Sunday although the slack has tightened a bit. Today, I changed the bed sheets (saves me an hour on Monday), put the ironing away (see above), put 3 loads of washing on and that's about it.  The hoover has not had an outing since Friday. We scootered to the paper shop, I read the Sunday papers, everyone is milling around and quite happy. Tea is a tad more of an effort than the previous night but its still pretty chilled....until....WHAM (at approx 6.15pm) The Sunday Stomp enters my body like something from The Exorcist - just like millions of other mums across the globe.

Urgh there's SO much to do. The kids need baths, hair wash, book bags need to be good to go, spellings need to be written out, books need to be read, lunch boxes need to be out (and I don't even do the lunches the night before and I still have the Sunday Stomp). I'm a muttering mad women "I hate fucking Sundays" "fucking shit, bollocks, crap." The house is an absolute shit hole as nothing major has been done. The bins need emptying, the food caddy (I hate you Croydon Council - its made out of fucking plastic and you pick it up with huge diesel trucks you Muppet's), the recycling bag that is the half way bag to the real recycling bins is full with the Sunday papers and I feel fatter as I've forgone my workout in the mist of my holiday weekend mode and AHHHHHHHH! I am now stomping my way around the house. I'm like a fairy elephant crushing my way through rooms just in case anyone failed to notice I am pissed off. I am the put upon woman.

The kids, however, are still on Saturday mode not fully understanding The Sunday Stomp taking over their mother's body. They are being frivolous, joking even - NO! You cannot be laughing and messing around on a Sunday evening absolutely not. The husband has retreated to the study to weather the storm, my barking is getting louder, I'm into semi-Sargent major mode - "its tidy up time" " run the bath" "do your spellings."

Then, as quickly as it entered my body, The Sunday Stomp leaves (approx 7pm - whilst we all watch Catchphrase - yes I tape it guilty pleasure no 256 followed by Dire Straits) and calm has been restored.

The Sunday Stomp has left the building.

Until Next time...

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

The Art of Logic

Seems to be a fine one these days.  People used to have it I'm sure. Remember the good old days where common sense was dished out as standard. Or maybe its just me. Maybe I'm the one who's a sandwich short of a picnic and I can't quite grasp the new way of doing things.

With the risk of boring you rigid with my tales of trivia lets just take the school's trim trail as a prime example. No children are allowed on it after school with parent supervision.  New Head. New rules. And lots of them. Previously in Sane Land (that was in my LA Law voice - remember that?) after school, parents would stand and chat with one eye on the children, as they played on this bit of play equipment. A nice community feel.  Happy Days.  

Now we aren't allowed to do this as it breaches health and safety.  The school could get sued. The parents are unhappy as now we just pick up and go and its very difficult if you have pre-school children. Its like taking them to the park and saying NO you can't play on that.  It means I can't really stay and watch my son in after school clubs as I'll be having to police my youngest on the play equipment.  I can't see the logic in this at all and I'll tell you why.  Of course I will! That is what I do.

Anyone that has kids will probably agree that the majority of the accidents that happen to your child/ren happen outside your care.  That's not to say accidents don't happen when you look after them but they are more likely to happen in pre-school/school when they're meant to be supervised.  

Take today for instance. I've had a stressful day. It started off well with an 8 mile bike ride uphill for the first part and free wheeling on the way back.  I felt mighty puffed out but also chuffed with 1) not opting for the easier bike route 2) not getting killed by a London bus. At one point a rather large man on a road bike -you know the ones that are all delicate looking which looked at odds with this fella's portly frame - overtook me but hey I was doing it. I was trudging away dreaming of jeans that do up comfortably.  Clothes that fit. There's nothing like a bit of sunshine to highlight the fact that your winter body is not quite ready to be outed.

Then I get a phone call at 11.30 can I come and get my son as he's tripped and landed on a low rise brick wall leaving a nasty dent on the bridge of his nose.  So I rush over and sure enough it looks like someone's been at it with a knife.  He was fine once I got him home and I later took him to minor injuries. I arrived at the car park which is tight to say the least, got myself nicely boxed in, did 50 3/4/5 point turns then had to drive like some kamikaze nutter onto the green to park right on the junction. The only thing missing was me, screaming like a banshee, "my son is injured" "get out of my way you god damm mother fuckers!"

See above for an example of using potty foul mouthed language to set the scene.

He was seen quickly and had those little strip things put on (taken off twice this evening) and no major damage. God bless the NHS.  

Don't get me wrong I love my son's pre-school and it was just an accident but my point is he wasn't in my care at the time.

Take my eldest who has had numerous bumps and knocks to the head during his time at both pre-school and school.  The best one was when the teacher let him fall asleep in class. He has asthma. I know he has asthma. The school knows he has asthma.  He wasn't tired he couldn't breath. When I collected him I rushed him to the doctors who put him on steroids and other asthma drugs and was told I was lucky not to be sitting in A&E.  

Do you see my problem? Having to accept this kind of  logic is very difficult for someone like me. I don't get it.  The vast majority of accidents happen when the school are supervising my child and I'm not present but I am unable to supervise my children on school grounds when I am present.

Now where's the logic in that?!

Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Get me and my badges. As some of you may know I'm not all that clued up on badges/widgets and the like but I do know that some of you struggle to follow the blog. I don't know if that's because I haven't switched over to google plus which I will do and I don't have a facebook page for the blog which I will sort out. In the meantime to the right of the blog you will see a 'follow this blog with blog lovin' - so Nessa if you're reading this or anyone else give this a go!

Until next time....

p.s did boot camp workout and bike ride today!

Monday, 22 April 2013

Monday Weigh In

Zero loss this week. I worked out 3 times with the Wii sweat workout and a couple of easy bike rides with the kids followed by a BIG Sunday tea at my mum and dad's.  I reckon tomorrow it'll all be good but I weigh in on a Monday and that's that. I'm 13 stone 2lbs in case any of you have forgotten. Prior to the blog I weighed 16 stone 5lb and 14 stone 5lb when I started writing 18 months ago. Yes, I appreciate I'm not a Hare on the dieting front as my dad, in his less than tactful manner pointed out, but I never claimed to be. I'm a normal mum of 3 who is still trying to lose her excess baggage following on from a rather indulgent 3rd pregnancy (yes I should have known better) which mainly consisted of a 10.30 am cake of my choice, followed by half a baguette with prawn mayo, which was accompanied with a large bag of cheese balls!  I would like to think that's why people read my blog as they can identify with my weight loss journey.  Today I reached over the 100,000 views mark so I must be doing something right and I never ever would have imagined that kind of audience when I first started.

The Tortoise and the Hare book - pic ebay - I think the Tortoise looks like a nice chap!

I'm still okay with this. I've got into a nice little routine at the moment and Buddy will now be going to pre-school on a Friday morning. This will make it 3 mornings a week. As it stands Monday's seem to just be cleaning so that extra morning will come in very handy.

In today's paper there was an article saying you can diet and eat cake. Yes it was that Dukan diet of which I have talked about here.  I normally just skip right past these articles but today I had a little look just to see what they were banging on about now.  So if you want to eat a bit of cake whilst on this diet then you will need these ingredients; powdered milk, canderal granules, mandarin flavouring (?!), sugar free fat reduced cocoa powder, oat bran, wheat bran, splenda granules, liquid hermesetas(WTF!) and an assortment of flavourings. 

I'd rather eat sawdust wouldn't you? If you want a treat eat the real natural variety and leave the chemical factory to the Dukan Donuts!

Until Next time....

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Tuesday Weigh In..

...-1lb. Not as much as I would have liked but its in the right direction.  I've had a good day although it did start off a bit iffy I have to say.  Today my daughter had a school trip. We had to be at school for 8.15am. We seem to have to be at the school earlier and earlier these days where trips are concerned. This is because they have to allow for people who don't own one of these....

Alarm clock - picture ebay
......yes its called an alarm clock (a-larm cl-ock).  They are quite the clever bit of kit if truth be told. Simply set the time you need to get up and an alarm will sound. Simples. But it seems the minority don't own one or don't know how they operate. I think you can tell where I'm going with this one.  Cue mum who is late every single day - all kids waiting on the coach and she is not running and saying "sorry, sorry" oh no, she is meandering along with not a care in the world. Prior to this the local newspaper shows up taking pictures of our dangerous parking situation brought about by taking in a bulge class. This chap had already been told everything that we objected to and then cue Miss No Alarm. 
This is my sisters cat 'moriarty' he has no hair but looked  like me this morning

I can't I just can't let this one go I'm afraid. "Are you waiting for me?" "Yes we have all been here since 8.15 am" "Oh what am I like?! "Lots of us have got 3 kids and manage to get here on time" - she wasn't best pleased but we were all thinking it. I actually like this young mum - she always has a full face of make-up and has a different outfit on everyday. I told her once before its like having my own grazia magazine or something checking out what's in fashion and what's not. She just has the worse time keeping I have ever seen.

Again I probably looked like this during Timegate
In other news I did the 45 sweat (will it was actually 50 mins) Wii dance 4 today so all is good on the exercise front.

Until next time....

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday Chit Chat

Haven't done one of these for a while now have I? I feel good today. The sun was shinning so we seized the day (carpe diem as they said in Latin) and had a lovely family trip to Crystal Palace park. A great place to go if you're ever in this neck of the woods.  Lots of green space, boating (well pedalos but boating sounds fancy) on the lake, dinosaur statues that the Victorians placed there, park cafe, ice-cream van and a nice play park for the kids.  They have updated it a little with sand pit and dinosaur bones and eggs in fact they're really pushing the dinosaur theme.

The kids had a great time armed with their lumix cameras. Our eldest has our old camera and my daughter (with her Grand National winnings) purchased a lovely pink lumix camera. So much better than the Fisher Price cameras that are touted for kids and the same price.  They jump at the opportunity to go out and take snaps at the mo.  Its quite a sobering experience to see yourself papped unawares all the time by the kids at the moment - none of the photo's will be going on facebook anytime soon.  I'll tell you what I'll do though I'll put them up in November for my before and after shots. Promise. We treated them to a 99 flake seeing as you just never know when the sun is going to be out again and I had a cherry brandy lolly - remember those?  Very 1970's I'd say.

I seem to be gravitating to this neck of the woods recently. There's Herne Hill Velodrome, The Horniman Museum and Dulwich park/ picture gallery all nearby. I'm getting all middle class on you don't you know! I just love London there's so much to do and see.

Not content with this little jolly out in the fresh air, after our lunch, my son and I did a gruelling bike ride using my favourite app (god this sounds like one big review of the above products - which incidentally I have been considering of late) Mapmyride. We did 4 miles with a category 5 climb - I thought to myself wow I'm up there with the Tour riders - turns out that is the lowest category. How can that be? It was a huge hill. We stopped 3 x - my son had a significantly greater recovery time then myself and he was quite pleased about this! At one point he said "wow mum you're really puffed out aren't you" - what that panting and hanging over my handlebars? "well you do have 30 years on me".

Talking of bike riders I've finished my Bradley Wiggins book - dah dah dah! That was on my things to do this year list.  Did you know they wanted £100,000 for the throne he sat on for the time trail in the Olympics? He said no ta. Good man. I'm on to my next book - David Millar I forget the title but its already a good read.

So last week I set a target of 5 x exercise. I'm pleased to say that I've managed that 2 x boot camp, walk in woods and bike rides. It got me thinking about exercise and how when I don't manage to do it I put on weight. I also find that my habits go down hill when I'm not exercising. So if you are struggling with your food intake which, in theory, should be easier than managing your time for exercise - I'd say forget about the food aspect for a week or two. Just totally focus and exercise no matter how unfit you are and you'll be amazed at the difference it will make you feel and you're eating will follow suit. Try it.  Its very easy to fall out of the exercise routine but its also very easy to get back into it.

I have also taken some inspiration from other blogs or websites this week. I tend to get more views on this blog from the US and one healthy lifestyles website would like to do a guest post.  I read on one of these sites that you should trust your body  - trust in its ability to lose weight and get you back in shape.  I think so many people think they have a natural weight and they can't possibly get beyond a certain number but your body can and will.

My last blog post I touched on nurseries and the like. What I failed to do in that blog post was go down the political route about why people are surviving and everything that stems from it. One comment was quite correct in pointing out that many mum's feel resentful and  have to go back just to survive. I should have paid more attention to that.

I haven't said too much on the Margaret Thatcher death this week.  So much of it has been doing the rounds. I have been remarkably restrained on the numpties on facebook.  What gets me is the rather easy articles that say no matter what you thought she was a woman, someones mum, daughter etc etc. That is a ridiculous statement. If Hitler was a woman would you say "no matter what you thought of her policies she was a woman leader" or "that's someones child you're talking about". Being a woman has nothing to do with it. If someone was evil they were evil irrespective of sex. Now I'm not saying she was in the same league as Hitler but she was in a league of people that caused misery and hardship to many. I feel people are very angry about a lot of things (I don't remember this type of anger and finger pointing during the last government do you?) and this is just an ideal opportunity to express this. Yes, some say its distasteful but why not write a proper article then on why people are reacting like this.

I can't really see how anyone would think her policies were good.  Her policies are still affecting people today. People say oh the unions were running the show - oh dear, what the common man wanting decent wages? Can't be doing with that can we. Unions fought for us to have paid holidays, sick leave - soon we'll be saying us workers have no rights. You'll be so grateful for a job you'll put up with anything. France is run on unions and strikes etc. Its economy has done much better than ours.  They still make stuff and they're not worrying if North Sea oil runs out are they? We'll have lots more strikes and power cuts. How's your private utilities shaping up?  Going up and up and up. How about the fact there are no real affordable housing - council houses were sold off. And as for the Falklands - why wouldn't Argentina want their Island? Would we be happy for them to have Isle of Wight? Finally, everyone is a benefits scrounger by all accounts - I hear all her assets are best placed so she doesn't pay inheritance tax. Really? This was a great leader? She is the reason they'll NEVER be another woman Prime Minister - her own party got rid of her. Say no more.

Until next time....which may be later this week as I have a serious amount of cleaning tomorrow!

Monday, 8 April 2013


A great Beatles's track - "get back to where you once belonged." That would mean get back to work for anyone who chooses to bring up their children themselves. Well sorry to disappoint you but if I can get away with never returning to work then that's fine and dandy by me.

Get Back 1969 - pic ebay as ever
Before you think I'm a thick idiot who probably couldn't hold down a job and this is why I'm not fussed - well I would just have to disagree. In brief I got my first job age 18 straight out of college and worked my way up the ranks. I then moved on to a well paid job in London where I also worked from home. My job, by the way, involved arguing mediating cases with people and sorting out any wrong doing. When I left to have my first child I was offered full time pay for two days a week with one day at home. I was good darn it! Why else would you pay the same money for less than half the hours? So we've established I'm employable.

I wanted to have children. I chose to have them and I chose to bring them up myself.  Yes, dad's can do it blah blah blah but I can't be bothered to be all diplomatic-  mum's should do it.  I did visit a nursery when I briefly contemplated returning to work and it turned my stomach.  Babies looked after by teenagers talking about last nights session on the lash and mattresses on the floor for the children's enforced nap times. The thought of leaving my son for 8 hours a day in one of these baby farms just horrified me. An excellent article was written about it here. FINALLY a well written article about what's wrong with society and how this shouldn't be the norm.  I've said for a long time that this is a dark time in our social history and we will look back and say what an earth were we thinking?

Parenting has taken a massive back seat for the past 30 years or so. And before you say they have clubs and what not - that's not parenting - that's driving your kids somewhere to live out your aspirations and pay someone for the privilege. That's not engaging with your child that's making you feel better about not being with your child.

During my time as a SAHM I've seen nursery workers out and about with children in the park and if the parents could see how their child is being cared for (i.e not) then the mum's wouldn't say "they love it." Incidentally they don't love it. I've seen many a child scream whilst the mum consoles herself that once she's gone "they're fine and love it". No they don't. Crying is the only way they can communicate that they don't actually enjoy being separated from their mum for 8 hours a day in a confined space with a load of other babies. They accept it. There is a huge difference. By the way the last time I wrote this someone said thanks for making me feel guilty.  If you feel guilty then you know its wrong. Guilt is a valid emotion don't ignore it. Studies have shown the stress it causes to under 3's and more studies have been done further down the line.  Finally, people are actually starting to question the norm of letting someone else bring up your kids whilst you go and earn a bit of shrapnel.

I don't believe that the majority of mother's earn sufficient enough take home pay to justify putting their pre-schoolers into child care for 8 hours a day. They say it means we can have the extras. Well here's a thought don't have the extras have the time with your child that you chose to have. I really don't think a 10 day break is worth the stress and hassle of it all. Your kids couldn't give a hoot - they're far happier just being in your company. My friend remarked the other day that she doesn't know any working mums who actually look happy. They're generally pissed off with everything - husband, kids, home and work. They are a bitter bunch. They're not living the dream they're living the treadmill whilst juggling at the same time.

As for single mum's I'd happily pay towards their benefits or into a SAHM pot so they can look after their children during the pre-school years.  Why should they be forced to be apart from their children. I believe society benefits in the long run think of it as an insurance policy. Yes, some people get pregnant for benefits etc but the vast majority don't. People should be directing their anger at large corporations not paying any tax than mum's being paid to look after their children.

Then there's the mum's that need  to work for their own sanity roughly translated as I waited until mid thirties to have a child as its what I wanted but actually it involved too much effort not enough me time and actually I'd rather like my old life back please. They can be found at the nursery saying "they love it once I'm gone." No, you love it and trudging to work is preferable to being at home being 'bored.'

Then there's the whole SAHM v working mums but I can only see that being started by a working mum. They think we spend our time judging them. We don't. I think they do a good a good job of that themselves. I personally think you don't quite get it and that's about it. I couldn't give a shit if you work or not. I am at peace with my life. Just because my view is that there is something very wrong with the whole concept doesn't mean to say I'm overly concerned with what individuals do with their own children. I know it would make for a better society but its unlikely mum's are going to be un-brainwashed anytime soon.

So what of the get back?  Well in recent weeks I've encountered certain types (all working mums funnily enough) enquiring when I will return back to work. I get the impression that they feel I've had enough fun, a good innings but now its time to tow the line.

My 3 year old will start school in September 2014.  I've had 9 years of not working what an earth can I be contributing to society?  There is a lot of sneering - talk of getting back on the gravy train. You're all just jealous. Who in their right mind would not want to be at home? It is the ultimate freedom. Okay I have 3 children, husband and the home but I am in control on my own destiny. I don't need to ask someone if I can have Xmas off, I don't need to see the holiday rota, I don't need to juggle school holidays, sick days, dentist, doctors, inset days, appointments. I could chose to put on a film once buddy is at pre-school - I don't I normally work out then clean the house but the choice is mine.

A mum said recently "you need to go back to work" when I remarked that the school was constantly pissing me off. What it wouldn't piss me off if I didn't have time on my hands? That's the general assumption that you have lots of time on your hands - only spoken by someone that doesn't do what I do.  If its so easy where are all the offers to look after my kids and do all the chores while I go out for the day? Actually work is the easy option it requires less effort. I rest my case.

The other day a teacher was huffing and puffing as she'd been baking cakes all day with the class for a cake sale. Myself and another mum (also one like me) said "welcome to our world" as a joke in reference to the work we do on the PTA raising thousands of pounds a year. Her response was "that's why I work" i.e you mums have time to do that. Yes I do cram in time to raise money for charity given that the government's not going to pay for your children's school books so shot me.

Anyway, why are people so bothered that I don't work? I'm not saying when are you going to actually raise your own children instead of someone else am I. That would be considered highly inappropriate wouldn't it?They would argue they don't have a choice. Don't you?

I know people will read this and say look someone judging working mum's. Why do women attack each other blah blah. But those same women think its okay to say I need to go out to work, my kid loves its and everyone is meant to go okay then we won't disagree with you. Well I don't agree with you and if that makes me judgemental and not for the sisterhood then so bit. I don't care. You're never going to make me think bunging a child in nursery for 8 hours a day is a good thing.

Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump a truly great film - pic ebay

With the risk of sounding like Forrest Gump I don't have all the answers and I may not be the smartest gal in the world but I know what's right and what's wrong.

"And that's all I have to say about that."

Its been a while

Since I last wrote anything on here - the Easter hols have been keeping me mighty busy and if truth be told I can't be arsed to blog at the moment. I think what's the point to it and especially as I sit here and type by the fire (yes its still on!) I could be working out. I log onto twitter and look at the bloggers tweeting away stroking each others egos and just want to scream 'its just so pointless!' Like the amount of time they spend tweeting and blogging about parenting - I put it to them that that time could be spent erm...well...parenting.  It does take up time so that's why I haven't done much these hols and ultimately who gives a toss what anyone thinks including my good self.

You see its all a bit pointless and self indulgent but yet I'm still here.  I have a big post in the 'draft' section and its just about good to go - I'll probably post it later.

On the diet front, yes that thing the blog is for!  I have lost -1lb over the course of these holidays as you may remember I didn't hop on the scales last week. I've been very active with the kids - we've been bowling, biking, walking, scooting etc.  I went for a 5 mile bike ride yesterday with my son (I know this because a great app called 'mapmyride' told me so and gave a detailed map of our route which I could post to facebook - now that really is pointless!). Prior to that we had already been in the woods with our bikes so a good bit of exercise yesterday. I only worked out twice last week though so the amount of workouts has reduced drastically during these hols.

So, going forward I will attempt to work out 4 x this week and continue on the food front which is going okay at the moment.

Until next time......

Monday, 1 April 2013

When Easter goes Bad!

Hasn't been the best Easter this year.  It is cold for a start - like the coldest for 50 years 'they' say.  I'm not normally that fussed about cold etc. As I've said before we live in a bland weather wise country the only thing more tedious about the weather is the talk of the weather. Buy a hat. Get over it.  But I thought I'd throw it in for good measure.
Do not try this at home - this will happen to your kitchen!
My husband has been ill since last Thursday - for the best part of a decade I could say my husband never gets ill and would turn in for work come cold, flu and snow.  More recently I can't say this. Last year was backgate and this year its shinglegate or chickenpoxgate - I can't decide. My husband has never had it.

So over the past couple of weeks all of buddy's little friends have had the pox - everyone except him.  However, at exactly the time buddy should have got the pox (Thursday) - my husband was taken over with aches all over his body and has been in and out of bed since then.  Last night the aching stopped a little and was taking over by itchiness. Today, there is no sign of the pox.  He's not a man flu (please see my dad for that) kind of guy so if it stops him building things (a new shed was erected the other day) then you know its serious.  He's not happy unless he's got a brick in his hand and building a two storey extension.

I had plans god damm it! Lots - maybe a trip to the new tiger enclosure at London Zoo, a tasty roast (cooked belatedly today), board games, gardening with the kids and lots more. 

I logged into Facebook on Easter Sunday and thought Christ (excuse the pun) Xmas was 3 months ago. Talk of the Easter Bunny having been, Easter table decorations, Easter Eggs lined up suspiciously like Xmas presents and special breakfasts being served. Then, of course, there was the talk of how much chocolate had been consumed and feeling stuffed after the big roast. See what I mean.  

Firstly, I didn't go to church. This is not because I don't believe its because I can't make up my mind on the various religions. Like I can't stomach the Catholic church for reasons well documented, I think you only live once so being a Buddha is out of the question, Methodist seems a bit made up, Protestant should be my cup of tea what with my ancestors being Huguenot. I feel I would do them a dis-service if I didn't given that they were hounded out of France but then what of my Mormon ancestors? My great, great Uncle who wrote the hymns for the Mormon church. You see my problem? 

Anyhow, moving swiftly on, my parents had purchased us an egg each and I had too for the children. My son had won 3 at the Easter Fair which had been divided up during the week. So Easter morning the bunny hadn't been - mum had merely placed 3 x Easter smarties eggs on the table. That was it. I didn't even know I was meant to concoct this whole notion of an Easter bunny and whipping them up into an egg frenzy. 

I decided, foolishly, to re-create my chocolate egg making skills that somehow I managed to do back in 2004 to perfection. I have tried once before without much success so thought this year, with sick husband, I'd have another go.  Needless to say the eggs and Easter bunny house didn't turn out that well. My daughter enjoyed licking the spoon and decorating the half broken egg. By the way, if you are going to try and make your own eggs - you need about 600 grams of chocolate for one egg which will cost you 4 x what Cadbury's will charge you. I'm going to have another got when I'm 50 something.

I have managed to do movie days, nights (The Cube is a family favourite TV show at the mo) little jaunts to the shops on scooters and yesterday squirrel hunting in the park armed with monkey nuts. 

On the exercise front I only managed two workouts last week and non today.  I didn't weigh myself either but feel its a zero as don't feel any different.  

Until next time..